China Lion Film Distribution | Release Date: June 2, 2011
Summary: China, 1899. In a land of exquisite beauty and timeless tradition a young man known as 'Third Master' is the heir to a banking fortune he cares little about. However, after his brother's wife is kidnapped he reluctantly submits to the pressure of his title and his father, Lord Kang. The fate of the banking empire and its most powerful family now lies with one idealistic young man torn between the needs of the people, the duty to his family, and the undying love of a woman. (China Lion)


Runtime: 113 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://www.empireofsilver.com/eng/index.html
Production: Ocean Pictures
Genres: Biography, Drama, History, Romance, Family
Countries: Hong Kong, China, Taiwan
Languages: English, Mandarin, Chinese
Director Credit
Christina Yao Director
Writer Credit
Cheng Yi Writer
Christina Yao Writer
Cast Credit
Aaron Kwok Cast
Deshun Wang Cast
Jennifer Tilly Cast
John Paisley Dr. Wilson
Jonathan Kos-Read Pastor Landdeck
Lantian Chang Eunuch
Lei Hao Cast
Niu Tien Yu Feng
Shih Chieh King Manager Liu
Tielin Zhang Master Kang
Zhen Yu Lei Cast
Zhicheng Ding Manager Qui
Zhong Lü Lu Sao
Producer Credit
Christina Yao Producer
Congxi Li Line Producer
Jeremy Thomas Executive Producer
Peggy Chiao Producer