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  • Starring: , ,
  • Summary: Two-time Academy Award nominee Ethan Hawke plays Edward Dalton, a researcher in the year 2019, in which an unknown plague has transformed the world's population into vampires. As the human population nears extinction, vampires must capture and farm every remaining human, or find a blood substitute before time runs out. However, a covert group of vampires makes a remarkable discovery, one which has the power to save the human race. (Lionsgate) Expand
  • Director: Michael Spierig
  • Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
  • Rating: R
  • Runtime: 98 min
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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 31
  2. Negative: 3 out of 31
  1. A darkly stylish horror film.
  2. Daybreakers is more serious, from its A-list cast to its political commentary, with blood as a metaphor for oil. Like the best genre films, it has something on its mind.
  3. 75
    Daybreakers has unexpected flashes of brilliance.
  4. Reviewed by: Nick Starkey
    A slick, bloody, fast-paced, and ultimately enjoyable B-movie.
  5. Reviewed by: Dennis Harvey
    The script doesn't wring many surprises or much character involvement from the premise, and the brothers' helming, while slick, is short on scares, action setpieces and humor.
  6. Reviewed by: Maitland McDonagh
    The Spierigs have assembled a strong cast, but even their best efforts -- notably by Neill, whose Bromley is the ultimate vampire squid, tentacles wrapped around the face of this scary new world -- can't pump any real life into the bloodless script.
  7. Reviewed by: Michael Ordona
    Any higher intentions are brought crashing down by predictability, wooden characters, giggle-inducing attempts at scares (shrieking bats, anyone?) and cinematography so gloomy it should be checked for serotonin deficiency.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 40
  2. Negative: 8 out of 40
  1. Dec 21, 2013
    I hate vampire movies! From Dracula to Twilight I find the whole genre absurd and have never enjoyed a film that has featured vampires, until now. I chose Daybreakers, because it is a new idea in an otherwise stale genre. It's about a modern day utopian society where the bad guys have actually won! Modern society has adapted, from industry and technology to entertainment, to accommodate a society run by vampires. Humans are nearly extinct and the vampires are looking for a blood substitute to sustain their population. On the other side, the small groups of remaining humans think they may have a cure, but need some willing vampires to help them. Even though this film features vampires, it's more of a science fiction film. about two groups trying to deal with the problems of a futuristic society, and it was really well done. Ethan Hawke stars as a vampire, who refuses to drink human blood. He feels empathy for the humans and doesn't like what his race has become. Hawke was one of these young actors who had nothing but looks. When he first started he was really nothing more than eye candy for bad movies. Since then, he's really worked at becoming a better actor and today, he thrives in Sci-Fi movies like this. He's paired with some veterans of the genre, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill, both of whom add that aged wisdom needed to support this young cast. This film is a terrific example of how innovative and entertaining science fiction can be, but it's so much more. There are action scenes, romance, and even some gore thrown into the mix, and the result is one of the best Sci-Fi film I've seen all year. The violence and blood may turn some people off to the film, but for me, this really became a can't miss gem. Expand
  2. Oct 5, 2011
    I liked it. Nothing special but worth the time spent. I can`t possibly deny the good try that was made with the story. I must say I haven`t seen anything like it. In times when everything about vampires is 'been there done that', this flick surprised me. I also appreciated the way in which the story got by. Make no mistake - there`s lots of blood and brutality in this thing. The special effects are cool, the idea about the de-evoluted vampires also got portrayed well. Ethan Hawke and Sam Neill did a good job, with Willem Dafoe one class above them. The drama and character development behind it are as shallow as they can get, although this did not cause the film to get boring in any way. The ending is not easy to forsee but is a little dissapointing. First of all original, good action movie. Expand
  3. Sep 6, 2013
    With some pretty solid world-building on the part of the Spierig brothers, and an incredibly engrossing slew of sci-fi/horror visual effects, "Daybreakers" thankfully restores some faith to the vampire film sub-genre. Expand
  4. Feb 13, 2011
    In this movie vampires have taken over and the human race is almost extinct leading to a blood shortage, if a blood substitute or a cure isn't found soon the vampires will turn into even more horrible bat like creatures, yeah it's as goofy as it sounds, and it ends up being an ok movie that most vampire maniacs will enjoy but for everyone else, it's an ok movie from beginning to end. Expand
  5. Jul 12, 2012
    Daybreakers has an interesting sci-fi/fantasy premise - as the result of a virus, vampires become the dominant species on the planet, and struggle to survive once the remaining human population, and their life-giving blood supply begins to dwindle. The film has satisfying and effectively moody visuals and good direction from the Australian Spierig Brothers. In the lead role as a vampire scientist searching for a human blood substitute to feed the starving vampire population, Ethan Hawke us just how consistent his performances are, and Sam Neill keeps your attention, with a quiet menace about his character, who's basically a vampiric bureaucrat. And of course, it goes without saying that Willem Dafoe looks cool with a goatee on his face and a crossbow slung over his shoulder. The film, as a new take on the vampire myth with a satirical edge that comments on world energy crises is, for the most part, far better than it has to be. It does have a disappointing finale, issues with pacing, particularly when we spend any amount of time away from the cool vampire world and with the dull, depressing humans, and there's the odd bit of clunky dialogue. The explanation of one of the key plot points is also incredibly unsatisfying. For what it is though, Daybreakers is a decent example - it doesn't bring many new ideas to the table, sure, but just about everything is done well, and I enjoyed it far more than another recent modern take on a vampire film - 30 Days of Night. There's potential for expansion of this intriguing world in a sequel too, but whether this will manifest at all, or as anything beyond a direct-to-DVD feature remains to be seen. Expand
  6. Feb 24, 2012
    It was definently interesting but overall a boring film. It also lacks originality as well. The cast is ok but I am a bit disapointing that Hawke wasnt better in this film. A little disapointing overall imo. Expand
  7. Sep 29, 2011
    "Daybreakers" portrays the rise and fall of democracy, but in a bloody dumb way.

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