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  1. Feb 12, 2011
    Why does it get a 39 Metascore? This is hilarious! I'm glad these users are exposing the truth, by getting it a rating of "universal acclaim". In your face critics! This movie was hilarious, clever, and stupid. A must see for all Carey fans and anybody else really.
  2. Nov 16, 2012
    Comedy Gold, there are so many humorous scenes in this movie if you do not laugh then you should see a doctor. The movie is a classic and it is worth your time seeing. Without Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey this movie would have been a flop big time.
  3. Jul 6, 2012
    Usually, I don't pay too much attention to what the critics have to say, but in this instance they are unquestionably wrong, wrong and did I mention... wrong! 'Dumb & Dumber' is a fine movie, but more importantly it is one of the funniest flicks I've personally ever had the pleasure of watching in my entire life. It is simply the KING of the buddy comedy genre, even almost eighteen years after it was originally released in movie theatres. Directed by the Farrelly brothers who excel at comedy and starring Jim Carrey, it's no wonder why this movie is great. Expand
  4. Aug 28, 2010
    yes its stupid and yes its dumb like its title implies but its funny as hell. i laughed my ass off waching this movie. carey and danials do a bang up job as 2 dumb hapless idiots who find themselves on a adventure to return a womens briefcase. the comedy in this little adventure had me rolling on the floor. what i cant understand is ive wached this with some people who where laughing harder then i was to the point they where in tears . then wana stop waching it because they say its to stupid... that just doesnt make sense to me . you are laughing who cares how dumb it is . its doing it job. i see a comedy for only one reason thats to laugh i dont care about any thing els. Expand
  5. Oct 9, 2011
    It obviously wasn't destined to win an Oscar or anything like that but it's just so funny you can't help but laugh your head off.
  6. Apr 13, 2011
    It's kinda BS that this movie is only a "39" on this website from the critic views on this movie. It probably seems that critics don't comedy movies at all and they just negative reviews for the fun of it. This movie is funny and one of the best comedy movies off all time and the soundtrack is great too. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels make a great comedy duo and I wished that they make a great sequel to this movie. Expand
  7. Jun 15, 2011
    Can't believe the poor meta score, this is legendary comedy... so many great lines. People shouldn't take it too seriously, it's meant to be stupid, that's the charm. Love it.
  8. Jul 3, 2011
    Classic comedy about two inept losers who somehow bungle their way across the country to return a lost briefcase. The gags are quick and cheap, but you should expect nothing less from the Farrelly brothers, and the acting is spot on. It's still one of my favourite comedy movies after all this time.
  9. Jul 28, 2013
    Dumb and Dumber revels in its juvenile and crude behaviour, it's the sort of film I sometimes feel ashamed to call side-splitting and brilliant, not from start to finish but it's various moments where it is utterly impossible not to roll over on tears of laughter for the stupidity you are seeing.
    Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels participate in the film that arguably kick started both their
    careers, they share a convincing comedic presence on screen, with a script that paints them as utter morons, thinking an Austrian accent qualifies to rhyme of a "G'day mate." Or that Aspen is in California. These one-lined treasures rely on the timing of the actors, and they are timed with perfect precision. They take a road trip out of love and I'm turn get mixed up with some unsavoury people.
    They take the trip to return a briefcase to Aspen where Lloyd's brief rendezvous with a rich woman has him head over heels.Their misadventures are the selling point of the film, taking wrong turns, having toilet relations and fooling blind children, the humour is ridiculous, but one can't help but laugh uncontrollably.
    Jim Carrey brings to life the character of Lloyd, whose unorthodox personality and 'witty' ideas lead the film, while Jeff Daniels has his own moments, it's Carrey who steals the show. The stupidity can at times seem like a cover for an underlying sparkle of wit, purposely leaving it to the star power to make it good. One such case is a particular toilet scene, while flatulence can be no laughing matter, the scene relies on the facial expressions of Daniels, who does it with the upmost hilarity.
    The characters they play paint a picture of buddies who never seem to take anything seriously, even at gunpoint, their quips and arrogance of situations make the film what it is.
    The premise is simple and easy to follow, buts the performances and writing that push the envelope and make this a comedy that is hard to forget, it could be the era in which it came out or perhaps the talent involved, at almost 20 years old, the film still stands among viewers as one of the funniest to come along, with a sequel always sought after. Its the audience who speak, and this is one of those comedies that just works.
  10. Feb 6, 2012
    This is a really funny movie with great actors but it doesn't hit my type of humor exactly and only because of that i point it not higher then 6 points.
  11. Jul 10, 2012
    A comedic masterpiece. Always puts a smile on my face no matter how many times I've watched it or no matter how many years since its original debut. A timeless classic.
  12. Jul 12, 2012
    This is probably the funniest film I have ever seen. Sure, the plot's lame, but whatever! It's a comedy! Come on, critics! A 39! Yes, this film could have been bad if not put in the hands of Carrey and Daniels, but guess what? It was!
  13. Nov 30, 2012
    Even if you "like" this movie you have to admit its stupid. Beyond stupid, it's borderline atrocious. But it's impossible to hate on Carrey and anything that featured his 90's talent.
  14. Jun 23, 2013
    It had been more than a few years since I properly sat down and watched this, but looks like I wasn't missing much. It's funny, yes, but just a tad too silly for my likings. While I love Jim Carrey there are much better films of his out there and I can't say I was a fan of his early 90's work, but if you're after a little mindless fun then there's nothing wrong with popping this one on and having a chuckle, but for a quality film perhaps look elsewhere Expand
  15. Mar 12, 2013
    Funniest comedy i've ever seen! Dumb and Dumber is a masterpiece! Harry and Lloyd are going to boost your mod if you choose to watch it wether with friends or alone!
  16. Dec 6, 2013
    The funniest movie of all time!!! Jim carrey at his best! There is no better comedic duo.. i went to the theater w my dad when i was abt 13 years and it was just rib cracking fun! We laughed so hard we were in tears leaving the movie theater
  17. Jul 15, 2013
    Muy buena pelicula de comedia, me gusto mucho, para mi este es uno de los mejores papeles de Jim Carrey.Esta pelicula aunque muchos criticos la vean mala, es una pelicula buena, solo tienen que verla desde la perspectiva del espectador, porque alli si la vas a ver buena.

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 13 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 13
  2. Negative: 4 out of 13
  1. A few of the bad-taste gags are funny, and Carrey's grimaces have a certain inspired delirium, but this is a long way from the social comedy of Jerry Lewis.
  2. There are limits to how much comic irony can be wrung out of the sight of two grown men acting like complete cretins.
  3. Reviewed by: Staff (Not Credited)
    Underlying the slapstick, however, is an extravagant parody of American culture--bad taste, bad manners, the gushing sentimentality of Lloyd's daydreams, or the classic westward road trip, complete with diner scenes and archetypal rednecks.