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  • Summary: Over the course of four days, a brutal murder and a racially charged trial trigger and explosive chain of events that resonate throughout Los Angeles. While navigating through the tumultuous neighborhoods of South Central L.A., two of the LAPD's elite Special Investigations Squad officers (Russell, Speedman) must track down cold-blooded killers and also face their own demons, which prove to be more ruthless than the criminals they pursue. (MGM) Collapse
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  1. 100
    Dark Blue is one of those totally happy surprises that moves so quickly and curves so sharply that it leaves this era's hyped critical hits looking like beached whales.
  2. Shelton's harrowing and compulsively watchable morality play.
  3. While Dark Blue may not be easy to watch, it's exceptionally well made.
  4. After a decade of silence, surely Hollywood can do better.
  5. Sensitively directed by Ron Shelton and helped by what just might be the best performance of Kurt Russell's career, Dark Blue is as interesting and successful as it can be within its limits, but those limits make this a more generic film than its makers intended.
  6. 50
    In the wake of TV's powerhouse "The Shield," Dark Blue comes off as something of a retread, with little of "The Shield's" electric fury, edgy camera work or deft characterizations.
  7. Imagine finding the will to get up every morning to do another day's work on this stale story tarted up with relevance.

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