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  2. Negative: 4 out of 22
  1. Watts is a champ for seeing this through now that she's actually famous.
  2. Reviewed by: Gianni Truzzi
    Watts and Coffey may have vaulted Hollywood's gated enclaves, but this affectionate film shows they haven't forgotten, nor idealized, their days among the ranks of the struggling and ambitious.
  3. 80
    The sharpest, most authentic portrait of Hollywood life made in the last several years. (As a movie about contemporary Los Angeles, it's approximately 617 percent better than the monumentally bogus "Shopgirl.")
  4. Ellie Parker is at once hilarious and harrowing, and in being so, seems right on target.
  5. 75
    A good movie, fearless and true, observant and merciless. Naomi Watts was brave to make it and gifted to make it so well.
  6. 70
    Fun, scattershot Hollywood spoof.
  7. Coffey, a tart comic mind who should cast his net farther from the 405, pads his story with more and more familiar degradations, and Watts plays each one to the hilt.
  8. Reviewed by: Jessica Reaves
    Welcome to the world of Ellie Parker, a faux-documentary and big, fat raspberry dedicated to L.A.'s underclass.
  9. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    Eventually the energy of the original short runs out and the movie coasts on fumes, but it remains surprisingly enjoyable for all that.
  10. Reviewed by: Bob Westal
    A rare pleasure.
  11. Reviewed by: Patrick Peters
    A splendid performance by Naomi Watts holds together this smart and astutely restrained lampoon of life in the Hollywood basement.
  12. Reviewed by: James Greenberg
    A splendid idea for a film goes largely wasted despite a brave performance by Naomi Watts as a struggling actress trying to figure it all out in Hollywood.
  13. Reviewed by: Neva Chonin
    Can't sustain its narrative for a full 95 minutes.
  14. A clumsy spoof of Hollywood, EP always roots for its hapless heroine. But where this trifle fascinates most is in its connections to David Lynch's masterpiece.
  15. For Ms. Watts, it is a small, brave acting tour de force.
  16. 50
    Most of the gags misfire, though some scenes are memorably tawdry.
  17. Watts is in nearly every frame of the movie, so if you're a fan (and you should be) that's the reason to see this.
  18. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    Without Watts, Scott Coffey's feature-length expansion of his identically titled short wouldn't amount to much.
  19. 38
    Watts is good -- occasionally very good -- and her willingness to be filmed at unflattering angles, in pore-wallowing or with bright blue ice cream smeared on her face is admirable.
  20. 30
    It almost seems that Watts made a movie this intentionally scuzzy and low-rent as a severe form of penance to the gods of authenticity for the sin of making millions jet-setting around the world appearing in big, glamorous super-productions. But she goes too far in making the audience suffer as well.
  21. Shot on digital video, made on the run whenever Watts was available between gigs, the movie is a pointless, tedious eyesore.
  22. Reviewed by: Kyle Smith
    Naomi Watts is the only explanation for the existence of the student-y digital video feature Ellie Parker.
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  1. PaulD.
    Mar 21, 2007
    Excellent performance by Naomi Watts, who dominates the screen, but the script is just too weak.
  2. KeeunJ.
    Oct 13, 2006
    What low budget film is all about. Great characters and the acting is goofy yet realistic. Naomi Watts is great; subtle and able to convey the schizo world of the actor. The only weak link was Coffey putting himself in the film. Using another actor would have been better, the commentary is very interesting. Full Review »
  3. AdrianL.
    Sep 30, 2006
    Simply awful!