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  • Summary: Shane Butler (Legge) is a handsome but geeky 20 year old who feels that life is passing him by. A talented artist who longs to go to art school, he spends his days stuck in a horrible job behind a desk in the civil service. When he moves into an apartment in Limerick City with Vincent Cusack (Leech), a gay fashion student, things begin to look up. Despite being polar opposites on almost every level, Shane and Vincent soon become close friends. (TLA Releasing) Expand
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  1. Reviewed by: Louis R. Carlozo
    Here we witness a healthy friendship between a gay and straight male that doesn't call for stilted changes in personality or sexual orientation.
  2. Enlivens the classic premise of innocent-in-the-city by moving its archetypal characters in unexpected directions.
  3. For all its moments of pathos, Cowboys & Angels is lighthearted. It is an assured piece of work and wholly engaging.
  4. Reviewed by: Anita Gates
    The coming-of-age story about the corruptions of the big city has been done a few thousand times, but at least this one offers a fresh mix of open-minded intelligence and a heartfelt point of view.
  5. Manages to be enjoyable despite its contrivances.

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  1. JohnB.
    Jun 23, 2007
    Great for lighthearted idealism of youth s/some gritty realism thrown in. Leading men are wooden, but cute!
  2. Aug 29, 2014
    Cowboys & Angels is one of the best coming of age movies that also engages the gay and straight alliance theme. The story is touching although it is a bit cliche and the lead actors deliever it perfectly. Alan Leech's performance as a gay fashionista is very believable and unlike many straight actors who play gay you wonder if he is really gay or not in real life. Expand

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