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  1. Nov 12, 2014
    Good cast and visuals and rest is waste. A good mixing genre doesn't mean to be a good results overall. Let's talk about antagonists which are aliens in the film, no characterisation for them... I mean nothing at all. They are just toys to complete the film. Hard to believe, terrible dialogues or I would like to say the whole screenplay with amateurish editing... It was an experiment to blend western and science fiction genres which results into a long, boring, bland and bad Jon Favreau's inferior film. He spent his energy into it rather than Iron man-3. Expand
  2. May 25, 2014
    I really wanted to see this movie when it was first coming out because i love both western and alien movies oh yeah plus the lovely Olivia Wilde. Sadly this movie was just crap. The movie was one predictable event after another i think i called out at least 10 things that ended up happening. The cast was the only good thing though with actors such as Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Clancy Brown, Adam Beach, Paul Dano, Walton Goggins its was a shame that with that many great actors the film didnt turn out better. The plot was stupid and pointless writing was terrible but i will say the CGI was good also the aliens looked so lame.

    Overall i give it a 5.0 i was going to give it 4 stars but that was before i seen that the dog didnt die so i was nice and gave them a star for that.
  3. Apr 2, 2014
    Pretty stupid movie if you ask me. I mean Aliens? Probably one of the most cliche thing to have in movies nowadays; and it's even worse when you mix it with an extremely unfitting theme for aliens: cowboys. In some ways I could see some of this being a somewhat decent concept, but overall it just fell flat and made this awful movie. The only thing I probably liked in this film was that some locations were pretty cool and the acting was alright (Harrison Ford is great of course). But overall this film was pretty bad and just tried too hard to be a sophisticated Alien film but overall it was just stupid. I would never recommend this abomination of a film in a million years. Expand
  4. Nov 23, 2013
    The movie has a very interesting concept and some nice actors, but it is pretty boring. Also the events happening along the storyline seem stupid and not logical just like in some B-class Sci Fi movie.
  5. Sep 26, 2013
    The metascore (as of September 26, 2013) is completely right, giving this movie a 50. It was neither good nor bad, right smack dab in the middle of average films. Ford and Craig are good actors, if not great, but they're stranded in weak material.
  6. Sep 9, 2013
    Cowboys and Aliens cannot bother to make you care about the characters, and halfway in you lose all interest to the story whatsoever. Although the action is riveting and quite well filmed. Sam Rockwell is very good as the doctor who can't shoot anything and is undoubtedly the best thing about the film. Cowboys and Aliens has a weak story and annoying characters but makes up for that by having exciting action sequences and surprisingly good CGI. Expand
  7. Aug 26, 2013
    It looks good, but horrible.
    Daniel Craig's character looks great. I love the SF weapon on the wrist. But that's just about it.
    protagonist, aliens, flying machine characters are horrible.
    Most scenes are boring, slow.
    The battle scenes are bad.
    Aliens were stupid, die easily. I wanted more than that.
  8. Aug 3, 2013
    First off, let me just say that the scenery, the cast, and the effects are all fantastic! Unfortunately, it's the pace and story that seems to doom the movie. The first quarter of the movie gets off too a strong start, but somewhere at about the halfway mark it grows slow and redundant.

    The first couple action scenes are very unique and intense as you would expect due to the plot,
    although the aliens themselves are somewhat comical looking and could've been better. The movie also suffers from a lackluster 25 minute action scene at the end. In all honesty, the scene dragged on way longer than I wanted it to and I found myself not even caring about the outcome.

    It's not a awful movie, I just expected a lot more. It may also be one of those movies that is better to catch on cable instead of going out to rent.
  9. Jun 13, 2013
    I love Westerns and I love Science Fiction and movies from both genres that are fun. Conceptually this is a great idea mixing the genres as they have done. My initial review is that it begins very well, sags in the middle, then picks up in the final few acts.

    The special effects are very well done. I really enjoy the design of the aliens. They are menacing and threatening with no regard
    for human life. The acting is very well done. Both Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig offer believable characters that are not one dimensional. Both men are tough, full of pride and though they are on different sides of the issue at the start of the movie it is not so easy to distinguish the typical western good guy from the bad guy. The plot is creative and they way typical adversaries in western movies all come together to battle the aliens flows well into the story and is not forced and artificial.

    Once the aliens arrive and the back story of Daniel Craig's character is explored is when the movie begins to sag. Other things also happen that slows down the pacing of the movie. One event is the revelation of another alien which is used to explain the motive of the invading aliens. I think they could have found another way for exposition and it would have quicken the pacing. The other reason the middle of the movie sags is that many scenes take place in the dark and it is difficult to view what was happening. I wish movie makers would lighten night scenes just a bit so we the viewer could see a bit more of what is going on.

    The final confrontation with the aliens is when the movie come back to life and returns to the pacing and quality story telling that it began with. Although a bit uneven all in all the movie does deliver an exciting, fun and gritty combination of the two genres.
  10. Apr 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Being one of Hollywood's top directors today after directing the two successful 'Iron Man' movies, Jon Favreau has now turned his direction to aliens in a western world and 'Cowboys and Aliens' is the product. Cowboys and Aliens is an American Western Science-Fiction movie and starring talented actors like Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Sam Rockwell.

    The film's main plot favours simplicity instead of complexity, it is 'grabbing' instead or 'challenging' or to easily put-Cowboys and Aliens never offers much fresh or colossal contents. The story: in the creators' 'creative' imagination, the inhabitants of the invaded town got abducted by Aliens. So Jake Lonergan (Played by Daniel Craig), an amnesiac outlaw, joins up with a posse to rescue the captured people. Heard before? Repetitive? Formulaic much?

    The thing which troubled me the most is the image of the 'alien'. It is neither intelligent looking nor it is interesting to look at; it is just as good as other beasts or monsters in any mediocre films, and it leads to a conclusion that it's intelligence and the looks of the alien, simply doesn't matched. Bloodcurdling or 'smart' looking would be there in my expectations but the aliens in the movie declined to touch me.

    The performances are above-average. Daniel Craig, being a skillful actor, is raw, wild and genuinely appealing. I would not be pleased to mention that his work for this film is admirable or solid, but he is undeniably well equipped with charisma and for any actors, that mentioned skill is hugely important. Harrison Ford's contribution is as important as Craig's in this one. Ford is greatly appealing too, and his skills for acting are very much in evidence here. Other actors and actresses too deliver fine performances but Paul Dano somewhat disappoints me here. After showing somehow a great performance in There Will Be Blood, Paul Dano sells an acting show which I would say, mediocre, and I feel like I'm being hit. I expected more from him.

    I'm very much in love with the settings of this movie. I adore on how the filmmakers captured the beautiful images of the western world and needless to say, the greatest element of Cowboys and Aliens is the sublime shots that the filmmakers have captured.

