Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 27 Critics

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  1. Positive: 0 out of 27
  2. Negative: 19 out of 27
  1. Once you get past the inherent silliness of the premise, what we've got here is actually a deft little chiller, stylishly directed despite the so-so cast.
  2. Stephen King without the snap, David Lynch without the kink, teen horror without the teen hormones, Darkness Falls falls apart in a crescendo of creepy-crawly hoo-ha. It's more like Darkness Kerplunks.
  3. 50
    So much schlock and melodrama find their way into Darkness Falls that when an exasperated character shouts near the end ''All this over a [expletive] tooth!,'' you know how he feels.
  4. Reviewed by: Kevin Carr
    If you’re looking for a compelling horror flick, don’t waste your time with Darkness Falls.
  5. 50
    Basically brings home the bacon for horror fans -- it offers decent special effects and a nice array of those moments where you shriek and jump and nearly pee your pants but it turns out to be Mom or the cat after all.
  6. Reviewed by: Joe Leydon
    It's an instantly disposable and shamelessly derivative piece of work -- call it petit guignol, and you won't be far off the mark -- but first-time feature helmer Jonathan Liebesman shows a savvy flair for atmospheric visuals.
  7. 40
    You can barely tell what's going on half the time, but what you do see is effective.
  8. About as scary as a ride on a minor roller coaster, it unrolls its amplified butcher-block shock effects within the first five minutes.
  9. The plot is as riddled with holes as Matilda's victims, making her sudden appearances more distracting than distressing.
  10. Isn't satisfying or surprising. It doesn't even make sense from scene to scene.
  11. Reviewed by: Paul West
    A joyless amalgam of horror movie cliches, none used more exhaustively than the false alarm.
  12. 30
    Its real problem is that Matilda Dixon, apparently conceived as a cross between the Blair Witch and Freddy Krueger, is an oddly characterless bogeyman, perhaps because she's 100 percent special effects technology with no actor underneath.
  13. 30
    Not good enough to qualify as classic Gothic horror, not nearly fun enough to qualify as great B-movie camp.
  14. 25
    Do you really need me to tell you how scary this horror show isn't?
  15. 25
    A cheesy horror film can offer a vicarious cheap thrill or two. Darkness Falls offers only a test of the patience, not even providing much chance to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of its villain.
  16. Darkness Falls was formerly known as "Tooth Fairy," but could just as well have been titled "Dumb Then Dumber" for the way its plot makes decreasing sense even by the low standards of B horror flicks.
  17. God forgive me, but I worship the Bad Dialogue Fairy -- he gets me through these endless nights.
  18. Oh, this is all so terribly not good.
  19. Darkness Falls is like something salvaged from Stephen King's wastebasket.
  20. 12
    A lamebrained attempt at horror that is just a derivative pastiche of ideas lifted from other bad films.
  21. 10
    Black cats, ill-timed power outages and children in peril are just a few of the hoary scare tactics ineffectively rendered in the style of so many films buried in the dark recesses of January.
  22. 10
    Powered by dim bulbs on both sides of the camera, Darkness Falls barrels ahead with unrelenting stupidity, forsaking many of its own rules in search of the next cheap shock.
  23. Reviewed by: Alex Pappademas
    This is horror-flick boo-ya at its most rote.
  24. Darkness Falls -- with a thud. But it does not go gently into the night, for director Jonathan Liebesman and his large crew cram as much style and energy as they can into a hokey and morbid supernatural thriller plot. It's a downer to see so much effort expended on such junk.
  25. Reviewed by: Staff (not credited)
    This moronic horror movie has the earmarks of a disastrous shoot patched up in editing.
  26. A truly awful and extremely loud scareflick.
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  1. Apr 8, 2014
    Ach ja… “Der Fluch von Darkness Falls”…seufz.

    Vielleicht der schlechteste Film der letzten Zeit aus meinem Lovefilm-Abo.
    Viel kann ich
    nicht dazu schreiben, denn es gibt auch kaum was zu sagen.

    Ausser: der 10jährige Kyle trifft auf die bitterböse Zahnfee, die seine Mutter umbringt (aus Gründen, die ich immer noch nicht so ganz verstanden habe, aber egal).

    12 Jahre später - in Worten: ZWÖLF Jahre später - ist Kyle also 22 Jahre alt… und hier muss ich auch schon schließen, denn das KOMPLETTE Personal ist definitiv falsch besetzt.

    Der “22jährige Kyle”, Chaney Kley, war während dem Dreh schon 31 Jahre alt - sieht im Film aus wie 35. (siehe Bild)

    Das gilt für sämtliche Rollen. Das Alter, das sie haben sollten, passt in keinem Fall.

    Die Zahnfee an sich ist nicht nur einfallslos animiert (und mit nervigen Asthma-Tönchen akustisch unterlegt), sondern auch ziemlich tollpatschig.

    “Wir brauchen mehr Licht” - “Ihr müsst im Licht bleiben!” - “Sie mag kein Licht” - “Licht!” … das ist eigentlich auch schon Hauptbestandteil der Dialoge, die in keiner Sekunde witzig, originell oder gar “neu” sind.

    Der einzige Satz, der mich zum Lachen brachte, und der den Drehbuchautoren und Machern zu denken geben sollte, war “Und alles wegen einem scheiß Zahn”.
    Schade um die Produktionskosten. Ich hoffe, das Catering am Set war wenigstens angemessen.

    Abgedroschener Horrorschrott, den man sich sparen kann.
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  2. Aug 6, 2013
    Probably one of the dumbest "horror" movies I've ever watched. I was pretty much laughing the entire time. Oh, and it didn't make any sense whatsoever. Full Review »
  3. Aug 2, 2012
    I had more laughs than scares while watching this. The acting was a hilarious and the plot not thought out at all, like they were desperate to just make a movie. The "demon" chasing them was quite amusing as well; the way it was set up was very unbelievable. The appearances she made were totally random and put whenever the movie seemed too "dull" for the director. It was either a great comedy or a horrible horror film. Full Review »