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  1. Positive: 19 out of 32
  2. Negative: 2 out of 32
  1. It's an ingratiating star vehicle and elegant entertainment.
  2. Unlike the last Scott-Washington matchup, "Man on Fire," Deja Vu boasts a muscular, fast-forward story that won't be overwhelmed by Scott's need for speed in the form of rapid cuts and all that visual fusion that have become his stylistic trademark. Here, the approach is perfectly suited to the picture's time-shifting, multitasking structure.
  3. What is interesting is not how little sense Déjà Vu makes but how little that matters. If you want your films to add up logically, you're welcome to take your calculator somewhere else. But if you do, you will be missing out on some first-class genre fun.
  4. Reviewed by: Staff (Not credited)
    Cinema's natural felicities for time and action have seldom felt as beautifully dovetailed.
  5. It's an almost overwhelmingly professional picture, murderously fast, slick and full of outlandish notions, painstakingly realized. And it's also surprisingly satisfying -- thanks to Washington, a good cast, Tony Scott's swift direction and that unyielding professionalism.
  6. 75
    Starts out a lot like an expensive-looking episode of "CSI" before morphing into a solidly entertaining time-traveling romance.
  7. 75
    An utterly preposterous but entertaining sci-fi action brain-bender.
  8. 75
    You aren't likely to see a more ludicrous movie for the rest of the year. But rarely has such ludicrousness been used to pay tribute to a town in need of love. Déjà Vu is generic enough to have been filmed anywhere. But it happens to be set in post-Katrina New Orleans.
  9. 75
    Denzel Washington plays Denzel Washington, good cop. This isn't a great performance, but Washington wasn't brought in to show off his acting chops.
  10. Reviewed by: Stephen Saito
    Although the science fiction element had the potential to drag the story down, it's kept to a minimum and left somewhat buried in techno jargon.
  11. This seemingly simple thriller has two subtexts, one more overt than the other, that should give pause to people who claim Hollywood is always too left-wing.
  12. This may be the first crime thriller to explicitly utilize superstring theory but, in its woozy romanticism, it's not that far removed from this year's other time-warp movie, "The Lake House," about two lovers living in parallel years - or "Frequency," which starred Jim Caviezel as a good guy.
  13. The movie's biggest charm is its unpredictable, offbeat tone.
  14. Reviewed by: Nathan Lee
    Déjà Vu isn't as sleek a genre pleasure as "Enemy of the State," but it does have a freaky little trick up its sleeve.
  15. Reviewed by: David Ansen
    It's preposterous, but never dull: Scott whips the action into a taut, tasty lather.
  16. Déjà Vu is pretty dazzling, as action adventures go, even when it's wildly, almost defiantly, implausible. Movies can make us semi-believe the damnedest things.
  17. Déjà Vu has enough style and forward (or is it backward) momentum to viewers aroused. It's only after you leave the theatre that your head starts to throb.
  18. 67
    The film is tense and engrossing. But it lacks exactly what the title advertises: the sense of inexplicable familiarity that should haunt you as the story unfolds and leave you all a-tingle when it ends.
  19. Like "Man on Fire," the previous collaboration between Washington and Scott, Déjà Vu is stunning but poorly paced, a film that manages to be both captivating and frustrating.
  20. Reviewed by: Adam Smith
    Nobody does vapid bollocks as enjoyably as Tony Scott, and while this isn't as inventive as "Man On Fire" or as compelling as "Crimson Tide," it's still the right side of dumb.
  21. Déjà Vu is watchable trash, meticulously edited in Scott's skip-stutter style, but there's something ultimately unsatisfying about a thriller that more or less makes up its rules as it goes along.
  22. 58
    Rarely have Bruckheimer and Scott been so upfront about insulting people's intelligence.
  23. 50
    Deja Vu becomes increasingly sillier.
  24. It takes chutzpah to title this movie Déjà Vu; every scene in it rings a bell. Certainly, I had just seen the same affable-righteous performance from Washington in Spike Lee's "Inside Man."
  25. A needlessly complicated and confusing thriller.
  26. Reviewed by: Scott Bowles
    Déjà Vu cannot escape the weight of its murky science, action-film formula and preposterous ending.
  27. 50
    To believe Déjà Vu, or even to pretend you can actually follow it, you'll need heavy-duty gear -- harness belt, spelunking helmet, a great deal of rope, PowerBars for sustenance. A little coffee wouldn't hurt, either.
  28. 50
    In brief, I fell cheated by these clever, narrative-disrupting films. They seem to miss the point. After all, every fiction film is magical--an artifice devoted to “What if?”
  29. The SF hardware (enjoyable) and thriller mechanics (mechanical) of this Jerry Bruckheimer slam-banger don't mesh very well with reflection, and the action trumps most evidence of thought.
  30. The joke of it is, for all the pricey bangs and booms, the whiplash cinematography and the editing that turns film space into cubistic tableaux, a Bruckheimer-and-Scott partnership is only as good as its screenplay, and this one is a mess.
  31. Definition of redundant: A formulaic Hollywood pic that calls itself Déjà Vu.
  32. After 9/11, few of us look at terrorist acts casually. It's insulting to watch this grandiloquent pornography, using shock value and Hollywood cliche to evoke poignancy.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 158 Ratings

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  1. Sep 29, 2011
    The movie starts out cool and brazen, but in the end it barely manages to hold itself from the tireless cliches it created. A movie I would recommend to rent & watch. Full Review »
  2. Zal
    Dec 24, 2012
    It has a great concept, but Deja Vu tries to do too much at once. It attempts to combine several genres at once and does not succeed at executing any of them well. It's pretty forgettable. Full Review »
  3. Apr 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. It's a "okay" film, the end was strange... it doesn't fit with the rest of the plot, the man should have died with the accident... Well, at least it's entertaining... and the car chase scene was the best part of the movie. Full Review »