    Despite being flawed, I believe that this movie is still a fun ride. Formulaic? Yes it is. But sometimes, formulaic stuffs could capture my attention as they are very easy to follow.


    ( ( Twitter (@Alex_DeSmall)
  11. Apr 6, 2013
    Cowboys and Aliens is dazzling as VFX if you add but people that work at Empire Magazine that say this movie is good and giving it a 80 is never worth it. I have watched so much movies in my live but never seen someone making a mock of Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig so bad and adding aliens in the plot. Jon Faverau has made a great movie called Iron Man, so why doesn't he keep making movies like that!? I mean the story and plot were okay and the acting was brilliant but nothing more! It's bland through 15 minutes and bores! Craig doesn't do that well as an outlaw! The plot was dumb and good at the same time. ONE TIME WATCH ONLY. Expand
  12. Mar 31, 2013
    Interesante mezcla de géneros. Western y ciencia ficción. E igual de interesante mezclar a Indiana Jones y James Bond, además de Trece la doctora bisexual de House.
    Entretenimiento y lección al verdadero rol paterno.
  13. Mar 31, 2013
    I don't care that it's got a silly title. "Cowboys & Aliens" is a straight-up super-sized platter of undiluted entertainment. Jon Favreau deftly weaves together the iconic genres of Western and sci-fi in a seamless plot that has fun with all the cliches and tropes of both worlds while making their mixing feel authentic and honest and it is just awesome. This is the kind of fun-loving action picture that I just die for. The effects are great, the scenery is spectacular, the vision is huge, the performances are lovely, the music is cool, and it's got friggin' Harrison Ford in a ten-gallon shooting aliens. How the hell can that not be fun? People can whine and moan about how stupid this movie is all they want they're missing the point. My absolute enduring favorite movies are always the ones that take themselves seriously while having total fun with themselves (ahem, "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns"). And this flick delivered that in total spades. Expand
  14. Mar 25, 2013
    Besides a few corny moments Cowboys & Aliens is a fun interesting ride of two unlikely foes. Jon Favreau mixes classical western and sci- fiction quite well even when the story can at times be dull.
  15. Mar 17, 2013
    As a western, it works. As a sci-fi, it doesn't. A movie that by its very name you would think would have more fun with the concept. Instead they actually take themselves a bit too seriously trying desperately to merge two genres that usually wouldn't work. It does kind of work, but what we get is a movie that just feels like it can't decide who its appealing to: Fans of Westerns, or fans of Sci-fis. Harrison Ford really seams to be not even trying in this movie, but it was kind of fun seeing him play a bad guy for a change. Overall: A movie that boasted more than it could possibly deliver and that perhaps could have been better had they turned up the comedy a bit. Expand
  16. Mar 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Cowboys & Aliens shows promise when it first starts, featuring a silent almost Clint Eastwood-like protagonist (Daniel Craig)and a dusty, gritty western town we all like to see in our Westerns until all of a sudden character-introduction goes into overdrive and we're meeting one character after another, never stopping to focus on who they are are and what kind of traits they possess. Instead, they all play out as these archetypical characters one may find in a spaghetti western until the aliens show up. That's when they become mere pawns to be sacrificed to further the plot. There is some character development but most of the time you'll find yourself just not caring, the characters being almost as faceless as the nondescript aliens that they are fighting. Everything that happens in this movie is highly predictable, there is no sense of humour to it and despite the massive budget, famous actors and unique premise it comes out as a very generic and bland science-fiction movie. The only way you can still tell it's a western after 30 minutes in is that they meet up with a bunch of indians and that they ride horses. Something that bothered me because it seemed like the creatures were put under a lot of stress for our entertainment. No western needs that many horses faling over for something that doesn't help the story move forward one iota. Other than that all pretense of it being an actual western is dropped in favour of good looking but generally bland CGI with a plot we've seen so many times before. Watch it if you enjoy science-fiction but don't expect a masterpiece in any way. Harrison Ford makes for a horrible bad guy, the overacting just jumps off the screen until he has a change of heart somewhere halfway through the movie after which he seems more comfortable in his role. Expand
  17. Feb 14, 2013
    I loved this movie! It`s a much more of an original idea then most of the same old same crap out there.It`s funny how crap like "Cabin in the Woods", get a high rating, but a fun movie like this gets trashed.
  18. Jan 24, 2013
    Very formulatic despite very appealing special effects and acting.
  19. Jan 23, 2013
    It is an entertaining film, has its dull moments, but overall okay.
  20. Jan 15, 2013
    Common sense is not welcome in a movie called
  21. Jan 10, 2013
    I actually liked this. I found the concept extremely interesting, I had no idea what to expect from combining two polar opposite genres, the Western and Sci-fi, but overall, this worked I thought. This film is much more Western than Sci-Fi, and I think that one of the best things about it. The characters, story, setting, scenery, cinematography,'s all very western, which I really liked. Aliens capture some civilians, and some citizens go to the rescue. It's simple and it worked. The characters are completely likable, and the cast is brilliant, all giving good performances. Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell, Paul Dano, Olivia Wilde...they were all excellently cast, and they deliver! The cinematography and costumes were good. And the special effects were good! So overall, I have very little to complain about! Expand
  22. Jan 9, 2013
    This movie is one of Speilberg's greatest hits yet! I liked it. What could be better trhan seeing two figures that have a bunch of stories, and mixing them. I give this a ten out of ten because of the creativity that speilberg put into this.
  23. Dec 28, 2012
    Although Cowboys and Aliens featured some decent performances, it lacked the energy of a good action flick or the intellectual depth of a decent sci-fi film.
  24. Dec 22, 2012
    Based on a recent graphic novel of the same name, the concept of cowboys battling aliens is certainly a novel one but it doesn't really work for me. I expected more intrigue from a screenwriting team including Damon Lindelof. What you get if you cross a John Wayne film with Independence Day

