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  • Summary: Dan Klores' Crazy Love tells the astonishing story of the obsessive roller-coaster relationship of Burt and Linda Pugach, which shocked the nation during the summer of 1959. (Magnolia Pictures)
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  1. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    Of the long list of couples who have loved neither wisely nor particularly well, few have such power to disturb as Burton Pugach and the love of his life, Linda Riss.
  2. Dan Klores's astonishing film is about a subject so bizarre it could only work as a documentary – as a drama, it would be dismissed as being too far-fetched.
  3. Reviewed by: Mark Bell
    All told, Crazy Love is a rarity in documentaries; it's fun.
  4. 70
    One may be horrified by these two, or laugh at them, but both horror and laughter give way to amazement at the human talent for survival.
  5. In Crazy Love, friends of Burt and Linda express as much confusion over their relationship as we feel, and the Pugaches themselves make an unconvincing case for theirs being a love that conquered all. On the contrary, love doesn't seem to have had anything to do with them. She married him out of desperation, and he pursued her out of a sense of entitlement.
  6. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    Though the subject matter sounds depressing, Crazy Love has an infectious, even bouncy tone.
  7. Now, they're together. You can't look at them, but you can't look away either. So it goes.

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