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  1. Mamet is a writer who turns off some audiences, and almost everything that might bother them is in Edmond: foul language, raging machismo, violence and seemingly bigoted tirades. But almost everything audiences like about him is there too: candor, suspense, ideas, crackling slang, vivid characters.
  2. 83
    Edmond would probably be completely unapproachable were it not spiked with so much dark wit, much of it coming from Macy's painful naïveté and cheapness, which comes through in negotiations with various women of the night.
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  1. Oct 31, 2013
    The episodic nature of the plot may cause the pacing to lose some velocity but the fearless and raw performance of Macy as a milquetoast white man on the verge of madness leaves a definite impression. Of all the supporting players Bokeem Woodbine leaves the biggest mark as the least likely person to give Macy's character a sense of clarity and stability. Not for the sensitive by any means but if you allow yourself to get into it's angry vision of urban life it's a strangely rewarding film. Full Review »
  2. Rolliepollie
    Mar 19, 2008
    All that talent. All those wonderful words... and still this movie left me in awe of its extreme craptitude! Edmond Burke may have killed with a knife, but Mamet killed this movie with his nonsensical rants. Macy plays an empty shell of a man who seems to find a reason to 'live' thru violence,rage, racism and big words! Kept waiting for an eureka! moment where Macy's character would finally make sense! but it was not to be. sad to waste such talent as Macy, Mantegna,Stiles . Full Review »
  3. PT
    Dec 31, 2007
    This film is utter rubbish. I rented it because my local Blockbuster stocked it and the back read ok so i thought id give it a go. Whoever payed $3 to rent it lucky you i payed $8.20 and feel ripped off. I would request that whoever made this tripe post me my money back and somehow give me back my 1 hour and 10 mins that i invested in watching it. If you want to make an art film then make one , if you want to make a racist film to make a quick buck out of the USAs closet racists then at least make sure that its better than Romper Stomper or American History x so normal people can just about watch it without dying of boredom. I feel no ability to tell readers what happened as nothing did! This film is a little like having a drunken conversation with a teenager ,Full of opinion with no substance or experiance to back up what they are saying coupled with total conviction that what they are saying is correct and everyone else should listen. Rather than watch this film donate the rental money to charity and call a friend that you havent spoken to for a while you will feel ultimatly more entertained and rewarded at the end of the conversation and you didnt give the worst film ever made any more money. If you are an atsy type as mentioned elsewhere in the reviews may i suggest a gallery the Gugenheim will be fine and look at a piccaso for an hour. I dont care how many times a person says that this is political satire, emotionally charged, social comfort challenging etcetcetc there are better examples of all of these things out there, stop trying to make yourselves look clever by giving bad films good reviews you only kid yourselves my friends!!!! Full Review »