    I'm not sure if Jon Favreau and Universal Studios were trying to pitch this as a new Indiana
    Jones but Daniel Craig is not nearly likeable enough with his stereotypically surly cowboy. Ford is suitably gritty as the veteran gun-slinger finding his softer side. Granted there are some exciting scenes but overall it falls pretty flat in merging the two polar genres. One scene where Craig carries Olivia Wilde in his arms until he collapses in exhaustion simply made me want to watch True Grit instead. Expand
  25. Nov 28, 2012
    It's two top-billed actors give it their best, but it's almost not enough to save this movie from the ridiculous elements that run rampant throughout it.
  26. Nov 7, 2012
    Cowboys & Aliens is a bit of a mixed bag. It opens strong with a distinct western flavor but when the aliens turn up, it gets a bit choppier. I love sci-fi, but I can't help thinking that Cowboys & Aliens was a lot more interesting when it was just Cowboys. That said, it's uniqueness pulls it through and it winds up as a solid splurge of B-movie shlock.
  27. Nov 7, 2012
    The plot is preposterous, and at times the performances are a little more serious than they should be, but I still had fun watching it. Favreau is the man for the job here.
  28. Oct 3, 2012
    It was Better than I thought but still was not good. Cowboys a Aliens 5.5/10
  29. Aug 26, 2012
    I was super excited to see 'Cowboys & Aliens'. I never read the comic book that the film was based on, but I absolutely loved the concept of cowboys duking it out with aliens. The fact that the director of 'Iron Man' was behind the director's chair also had me psyched. While I certainly got a solid movie out of it, I was expecting more. The film never is as fun as you might expect, and that probably has to do with how serious the film is in tone. Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig are great, the special effects are pretty good, and the blending of western and science fiction elements is done well. If the film let itself loose and didn't take itself as serious as it did, it could have been a lot more fun. With that being said, it's a fine film overall. Expand
  30. Aug 25, 2012
    So much has been made of this film but in truth, it is a pretty poor film. Daniel Craig gives a pretty good performance and obviously Olivia Wilde is gorgeous but neither is good enough to lift this film out of the dumps. I was pretty shocked considering Jon Favreau has directed some very good action films.
  31. Aug 10, 2012
    Fun popcorn summer movie, nothing more and nothing less. The fact that five writers are credited with script credits likely leads to the film's muddied plot.
  32. Jun 29, 2012
    Cowboys and Aliens is a film about farmers with RPGS fighting an earth shattering war against aliens that supposedly kill people with the giant penises according to my brother and his friend. I got bored as soon as the first load of of bandits came along after Daniel Craig tried to get Ben 10's omnitrix off his arm. I didn't really know what was going on and am curerently writing this review while watching the film. Everyone has the same Cowboy personalities we've seen before and I now wish I was watching a film about Farmer John and his RPGn taking on the blind Alien Paedophiles in an Earth shattering war. This emotional bit on right now with Farmer John 2 dying only means my brother going on about how he hates this film and Farther John being kidnapped and sexually abused by the Aliens. I'm bored now Expand
  33. May 14, 2012
    Cowboys and Aliens is a lot better than I thought it would be. Sure, the mixing of genres doesn't seem ideal, but who are we to judge? Its enjoyable, its fun- what more can we ask of it?
  34. Apr 20, 2012
    This is by no means an amazing film. The plot is mostly predictable, the dialogue is cliched, the characters are pretty bland. However this does not make it a bad film. The performances from Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig were surprisingly good and the action scenes were mildly exciting. All in all, a film that can provide some light entertainment. However if you're looking for a ground breaking film, look elsewhere. Expand
  35. Apr 14, 2012
    This movie was surprisingly good. It had great action and a great mystery unraveling before our eyes, the only thing lacking was character development (not including the main character). It was a crazy cross between Sci-Fi and Western which they pulled off well, if you love westerns or sci-fi you would want to see this movie. Its worth watching.
  36. Apr 12, 2012
    Cowboys & Aliens is a good western (with cool sci-fi stuff thrown in), for some reason it reminds me of transformers, I think it's the action in it, stuff explodes, people scream, you know what I mean. Basically, it's a fun western with aliens thrown in, I think anybody that likes those sort of things should watch it, it seems like a Micheal bay film but a bit better.
  37. Apr 6, 2012
    It's about time we had an new and original idea for a western! I admit, I was a bit hesitant - How could they possibly mix the two... but it came together and created what I crave most - something NEW!
  38. Apr 3, 2012
    First off, this is a 9 out of 10 Movie. Acting is good. Everyone does good. Score is really good. Story is good. This movie has quiet a good story. Also the visual effects, set pieces, and action sequences are really good. Overall, this is a great movie. Title sounds stupid, but it still delivers.
  39. Mar 26, 2012
    Cowboys & Aliens is quite awful even by the standards of summer blockbusters. I was pretty keen to see it based on the ridiculous premise - I expected something mad, completely over-the-top, and most importantly, fun. In reality, it's none of these. The first half of the film tries to play it straight, as a fairly traditional western - a mysterious outsider arrives in a frontier town and finds the inhabitants down-trodden by criminals and corrupt officials. Then the aliens arrive and the film turns into Independence Day with horses. And the only way to describe the finale is unintentionally hilarious. The film should have turned out better, as there's some real talent behind it. Director Jon Favreau proved with Iron man that he could produce an exceedingly good fun action movie, and even Iron Man 2 occasionally raised a smile despite its inconsistency. Daniel Craig has had both hits and misses in his acting career, and he's not bad at all in this as the amnesiac protagonist, but Harrison Ford disappoints, appearing to be in various states of constipation in every scene, and Olivia Wilde is as dire as she always is. The only actor to make any lasting impression is Sam Rockwell, who plays a timid and depressed saloon owner. Not only does the film offer bad acting, but a terrible script (a real achievement considering 5 writers worked on it at some point or another) an overly meandering plot, dull action and a truly unforgiving run-time. I never expected Cowboys & Aliens to be original (just look at the title!) or compelling, or anything close to approaching a great film, but I at least expected it to be fun. It's not, and that's the greatest crime - it's a summer blockbuster without fun. All I can say for it is that Rockwell is good, Craig is acceptable, and the film has a single great moment - when our amnesiac protagonist first wakes up, but before we're subjected to the torture of watching the rest of the film. Expand
  40. Mar 19, 2012
    This movie was very sad, exciting and thrilling. I would like to watch it again as it is very funny and sad at the same time!
  41. Mar 3, 2012
    This movie wasnt really that entertaining, and the fact that parts were alright, is the reason why this got as high as it is. The plot was virtually nonexistent, the aliens were overall sub par. I dont recommend this movie, if you want to watch it anyway go ahead im not going to say dont i just dont recommend it
  42. Mar 2, 2012
    A strangely enjoyable movie that can be humorous and action packed, but surprisingly never cheesy even with the fact that it's just one big goofy idea, it succeeds because it takes itself seriously even when it could just give in and be a campy flick, it ca be a bit predictable at times but in the end comes together to be a highly enjoyable movie that I can't help but recommend.
  43. BKM
    Feb 11, 2012
    The title tells you right up front how ridiculous this movie will be, so don't get upset if you can't take it seriously. With that being said, I found the movie to be slickly entertaining with strong performances by Ford and Craig in the lead roles. It's pure escapist entertainment despite the efforts of the entire cast to play it as serious as possible and somehow it all works.
  44. Feb 6, 2012
    Seriously, this is one of the rare times I totally agree with the overall critics rating. This movie is boring most the time. The plot is almost not available and the special effects are sometimes reallt bad! Skip it it's not worth the 2 hours...
  45. Feb 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It was ok, but hoped it would be better. Daniel Craig plays it really straight and I cared little for his character. Harrison Ford is underused. Aliens are ok, but pretty much what you expect. I felt that the cowboys never seemed to be as terrified of the aliens as they should have been. Why did Daniel Craig's gang volunteer to sacrifice themselves to distract the aliens to save a bunch of people they had never met? And Olivia Wilde emerging from the fire ... once that had happened I figured anything could happen. Expand
  46. Jan 27, 2012
