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Generally favorable reviews- based on 10 Ratings

Summary: A documentary about the lives and loves of the male voice choir in the small fishing village of Berlevag, Norway.

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Runtime: 89 min
Production: Barentsfilm AS
Genres: Music, Documentary
Countries: Norway, Sweden
Language: Norwegian
Home Release Date: Apr 23, 2002
Director Credit
Knut Erik Jensen Director
Cast Credit
Arne Blomso 1st Tenor
Arne Wensel 1st Tenor
Einar F.L. Strand 1st Tenor
Einar Kristian Straumsne 2nd Tenor
Eirik Daldorff 1st Tenor
Eirik Nilsen 1st Tenor
Kare Wensel 1st Tenor
Leif Roger Ananiassen 1st Tenor
Nils Gronberg 1st Tenor
Odd Marino Frantzen Director
Odd-Arne Olsen 1st Tenor
Ole Jonny Larsen 2nd Tenor
Ragnar Rotnes 2nd Tenor
Randulf Antonsen 2nd Tenor
Reidar Strand 2nd Tenor
Producer Credit
Jan-Erik Gammleng Producer
Tom Remlov Producer Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by:

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