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  • Summary: In the early 1970's, enchanted by the spell of the emerald, a man finds his way to the exotic and dangerous land of Colombia. With a dream and talent for the stone, he embarks on a journey of struggle and discovery. Twenty-five years later he is an Emerald Czar. The extraordinary life and death of modern day cowboys is seen through his eyes. This is a moving true story that will take you into a world never witnessed before. (Indican Pictures)
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  1. The acting is weak, largely because many of the performers seem uncomfortable speaking English. The last half-hour works up a fair amount of action and suspense, though.
  2. 50
    May not be a work of fiction but, despite its many minutes of real footage, it is far from being a documentary. Lack of truth in advertising notwithstanding, the story of this Colombian cowboy deserved to be told.
  3. Rich in authentic locales but is unevenly directed by Andrew Molina and is hazy in its chronology. Hayata's story in all its myriad implications might well have been better told in documentary form.
  4. Having tackled treacherous terrain to film Hayata's story, the filmmakers miss the opportunity to deliver a scorching testament to the dangers and passions that drive the saga.
  5. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    The real-life Hayata plays himself with little conviction, while the rest of the Spanish-speaking cast give the impression that they don't have the slightest idea what their English-language dialogue means.
  6. Reviewed by: Jorge Morales
    The filmmakers may have aimed for doc-like authenticity, but the result is more like a QVC fabulous fake.
  7. Thanks to the amateurish, spectacularly talent-free quality of its cinematography, direction, writing and acting, Emerald Cowboy is simply impossible to sit through.

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