    I liked this movie more than I thought I would. Although it left me feeling like I needed more aliens and much less cowboys. I felt that the aliens weren't well defined. One day you could unload a full revolver into them with no effect and other times one shot could kill them. They stay underground because they don't see well in light but when they come out in bright daylight they kill just as good as they do in the dark. Supposedly there's only one scout craft but they find a steam ship "500 miles away from any river big enough to hold it". The flash backs seem out of place and don't give you enough info to actually care about his past. Other than all of that it has the right amount of humor, fights, death, strange drugs, and explosions. Its a pretty good movie after you look past all the things I found wrong with it. Expand
  47. Jan 21, 2012
    The story line could be great but the actors were bad. Daniel Crag and Harisson Ford acted like a 10-year-old and made the film ridiculous. But I was kinda satisfied with the supporting cast.
  48. Jan 19, 2012
    I actually read the GN before watching the movie so I would have a good idea of what to expect and could see what did not translate. I don't read many GNs but I have never been so disappointed at the end of one as I was with this GN. So, by comparison, the movie is really good! They basically had an idea to work from, as provided by the GN, and then had to create everything else to make the movie. This is one where the movie is actually much better than the original book! Expand
  49. Jan 15, 2012
    So quickly wanting to get past 'the plot be crazy lol' swamp, let's get into what the film did. Well it had a nice setup as a beginning and built tension well. It also was nice that it went for a little bit of the old Jaws thing by not showing the aliens too much early. But then, oh meh... Harrison Ford must of got lackadaisical and sated after lunch, and the screenwriter and director must of started smoking weed together, because the rest of the film is just lazy as hell. No innovation, originality, or even fun really. Just what you expect, but more boring. It's a film about Cowboys V.S do you make that boring? Daniel Craig looked like he was the only one who gave a **** Least till he saw it at the premier I'm guessing. Expand
  50. Jan 1, 2012
    It offers great performances from Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde not so much Ford and it is very entertaining, but sadly the two genres do not blend well thanks to the Director. And offers some just dumb twists along with it. I give this movie 52%.
  51. Dec 31, 2011
    As far as genre mashups go, Cowboys and Aliens pretty much takes the cake. The plot is absolutely ridiculous in a fun way, and the novelty of cowboys shooting aliens is unforgettable. Add in some comedic scenes and a wonderful cast mainly dominated by Daniel Craig, and you've got yourself one rollicking good time.
  52. Dec 25, 2011
    Unbelievably silly and Mediocre, this movie is laughable at best, the fact that this movie was completely illogical and dumb the scripting and plot is awful and boring.
  53. Dec 19, 2011
    Most people sitting here reviewing this movie, I think were looking for something incredible intelectually stimulating and emotionally compelling - Which is something you're never gonna get out of a movie like this. As ridiculous as the premise sounds, the film is incredibly entertaining and just damn cool. With good acting from the leads, a storyline that isn't too bad, and action scenes that make you go 'God damn, that's cool!' I must say that this is one of my favourite movies to come out this year. Expand
  54. Dec 16, 2011
    This is close to the worst film I have ever seen. Good cast that should be ashamed of themselves. Beyond-cliched Western characters, grafted on aliens plot, and the most infuriating attemps to manipulate with "touching" moments that haven't been remotely earned. The definition of polished turd.
  55. Dec 15, 2011
    There's only one real problem with "Cowboys & Aliens." It's not very much fun. The characters are developed decently well for a summer movie, Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford excel as cowboy tough guys, and the story has the potential to be a fun summer ride. But director Jon Favreau and his 5 screenwriters squander that fun by not giving the cast much to do. The action is sparse, and when there is action, it consists of Craig pointing and shooting at aliens like a live action game of "Area 51." Oh, and there's also some cowboys running away from a series of explosions. I admire the fact that they were wanting to make a serious alien invasion movie, but just because you're making something serious does not mean it can't also be fun. That's what the makers seem to have forgotten. The movie starts out strong when its strictly a western, but once the aliens come to invade, it becomes a dull adventure. Expand
  56. Dec 15, 2011
    Cowboys & Aliens is like a food with dust and yes the dust is the Aliens . Its kinda kinda disappointing . and all that goes to the story . Its really bad and once again proved that Western and Si-Fi doesn't get along at all . Acting was good . Good to see Ford and Craig together . Direction was 50/50 but Jon is better then this . The western part was good . I liked that little town . But The alien part sucked big time. So don't make a Cowboy movie with Aliens . Expand
  57. Dec 9, 2011
    I confess I rented this DVD with low expectations. This was the summer blockbuster that couldn't get itself arrested, not by Doc, the Sheriff, or Colonel Dolarhyde. If it weren't for the international market, they would have never even covered their budget with the box office sales. I remember Jay Leno asking Daniel Craig, "So what is Cowboys and Aliens about?" and the reply was, "It's about cowboys and aliens." That boy needs to have his interviews scripted. As soon as he's out there on the loose, he uses the f-word in every possible grammatical form--adjective, adverb, noun, gerund, and present participle. I expected the real Daniel Craig to be difficult, abrupt, moody, passionate, ... but inarticulate? And he still won't tell the press how he pulled off that secret wedding. (Quote: "I'm not going to f---ing tell you.") But does anyone really care? I don't. In any case, the wonder of it was that this was actually a good movie. There was tension, surprises, spectacular special effects, a love interest, and the bad guys were big, dumb aliens. The title is slightly inaccurate--it's actually, Cowboys and Indians and Aliens. They couldn't have done it without a band of Native Americans fighting at their side. There's even a Message to the Film. What will it take to unite the world and get everyone to stop fighting with each other? An invasion from outer space, of course. It works like a charm. Harrison Ford earned some critical demerits for looking perpetually grim, but it was in keeping with the character. The little boy was a necessary cliche, but it was great to see him grow up in a flash. Even the dog was a good actor. And Paul Dano is a very un-Hollywood type actor and very talented. Daniel Craig as Jake Lonergan, a name which gives a hint about his character (something like Loner-again) is impressively effective as an American cowboy who is a force to be reckoned with. He's certainly not Bond in this film, although he does have one fancy electronic gadget that he wears as a bracelet. Electronic gadgets didn't exist in the Wild West, so obviously he borrowed the trinket from a passing extraterrestrial, if only he could remember who. He's forgotten who he is, which gets him into a lot of trouble, but Ella (Olivia Wilde), who looks too pale and wide-eyed to be human, is convinced he can recall everything if he just tries hard enough. In the end, the film holds your attention, is entertaining, and has good actors. Expand
  58. Dec 6, 2011
    I really wanted to like this movie but I just couldn't. Throughout the whole movie I was just wishing that I was watching a regular western with this cast. The cast being really the only redeeming thing about this movie at all.
  59. Dec 5, 2011
    my summary, the worst thing about this movie is that I am not going to have my 118 minutes back.... ever. So, my rec. is that if you have anything better to do, for example, watching the flowers grow, don't hesitate.
  60. Dec 1, 2011
    Cowboys & Aliens is certainly a movie. Itâ
  61. Dec 1, 2011
    Overall, i did not enjoy this movie, the storyline is ridiculous and the aliens look poorly created. there is a reason why people do not make sci-fi/western movies and i think this film shows you just why
  62. Nov 30, 2011
    At first I thought, woah, this seems like a pretty ridiculous movie. The aliens would just pulverize the cowboys but I thought hey, it'll be a good laugh i'll rent it anyway. and boy was I surprised, it was actually a pretty good film, the story was pretty good and made you think about it and the fight scenes were also rather well made. I don't see why people are rating it down so much, it's a good film. Expand
  63. Nov 24, 2011
    As an all round "alien-movie" fan, I must admit my score might be a bit biased. I'm also a huge Lindelof/Orci/Kurtzman fan. The film doesn't dally about getting to the point of the story, which is both a good and bad thing. Good for your average cinema goer and bad if you're fond of the twisted screenplays these guys are known for (MI:3 / Star Trek). The story seldom exhilirates or drives you to the edge of your seat. But that doesn't mean it isn't entertaining. The action and visual effects will keep the analytics glued. As far as acting goes Dan Craig pulls off the cowboy persona quite decently - albeit a bit formulaic. Wylde delivers all you could really expect from her which is nothing to write home about. Some of the best acting in the movie is actually left to the Sheriff Character's Grandson - believe it or not. Credit though, must be given to Ford's performance - as he really delivers one that forces you to attempt remembering who it is you're actually watching.

