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  1. Jun 23, 2013
    Sheer pleasure watching films about Beethoven and this is no different. The Anna Holz character was a complete balance to the fiery master. Eccentric he may have been but in the film he uttered some really beautiful words about God. I always believed that geniuses like Beethoven were a channel for the hands of God. I love watching conductors and the Ninth Symphony sequence in the film was such a pleasure to watch, beautifully produced especially Kruger's acting helping the master. Full Review »
  2. PaulW.
    Jan 28, 2008
    Firmly set in the 21st century, with no period feel whatsoever. Beethoven was TOTALLY deaf for the last 15 years of his life, yet here he hears when it suits the script writers. Typical well-meaning American schmalz. Full Review »
  3. MichaelE
    Jan 23, 2008
    Captures the essence of Beethoven along with a stirring performance of his ninth symphony.