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  • Summary: Max (Foxx) has lived the mundane life of a cab driver for 12 years. The faces have come and gone from his rearview mirror, people and places he's long since forgotten -- until tonight. Vincent (Cruise) is a contract killer. When an offshore narcotrafficking cartel learns they are about to be indicted by a federal grand jury, they mount an operation to identify and kill the key witnesses, and the last stage is tonight. Tonight, Vincent arrives in L.A. -- and five bodies are supposed to fall. (DreamWorks) Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. Most of the time we are with Cruise and Foxx, and their interplay is never less than galvanizing.
  2. 88
    This is a rare thriller that's as much character study as sound and fury.
  3. Pitched between interludes of anxious intimacy and equally nerve-shredding set pieces, Collateral scores its points with underhand precision.
  4. Reviewed by: M. E. Russell
    Devolves into a contrived, coincidence-driven, by-the-numbers thriller in its final act. That's not to say the movie's a failure. It's impossible to dismiss a film that starts out as such a sensuous, existential crime story.
  5. 75
    Stylish - if predictable - thriller.
  6. The best thing Mann brings to his picture is a strong sense of time and place.
  7. The director, Michael Mann, remembers the best of film noir pretty well, but it doesn't protect his film against its ultimate Movieland silliness.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 82 out of 98
  2. Negative: 8 out of 98
  1. Jan 13, 2014
    This movie is my all-time favourite. It offers awesome acting from Jamie Foxx and especially from Tom Cruise, in one of the finest performances I've ever seen. It also boasts great dialogue. Combine this with absolutely thrilling scenes and tense moments, and you get a breathtaking, heart-stopping thrill ride from director Michael Mann. A masterpiece. Expand
  2. Nov 28, 2012
    Michael Mann's "Collateral" initially piqued my interest because of it's fairly intriguing premise; a cab driver happens to pick up a hitman for a passenger. However, as I watched the film, I realized that there was a lot more to this film than the well written story. The movie features a breadth of captivating performances. Namely, Cruise's badass "Vincent" character and Jamie Foxx's Academy Award-Nominated performance as "Max". Tom Cruise's character is freaking hilarious - this movie features a virtual showcase of Tom Cruise Psychopathic Badassery. Between him and Foxx their chemistry makes for pretty great entertainment and some awesome dialogue too. In terms of technical aspects the film does well at utilizing an arsenal of stylish, yet still subtle camera techniques. Also the film uses a very significant amount of dark lighting to enhance the overall visual quality of the film and the gritty West L.A. setting. The ending sequence of this movie is probably one of the most absorbing scenes I've ever seen - really stressful stuff. Overall, "Collateral" makes for an invigorating experience with a smart story, superb acting, and a poopload of thrills. Expand
  3. Jun 15, 2011
    A great movie to enjoy alone. It may appear superficial, but it truly tries to deliver a message. For everyone who enjoys good movies, this is a must see. Definitely one of Tom Cruise's best performances. Expand
  4. Oct 15, 2011
    Collateral is one of those films that tries to be brilliant (and comes pretty close too) but ends up shooting itself in the foot. The film tells the story of Max (Jamie Foxx) an LA cab driver who unfortunately picks up Vincent (Tom Cruise) and agrees to take him around LA all night. Vincent has 5 stops but Max soon discovers that at every stop Vincent is killing people. This starts a cat and mouse series of events all in the space of one cab as Max continues to drive Vincent around. The concept is a good one and its handled by director Michael Mann with his signature over the top action but its also very subdued and allows the actors to add certain elements to their characters that a popcorn action film would not. In fact Tom Cruise has one of his best performances as Vincent, a very intelligent and sadistic portrayal of someone we really should hate but through his actions we end up not being able to look away. The reason that Collateral narrowly misses brilliance is that Mann seems to lose focus at the end of the film with everything that made Collateral great (the confined space, the tense conversation and the occasional dead body) disappearing in favour of a, simply put, stupid ending which employs the cliched Hollywood ending with a big chase but it does it with so little care for specifics (unlike the rest of the film) that it just seemed incredibly rushed and as if no effort was put in at all. Collateral has all the hallmarks of a brilliant film but thanks to the ending it feels like a summer popcorn flick with no heart. My advice, turn it off at the car crash (you'll know which one) and imagine an ending that doesn't make you want to shout at the screen. Expand
  5. Sep 15, 2013
    Collateral was a good, action-packed thriller with enough taxi shots to last me a lifetime. Tom Cruise is at his best, and so is Jamie Foxx. Both actors contribute well-rounded,tough characters into a good cast, also including Javier Bodem and Mark Ruffalo. This movie had a pace that was just right, as well as a story that was gripping and fun to watch. It also gave you a feel of time, because of the 5 jobs Tom Cruise had to pull. You knew were you were in the movie based on how many were left, granted you can do math. In summation, this was a good tale of two very different people having to put up with each other, even when guns are drawn. Jada Pinkett Smith tied the movie together, and also played the role well. The only negative thing i have to say is that it got a tiny bit slow at points, and the dialogue as well as camera shots could've been cleaned up a bit. But other than that, this is a flick worth watching. Expand
  6. Nov 17, 2012
    Director Michael Mann is a smart and experienced one, and he knows how to make his thriller without insulting our intelligence, but while still dazzling us with a wicked labyrinth of a plot. Collateral is also punctuated by some determined and surprisingly deep performances. Expand
  7. Oct 13, 2011
    Collateral is a very enjoyable film for the most part, a clever variation on psycho-horror and hostage-thriller films. It is easily one of Tom Cruise's strongest performances (and quite creepily, when he intentionally plays "mad", he comes across as rather reserved, especially compared to his perceived off-screen persona). The dialogue throughout crackles - the script is of an extremely high quality, and both leads handle the material with extreme skill. My only problem with the script is an over-reliance on cliched psychoanalytic conversation (debating the morals of killing indiscriminately for instance), Vincent's veiled threats and Max's attempts to keep level-headed were engaging enough without them trying to "understand" each other - Vincent's dangerous, we get it! The film works as a solid and effective thriller right up until the final act. Here it resorts to a succession of increasingly silly set pieces further undermined by lack of attention to detail (what does and doesn't go off in a power cut for instance). Perhaps Mann would have been better off wrapping things up thirty minutes earlier, ending on a high with the truly exhilarating nightclub set piece. Despite its flaws, in the end Collateral is a pleasant diversion - it's perhaps not as clever as it thinks it's being, but as entertainment it dazzles. Expand

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