    The movie is all-round entertaining. But breaks no new ground, in contrast with what we've grown accustomed to from the crew.
  64. Nov 19, 2011
    How could someone pour a lot of money into something so bad? Aliens and cowboys? What were they smoking? Talk about genre cliche after cliche. One of the year's worst big budget movies not even redeemed by decent acting.
  65. Oct 22, 2011
    Cowboys and Aliens stars Daniel Craig as Jake Lonergan who wakes up in the western dry landscape with no memory of who he is and why he is there and the only thing that doesn't faze him as much as it should is the strange bulky band that is clamped on to his wrist. After Jake walks into a small town he is recognised as a wanted man by the Sheriff for stealing Colonel Dolarhyde's (Harrison Ford) gold and is imprisoned with a little help from Olivia Wilde's character and soon after strange flying ships start attacking the town and stealing the townspeople. Right from the get go we it feels amazingly like a western tale with a long panning shot of the dusty landscape to Craig suddenly popping up in a panic with the famous blue eyes being the only thing that sticks out. Even the scenes following could be plucked from a spaghetti western, weather it be Jake kicking the crap out of a group of outlaws or Jake kicking the crap out the towns resident **** The mood does start to change when Jake begins to blow alien spaceships out the sky with the laser armband thing he is wearing and when the spaceships start to pluck people like ants from their homes and kidnap them. The entire movie tries to balance these two genres and does it surprisingly well. It makes the story not believable to any stretch of the imagination which is a good thing. The acting is decent enough from pretty much everybody that steps in front off the camera and the set pieces are epic with great direction but one of the things that makes me respect this movie more than anything is that the aliens are well thought out and do have more of a place in the story other than to be a punching bag for the main lead. If there is one thing that slightly niggles me about this movie it is the ending, I don't want to give away to much but it leaves the movie off on a sort of on a low note with a "that's it" type of feel. Over all it does bring the amazing action sequences, a few jumps and a good experience. Yes it is a Hollywood cash grab, but it is a good one. Expand
  66. Oct 14, 2011
    It started good, then everything ends so bad, george harrison is excelent has always, but Steven Spielberg should stop producing such bad movies i mean he is just gettin a bad rank with movies like this
  67. Sep 30, 2011
    I do not remember. combining cowboys and aliens, not very good idea but the movie was 35% fun, not better, not worse, I do not like daniel Creig reminds me of Vin Diesel, the last total disgust.
  68. Sep 14, 2011
    I saw this movie with my wife and teenage daughter at the local cinema. At first I was a bit worried if my wife and daughter would enjoy a sci-fi action movie. I knew I would, because I am a huge star trek and star wars fan. For the whole duration of the movie, my wife and daughter never said a word to me. Also, we hardly touched our pop corn or pop soda. Brilliant movie, Great day out. You also need to see it on a big screen or cinema to appreciate it wholly. Expand
  69. Sep 10, 2011
    Brutal, Brutal, BRUUTTALLL!!!! Okay I just got back from seeing "Cowboys and Aliens" and I have to say, I've seen 3 westerns in my whole life, and this, This tops them ALLL!!! If you could consider it a western, I consider it a Sci-fi Western Horror film. I have to put a warning up right now, this is not for the faint of heart or squemish, because there are a lot of jump moments in this film, and there is a lot of human and alien massacres in this film, BLOODILY I might add. Now this film is one of the best films, if not the best film, Jon Favreau has directed, And I love the first and second Iron Man film (2 more than the first.) Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Olivia Wild all do fantastic jobs as the main characters, and the side characters are all well done too, Clancy Brown as the pastor, and Sam Rockwell as the Doctor all do fantastic jobs. But lets talk about the thing everybody loves in these movies, the aliens. The aliens in this movie have similar desires like the aliens in the terrible film "Battlefield Earth" They want gold, why I couldn't figure it out and am not sure if they mention it. The aliens look interesting, and I will say one thing right now that is a bit of a subplot with one of the aliens and Daniel Craigs character. Daniel Craig slashed an alien in the eye with a surgical tool, that was gonna disect him, this alien returns and tries to do the same thing, and what happens to him is the most awesome and satisfying death in any movie I have ever seen. The film starts out pretty slow but once the aliens show up, it speeds on by like nothing and is a definite thrill ride. Also the amount of human and alien blood and jump moments in this movie makes me wonder how it didn't get an R rating. The ending 35 minute action scene is incredible to watch and is very well done. All I have to say is, if you're squemish or very jumpy in horror movies, don't see this, but if you aren't and want a great action sci fi western film, check this out. Expand
  70. Sep 9, 2011
    I liked the trailer. To my surprise gf did too. So we went. And i have to say, this is a great fun movie. Does exactly what it says on the packet. Yes it's a stupid title and a wacky mash-up concept, but I just really enjoyed it. Great cast of attractive ppl, great effects, pretty straight-forward if unusual plot. Good ****
  71. Sep 7, 2011
    Yes, the movie's plot is PREPOSTEROUS with a f*cking huge "P". The mix of SF and the west was a impossible task for Jon Favreau (since he makes great movies that have shallow depth like Iron man). However surprisingly he succeeds in presenting a great movie thanks to the dark atmosphere with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford's cool performances. Though I felt the 'Western" part of the movie was significantly stronger than the "SF" and that the director could have just focused on the Western part and make the movie "Cowboys" without the "aliens". Expand
  72. Sep 6, 2011
    My advice for watching this movie is simple... don't watch this expecting a really well thought out story or plot. In fact, don't even really watch this unless you really have to see it, because looking back there's nothing really too appealing, or anything that really stood out in this movie.
  73. Sep 3, 2011
    Overall this movie gets a 50, I went thinking 'Cowboys...and....Aliens? Really?' and left saying the same thing.... Really? Like 'Football Players and Aliens' or 'Surfers and Aliens', IT JUST DOESN'T MIX. Good special effects, though, but the story is weird. Someone in Hollywood said, lets mix a Western with Science Fiction! Hahaha! An then Favreau (the Director) was like, why not? How about 'let's don't'. Expand
  74. Aug 31, 2011
    Instead of building up the massive long fight scenes that take up the running time they decided to make up a story that was pointless and didn't do anything to change the overall tone of the movie.
