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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 14
  2. Negative: 3 out of 14
  1. 83
    For all Dead Man's Shoes' well-paced, well-observed boondocks melodrama, its premise seems simultaneously slender and overheated.
  2. Reviewed by: Felix Vasques Jr.
    An original, complex, and utterly gruesome revenge parable, and never portrays its characters as black and white. Considine handles his performance like a pro, and only adds to the pure skill behind it.
  3. This is no simplistic vigilante movie. Like Park Chan-wook's "Vengeance" trilogy, it explores the nature of the beast of revenge, leaving the audience in a sweat of dread.
  4. Reviewed by: Laura Kern
    The always fantastic Paddy Considine evokes both sensitivity and explosiveness.
  5. 67
    Meadows loses control as he goes along, veering into assorted noodling and sacrificing the knife's-edge clarity of the early going for something arty and artificial.
  6. 63
    Very slowly builds to a powerful climax for this arty cross between "Straw Dogs" and "First Blood."
  7. 63
    Though the story is formulaic, the bleakly naturalistic performances give it an uncomfortable sting.
  8. The imagery is exotically grungy and jumbled by flashback, but in the end, the picture's more pulp than juice.
  9. The film is filled with deeply unpleasant and stupid people whose vapid speech is largely incomprehensible due to thick regional accents.
  10. Reviewed by: Luke Y. Thompson
    Dead Man's Shoes is all about revenge, but in trying to be one of those serious revenge films that questions violence while indulging in it, it manages to keep virtually all the characters unsympathetic and uninteresting.
  11. Reviewed by: Derek Elley
    Film plays as a quirky Brit riff on everything from U.S. slasher pics to revenge oaters but without Meadows' usual psychological complexity.
  12. 30
    Like so many movies of its kind, Dead Man's Shoes gets hopelessly lost in vicious process, and so loses all sight of anything you might optimistically call insight.
  13. 30
    A shocking revelation near the end explains the soldier's nihilistic rage but simultaneously tears a gigantic hole in the plot, leaving little to admire but Considine's typically penetrating performance.
  14. Reviewed by: Jessica Reaves
    There are flashes of grim humor interspersed with the murders, but not enough wit to elevate this movie beyond its primary identity: grisly revenge fantasy.
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  1. RichR.
    Dec 18, 2007
    Are you kidding? This is a great film, made even greater because Paddy Considine (one of the best actors in the English language, who stole the show in In America) is in it. Then, to top it off, Toby Kebbell, who is in Control, the Ian Curtis movie? This is a stone great film. Perfectly paced, perfectly acted and shot, perfectly written. Paddy should get more lead parts. Few actors can show as much emotion, menace, and vulnerability. Full Review »
  2. NeilF.
    Nov 18, 2007
    I'm sorry but 52% is shocking. This is one of the finest, most realistic gritty depictions of modern Brittish culture.
  3. Rose
    Feb 15, 2007
    I don't think I've ever seen reviews on Metacritic so heavily influenced by cultural diferences. I can't believe the score this film got, although I think it may be largely because of the American audience. Dead Man's Shoes is uttely unusual, well made, superbly acted and brutally affecting. Just because it is unlike the usual predictable trite Hollywood turns out, it does not make it a 'bland English Death Wish'! Full Review »