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  1. 90
    It’s the sort of buoyant, all-ages entertainment that Hollywood has been laboring to revive in recent years (most recently with Hairspray) but hasn’t managed to get right until now, and the glue holding it all together is the incomparable Adams (an Oscar nominee for 2005’s Junebug), who gives the kind of blissful screwball performance that seemed to go out of fashion after "I Love Lucy" left the airwaves.
  2. Enchanted charmingly reworks all the old favorites while incorporating fresh twists of its own.
  3. There's a word for women like Giselle: Supercalifragilistic. Ditto her film, Enchanted.
  4. Enchanted is festooned with extravagant set pieces -- there's a great number in praise of romantic gestures, and a ballroom scene to make even grown-up girls swoon.
  5. It may sound like faint praise to say that Enchanted is the movie of the year for smart and spirited 11-year-old girls. But a movie that genuinely respects that audience is not to be belittled.
  6. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    A full-blown musical that commutes between Disney's patented cartoon universe and the "real" world with cleverness and grace, this splashy production reminds one of nothing in the Disney canon so much as "Mary Poppins," not least due to the "star is born" aura that surrounds Amy Adams here, just as it did Julie Andrews 43 years ago.
  7. 80
    Even if its most ironic humor will sail over the heads of very little ones, Enchanted is that rare comedy that will appeal to the whole family.
  8. Enchanted is as good as its name.
  9. The film works its magic largely by sending up, at times with a wink, at times with a hard nudge, some of the very stereotypes that have long been this company’s profitable stock in trade.
  10. Disney goes meta in this witty, exuberant musical comedy whose parody and nostalgia serve a sweet and affecting romance.
  11. 78
    Though writer Bill Kelly’s script takes extreme liberties with plot development and never really leaves you guessing about who’ll get the girl, the jokes rarely miss and the result is a refreshingly sardonic fairy tale.
  12. 75
    Not since Julie Andrews rode an umbrella to glory in Mary Poppins has Disney given us such a real-life doll (Amy Adams).
  13. Through good scenes and derivative ones, Adams is disarming.
  14. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    The very definition of charming.
  15. 75
    More important, it has a Disney willingness to allow fantasy into life, so New York seems to acquire a new playbook.
  16. While Enchanted wittily updates traditional tales, it is, in the end, as carefully calculated in its appeal as any movie ever was.
  17. The first half hour or so of Enchanted is brilliant.
  18. Special kudos to Adams, who nails the distinctive body language of Disney's spunky good girls and manages to make Giselle's relentless optimism seem charming rather than a sign of mental deficiency.
  19. The movie's big kick – what makes Enchanted live up to its title – is that the further Giselle progresses in New York, the more we feel like we've tumbled into a timeless Disney Neverland.
  20. Adams does offer quite a turn: Portraying a version of Disney's Snow White, she owns the character, down to every warble and twirl.
  21. 75
    It is a testament to just how well Enchanted works that by the time a dragon is flying around New York City, you've forgotten all about the movie's high-concept humor and become invested in the plight of its characters instead.
  22. 75
    The whole movie swings broadly from slapstick and mock suspense to song. But the film develops a strong amorous undertow; Kelly's script neatly allows for all the potential couples to get the fate or comeuppance they deserve.
  23. 75
    The sight of Adams gliding and beaming and chirping in this movie - a self-mocking cartoon that transforms into an inspired live-action musical farce - is just about the happiest time I've had watching an actor do anything all year.
  24. 75
    While this is certainly not the first motion picture to blend drawn creations with real life actors, no movie to date has approached it quite this way.
  25. Reviewed by: Ryan Stewart
    The movie isn't a send-up or a takedown of fairy tales -- it's a fairy tale.
  26. A sometimes clever, other times grating mix of live action and animation that plays tricks with levels of movie reality as the world of fairy-tale animation invades contemporary New York.
  27. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    As the innocent and indomitably chirpy Giselle, Adams gives the great female comic performance of the year so far.
  28. 67
    Adams' winning performance and the light touch director Kevin Lima (a veteran of animation and live action) brings to scenes not tasked with advancing the plot all suggest that, silly as they may look once you take it apart, irony-free, romantic fantasy--animated and otherwise--still has a place on the big screen.
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  1. Sep 29, 2011
    "Enchanted" is dumb and childish. That's why I loved it.
  2. KevinC.
    Dec 15, 2007
    How can you not love this film? Sit back, relax and be totally Disnified. I had a bad day at work and by the time I left I was singing a How can you not love this film? Sit back, relax and be totally Disnified. I had a bad day at work and by the time I left I was singing a happy tune. Great for kids or grown-ups. Just go see it. Full Review »
  3. FrancineB
    Dec 10, 2007
    I was entertained beyond my expectations. The plot has more substance than you might expect, and deals with themes of real love and being a I was entertained beyond my expectations. The plot has more substance than you might expect, and deals with themes of real love and being a strong woman. There were audible "yucks" from the children in the theater, however, during the kissing and during one scene where the would-be princess touches Mc Dreamy's chest. That aside, my young daughters said that they enjoyed the movie. I nearly cried a couple of times. Worth seeing, in my opinion. Full Review »