  75. Aug 31, 2011
    This is also from my Rotten Tomatoes review:
    Well this film was quite a good one. The acting was good, the story was decent and the aliens were quite scary and gruesome. So does it all add up well in the end? Well in my opinion it does and as a result it turns out to be a good watch. It isn't as good as the classic Iron Man is but it's still a very good film. Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford
    and even Olivia Wilde are very good in this movie. This is the best role and acting Olivia Wilde has done in my opinion. Heck even the kid from The Last Airbender was quite good in this which is a huge step forward for him. I hope he gets inroled in better films in the future. Another good thing is that the aliens weren't C.G.I. for 100% of the time even though they were C.G.I. for most of it. So they actually put some effort into everything in this film and in my opinion it is way better than the critics and most of the audience put it. But the only problem I had with this film was that it could have been a little bit longer. But that's not a problem since most of the time you're having good fun. So I'm giving this film a 9/10 for being a good science fiction movie but being a litte bit short as well. Expand
  76. Aug 31, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Mayans disappeared. Not all of them, but the unaccounted for Mesoamerican people, who once populated 9th century Middle America, numbered in the millions. It's a mystery that, despite the best conjectures from leading archaeological experts, remains inconclusively solved, as to what exactly caused the sudden depletion in ranks of this culturally influential people. Their disappearance, to this day, is the subject of much innuendo, mostly involving little green men from outer space. "Apocalypto", the 2006 ethnographic fever dream that wakes itself up on a rain-soaked beach, disappointingly turns its back on the long-held speculation over flying saucers, as the three men, sworn enemies from opposing tribes, stop their chasing, when their local conflict gets usurped by quasi-cosmic one, floating out in the ocean. It's not UFOs, but Spanish voyaging ships, yet to the Mayans back on shore, the sea vessels carry the same impact as a fleet of interplanetary spacecrafts, and the white men encroaching upon the shoreline in rowboats, likewise, might as well be aliens, since this is their first contact with beings from outside the people's hermetically-sealed world. Potentially, "Apocalypto" had the makings of a period piece science-fiction movie, but its fidelity to historically ethnographic accuracy inhibits the film's full pulp potential. However, due to the filmmaker's propensity for Grand Guignol spectacle, an alien invasion, in spite of the edifying presence of real locations and spoken indigenous languages , wouldn't be at all antithetical to the movie's form, because in actuality, "Apocalypto" is a genre picture(action-adventure), surprisingly lowbrow, dressed up in the academic clothing of a pre-civilized setting. It should have been "Mayans & Aliens". Some 100 years ago, three Australian girls disappeared. Only one of them would return alive from the "Picnic at Hanging Rock". Irma remembers nothing, the same refrain you hear from alien abductees, Jake Lonergan included, who wakes up on the prairie like a high plains drifter with amnesia. Whereas there is no ambiguity about an otherworldly presence in "Cowboys & Aliens"(whose mash-up of genres plays like a soundstage that the cast from "Blazing Saddles" forgot to crash), Peter Weir's 1975 film about the mysterious happenings at Mt. Macedon on Valentine's Day at the turn of the 20th century, implies that aliens could be the cause of the tragedy that beset Appleyard College. Although the film is not widely recognized as science fiction, the narrative has enough proximate tropes to suggest "Schoolgirls & Aliens", made all the more odder by the same period pre-industrial setting as its unaware(and less subtle) successor, in regard to the disparate melding of the historical and the fantastical. Back at the school, before the girls depart for the campgrounds, Miranda tells Sarah, "I won't be here much longer", which by itself, would seem to indicate that graduation time is fast-approaching, but at the picnic site, just before the girls take their leave, Mlle de Poitiers apperceives in the fair girl an otherness, clarifying to Miss McCraw how she knows that "Miranda is a Botticelli angel," or in other words, not terrestrial-based, which turns the plaintive admission among roommates back at the dormitory into a secret. Miranda, in retrospect is telling Sarah that she's returning "home". For the holiday-themed picnic, the girls bring along a pink heart-shaped cake, which Miranda cuts violently with a large knife, straight down the middle on what is, in essence, a representational human organ, as if rehearsing for future medical experiments, aboard the spaceship hidden in, or above, the rock formations. Like Ella(Olivia Wilde) in "Cowboys & Aliens", the prettiest girl turns out to be an extra-terrestrial. Emerging from a nap at the rock base, it's indeed Miranda who leads the other girls into a narrow passageway, except for Edith, who shouts, "When are we going home?" to her unhearing peers, gripped in a trance-like state, before she shrieks at something off-screen, which sends her running from the abduction site in an aerial shot that suggests the girls are flying above her. This outcome was presaged. Earlier in the hike, Miranda advises Edith to "look not down at the ground, but up in the sky." For reasons unknown, Irma is sent back, but not without evidence of a possible alien probe; her corset is missing. While Jake proved to be unsuccessful in saving his wife aboard the alien ship, Michael brings back Irma, using Hanging Rock, perhaps, as a portal. Now, better than the rest, she knows how the Aborigines felt when the Europeans colonized Australia, similar to the Absolution denizens, who probably would echo Edith's notion about being "the only living creatures in the whole world," in effect, dismissing the Indians outright. Alas, both groups of white people too learn the Mayan lesson that "we're not alone". Expand
  77. Aug 29, 2011
    A good if not great summer blockbuster. The very fact that it tries to be a little different is worthy enough of checking this one out. I really liked the western first half and the second sci-fi half was OK. Great cast and the director Jon Favreau does a good job of holding it all together and it looks beautiful. I really liked Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in this. Worth seeing but I don't expect to see a trend starting from mash-ups like this in future. Expand
  78. Aug 28, 2011
    Disappointed with this one, the story wasn't original nor entertaining, so I was expecting a little bit better. I mean Aliens invading a Cowboys land, not really my type of film. I liked the effects of the movie, the acting could be better.
  79. Aug 27, 2011
