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Summary: Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill is pulled into a surprising journey as he chases down the hidden truth behind America's expanding covert wars.

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Runtime: 87 min
Official Site: http://dirtywars.org/
Production: Big Noise Films
Genres: Drama, Documentary
Countries: USA, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Kenya, Yemen
Languages: English, Dari, Pashtu, Somali
Home Release Date: Oct 15, 2013
Director Credit
Rick Rowley Director
Writer Credit
David Riker Writer
Jeremy Scahill Writer
Principal Cast Credit
Jeremy Scahill Principal Cast
Cast Credit
Abdul Ghafoor Himself - Interviewee
Abdul Rahman Barman Himself - Interviewee
Andrew Exum Himself - Interviewee
Barack Obama Himself
Emile Nakhleh Himself - Interviewee
Jeremy Scahill Cast
John McCain Himself
Malcolm Nance Himself - Interviewee
Matthew Hoh Himself - Interviewee
Mohamed Qanyare Himself - Interviewee
Mohammed Sabir Himself - Interviewee
Muqbal Al Kazemi Himself - Interviewee
Nasser Al Aulaqi Himself - Interviewee
Patrick Lang Himself - Interviewee
Philip Giraldi Himself - Interviewee
Saleh Bin Fareed Himself - Interviewee
Saleha Al Aulaqi Herself - Interviewee
Sheikh Saleh Bin Fareed Himself - Interviewee
William McRaven Himself
Producer Credit
Anthony Arnove Producer
Brenda Coughlin Producer
Jacqueline Soohen Associate Producer
Jeremy Scahill Producer
Jess Search Executive Producer
Lauren Sutherland Assistant Producer
Randall Wallace Executive Producer
Sandra Whipham Executive Producer
Scott Roth Executive Producer
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