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  • Summary: Dopamine looks at the complexities of finding love when post-modern angst, fate and personal obsessions conspire against you. Ultimately, it is a reminder that in this era of over communication, over information and over analysis, there is still room for blind faith and maybe even true love. (Dopamine Productions) Expand
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  1. 88
    What's alluring is the way the characters played by John Livingston and Sabrina Lloyd savor each other, in between their troubles. Movies are too quick to interrupt romance with sex. Sarah and Rand fascinate us with their dance of dread and desire.
  2. A lot of bigger movies won't provoke you half as much.
  3. Reviewed by: Kevin Crust
    Overcomes some forced artiness to be a sweet, smart romance without being saccharine.
  4. There's no disguising the fact that, beneath all its talk, this is a very traditional, very predictable romance; it's sorely in need of some comic relief; and, if you're a non-smoker, you will get very tired of its heroine blowing smoke in your face.
  5. Reviewed by: Anya Kamenetz
    The premise (does modern neurochemistry debunk love?) is fresh enough, but too much would-be banter falls flat, and the story is woefully schematic.
  6. 50
    A wan, wistful Generation Y romance.
  7. 30
    This feels like a movie that was grown in a petri dish -- poked and prodded with all manner of overcooked symbolism and thesis statements, but fatally absent the genuine human emotions about which it incessantly prattles on.

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