    If you've seen the movie poster you already know exactly what to expect; some aliens, a whip, and a light saber. Well, and that vision in assless chaps (Daniel Craig), who has somehow the face of Harrison Ford...
  80. Aug 27, 2011
    It's a decent film. It's not bad but it's nothing too special either. The story is good and the representation and setting of the cowboy theme is excellent. You know what to expect if Daniel Craig is in a film and this film definitely has many good fight scenes. There were a few twists but I could predict the ending very quickly, but it is a fun ride nonetheless. So if you like cowboys, aliens and action and adventure then you will probably enjoy this film. Expand
  81. Aug 26, 2011
    Why not combine western and aliens for once. First off, that's a good idea, something new and refreshing. Though, this movie could have been alot better in that regard. It's starts off quite slowly, getting more interesting near the middle and fails in the end. The story that goes behind the aliens being on earth for a specific reason is just plain simple, too simple for my tastes. It's pretty obvious that they concentrated more in action sequences regarding the aliens than storytelling... basicly you don't know much about them. About the main characters: Harrison Ford and Daniel Graig perform very well. They both have interesting characters that add more feeling to the storytelling. The third main character, played by Olivia Wilde, is not that well written and doesn't realy fit in these bunch of characters, it wouldn't have changed much if they just dropped her out of the picture. In the end, I'm abit disappointed... they could've done much more with this concept. Expand
  82. Aug 26, 2011
    Franchement, ne vous arrêtez pas en lisant le titre et le concept de ce film, il cache bien son jeu. En effet, Cowboys & Envahisseurs use des clichés du western pour prouver qu'il en est un tout en restant sérieux. Et le moins que l'on puisse dire, c'est que ça marche du tonnerre. Enfin... durant la première heure. Après, ce western sombre dans le divertissement un peu balourd avec d'autres clichés typiques d'un blockbuster américain. Mais bon, rien n'est parfait. En tout cas, c'est déjà quelque chose qu'un tel film se montre sympathique, avec ses acteurs (chapeau à Sam Rockwell qui n'a jamais été aussi drôle), ses effets spéciaux, ses costumes, ses décors et son humour. Vous voulez passer un bon moment? Regardez ce film assez divertissant bien qu'inégal et peu mémorable. Expand
  83. Aug 24, 2011
    Sure it won't win any Oscars, and the pace is a little choppy as others have mentioned, but overall I still thought this was passable and worth of a 6/10. I didn't regret watching it, and the concept is different. These days its all remakes, reboots and bad sequels, so it was good to see something a little more original onscreen. Daniel Craig was great but his accent was a little all over the place. I wasn't sure if this was a film issue or an issue with the actual lighting during production but the outdoor sequences at times noticeably changed in saturation and exposure. Aside from that what can I say, if you like cowboys and if you like aliens, you'll probably like this. There are some great action sequences and heartfelt moments between with Harrison Ford's character. It's not a must see, but it's not total rubbish either. Expand
  84. Aug 22, 2011
    The idea of mixing a western with sci-fi is a good one with some fun potential and while Cowboys and Aliens is more good than bad it does fall short this potential. The movie does look good, and most of its cast are working well together but unfortunately by the end of the movie there are far too many unanswered questions that youre left feeling incomplete. The first half of cowboys is decent making good use of its characters but the second half drags with too many uninteresting unnecessary scenes. I understand that the western genre loves the horse riding, camp fire conversation scenes but what we get in the movie are boring and not necessary. The third act of the film gets back on track to a fun action movie, and there are some thrilling moments but the sci-fi elements feel too familiar to be really awesome, the aliens themselves are a bit forgettable. There is some fun to be had in this movie, and the cast is good, if only the plot holes were fixed up and more questions werent left unanswered it would have been better. Expand
  85. Aug 22, 2011
    It's simply good for what it is; simple, uncomplicated, fun.
    The title should set your standards right away so to expect a very extensive storyline is your own fault for setting standards too high.
  86. Aug 20, 2011
    Cowboys and Aliens needed better aliens to support the cowboys, the pacing was uneven, and there was nothing innovative or new, but Cowboys and Aliens was fun, thanks to fun action, a strong cast, and a script which was much better than I thought it would be. It may not be a Captain America or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, but it is better than the sad action movies this year such as Transformers Dark of the Moon. Expand
  87. Aug 20, 2011
    For the genre this is a fun cliched cowboy and Indians movie that just happens up have aliens in it. I lived it, Ford was grumbling and cranky, Craig was hot and tough, and Wilde was smouldering as always... BrainCandy go see it!!!
  88. Aug 18, 2011
    All the worst cliches of a western: bad buy rancher and outsider. Deposed sheriff. Frontier town. All the worst cliches of a science fiction movie: screeching aliens, drool, plot to take over the world, fateful flaw, sleep mode. If it was parody, I missed the point. Really, really bad. I have seen worse. Noisy, though, with lots of explosions if that is your thing.
  89. Aug 16, 2011
    This movie is an excellent popcorn flick. The action sequences and special effects did not disappoint - nor did the beautiful scenery. However, the lack of character development really disappointed me. I found myself caring little about whether any characters lived or died, and if they had bothered to elaborate more on some of the main characters, it would have been a much better movie. Also, the reasoning behind the aliens attack is just bizarre. That being said, gorgeous Western scenes and amazing alien technologies keep you interested, and a suspenseful conclusion is satisfactory enough. Expand
  90. Aug 15, 2011
    A man with no name and no memory wakes up in the middle of the desert. He has no idea how he got there but it appears he has been in some sort of violent situation and there is a metal bracelet attached to his wrist. The stranger (Daniel Craig) unluckily attracts frequent attacks including bounty hunters, local thugs, and then aliens. He may not remember his past, but he certainly remembers how to fight and shoot. This comes in handy since the filmâ Expand
  91. Aug 13, 2011
    As a science fiction film, "Cowboys & Aliens" is pretty average - there's nothing too special about the aliens themselves, and the action is standard. But C&A is, more than anything, a Western. The actors play their parts perfectly, and not once did the whole "Aliens in the Old West" thing seem like a gimmick. The film does not rely on cowboy cliches but is actually able to develop the characters, and the setting, in its own way. It's plenty of fun. Expand
  92. Aug 12, 2011
    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford are fantastic and with a supporting cast including the likes of Sam Rockwell, you can't go wrong. Then there are huge missteps like casting Oliva Wilde, who should stick to mediocre television shows. The plot was lacking in many places, but the fresh concept along with Crag and Ford makes this idea easier to deal with.
  93. Aug 12, 2011
    I really WANTED to like this movie. I even bought the "Cowboys and Indians" magazine with the movie on the cover at the store in anticipation. The rationale for this mash-up is that westerns don't do well overseas, but sci-fi and aliens do. So why not blend both! But after 30 minutes of dark tedium, I started to count down the time to leave. (Had I not gone with three friends, I would have left.) Epic fail: derivative, cliched, and boring. PollosHermanos long review (BELOW) covers all the bases at length. Jpwilson1984 calls it a "Wild Wild West level mess. Ridiculous story, incomprehensible + lazy script, not nearly fun or funny enough. Takes itself too seriously and has more than a few outright boring stretches." AND utterly predictable. All too true. Blame the script, but with this level of talent blowing a chance to genre-blend the epic western, all talent shares in the blame of wasting the budget. I'm only thankful that, barring having a kid, I'll never have to waste my time watching such dreck again. So much potential wasted. Expand
  94. Aug 9, 2011
    Simply put, if you do not like Cowboys or Aliens there is no reason to see this film. If you are, like me, an aficionado of both western films and science fiction, the movie delivers on most fronts. Daniel Craig is appropriately badass in the lead role and Harrison Ford turns in a good performance as well. Olivia Wilde does the best she can with an underwritten role, including one moment that was so ridiculous it made me laugh out loud. Other than the occasional cliche hiccup the film is very satisfying ONLY if you would normally go to a movie called Cowboys and Aliens Expand
  95. Aug 8, 2011
    Saw this movie last week and to be honest i went into it with high expectations and i walked out of the theatre pleased. This movie was good. It had its flaws here and there, some actine issues and other minor things, olivia wilde is hot but she isnt the best actress and harrison ford seemed, idk, not the harrison ford we all grew to love, i think he was a bit old for his role but he was still good. I mean lets be honest, your going to see a movie titled Cowboys & Aliens with Indiana Jones and James Bond in it, what are you expecting? An academy award for best picture? Not at all, if thats what you were expecting to see then well your clearly an idiot so no need to come on jere and write a review bashing on things the director wasnt going for. I went in expecting an action spectacle about cowboys fighting aliens and daniel craig being a bada$$ and thats exactly what i saw. First film with cowboys and aliens in the same movie and it was successful, more like 7.5/10 for me Expand
  96. Aug 5, 2011
    Thrilling, dazzling, and even a bit tearjerking at times, Cowboys & Aliens is a fantastical western-sci-fi with action-packed sequences and groundbreaking performances from Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Olivia Wilde.
  97. Aug 5, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. James Bond meets Indiana Jones, gets close to Olivia Wilde and fights aliens with a wrist band that "Q" didn't give him. Set in 1870s New Mexico, the story has cowboys joining outlaws and Indians to battle evil critters from outer space who have stopped by to do a little gold prospecting and human harvesting. The plot is preposterous and heavy handed but it's still sheer enjoyment to watch 007 and Indy tear up the scenery and beat off the monsters. There are elements of Shane, Rio Bravo, The Magnificent Seven and several other classics blended into this tale of redemption and lost love but the action wins the day. Not shot in 3D, this movie proves that you just don't need it to make a good movie. Order a large popcorn, sit back and just enjoy the fun. Expand
  98. Aug 5, 2011
    Jesus. This movie is so overwhelmingly mediocre. C&A is a prime example of Hollywood cashing in on overly bland and unoriginal movies that have so much hype built up on them (and a ridiculously unnecessary budget). Jon Favreau is an extremely overrated director with no originality whatsoever. Boring cinematography. Boring script. Boring editing. Seen-that-before action sequences. And questionable casting (Olivia Wilde with her im-trying-too-hard-to-be-serious expressions and dialogue, and Daniel Craig, the Englishman who you can easily tell is trying oh so hard to cover up his accent). The story is FULL of action movie cliches that make the following scenes hugely predictable. The Aliens: not scary, that **** has been done before, and MUCH better. Favreau tries to make the movie out to be epic and dramatic, but it sadly ends up being another run-of-the-mill ****ty summer action movie. But, I'm sure this movie will gross millions and millions of dollars and the "public" will say that it's a "great movie, so entertaining and funny!" and blah blah blah. The dialogue is boring as hell and some scenes are so over-acted that it almost feels as if they are making a parody of themselves. If you have any sense of the many possible quality that defines a movie as "good", stay away from this one. If you want to sit for two hours and have your intelligence insulted with unoriginality and bland mediocrity, go see it. I was anxiously waiting for this movie to come to its predictable, dumb ending, so I could GTFO out the theater.
    I know that this movie was intended to be just an entertaining summer blockbuster, but jesus, actually make it worth my time and bring SOMETHING new to the table. This movie had virtually nothing to offer, which ultimately made it completely unentertaining and pointless.
  99. Aug 4, 2011
    The western part of this movie is spectacular. On the other hand, the sci fi part of this movie was way below par. I am a sci fi fan and all but this movie just didn't meet my standards
  100. Aug 4, 2011
    I really feel this was one of the most boring and uneventful films I have ever seen. Why Would anybody make this film. I just don't understand. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD

Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 5 out of 41
  1. Reviewed by: Dan Jolin
    Aug 1, 2011
    A simple entertainment in a summer of overcomplicated disappointments. Also much harder-edged than you may have expected.
  2. Reviewed by: Anthony Lane
    Jul 31, 2011
    That is what kids will come away with, together with a dose of wishful thinking: the vague belief that, with good will and a foe from far away, all those feuding parties of the Wild West - the cowboys, the Indians, and the no-good rogues - could have settled their differences and got along just fine. Go tell it to Gary Cooper.
  3. 40
    An agreeable time-killer, but I'll bet a couple of clever kids could make a livelier movie with a Woody puppet and a Predator doll.