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  1. 90
    It’s the sort of buoyant, all-ages entertainment that Hollywood has been laboring to revive in recent years (most recently with Hairspray) but hasn’t managed to get right until now, and the glue holding it all together is the incomparable Adams (an Oscar nominee for 2005’s Junebug), who gives the kind of blissful screwball performance that seemed to go out of fashion after "I Love Lucy" left the airwaves.
  2. There's a word for women like Giselle: Supercalifragilistic. Ditto her film, Enchanted.
  3. Enchanted charmingly reworks all the old favorites while incorporating fresh twists of its own.
  4. Enchanted is festooned with extravagant set pieces -- there's a great number in praise of romantic gestures, and a ballroom scene to make even grown-up girls swoon.
  5. It may sound like faint praise to say that Enchanted is the movie of the year for smart and spirited 11-year-old girls. But a movie that genuinely respects that audience is not to be belittled.
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  1. Sep 29, 2011
    "Enchanted" is dumb and childish. That's why I loved it.
  2. Nov 14, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. What can I say about this movie its simply enchanting.The film is bascially about a cartoon princess named Giselle who is banished by an evil Queen to modern day NYC in human form and falls in love with a single father who works as a divorce attorney in New York. Although she's got the best of both worlds but she has to choose one and also to find out who she really loves Robert(Dempsey) or Edward(Marsden) Amy Adams was brilliant as the soon to be princess Giselle who is transformed into a real life woman in Times Square nyc and Patrick Dempsey was a real prince charming in this movie it was the only movie that I actually liked him in as he is a bit overrated. The whole story is magical and it will make you feel like a kid again by looking at the references in the film and the music which is composed by the two guys that did music for The Hunchback of Nortre Dame and Pocahontas(Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz)was brilliant I loved all the songs and the instrumental pieces. James Marsden who played/voiced and sang as Prince Edward was hilarious in this movie. He acted like he was spoofing Jim Carrey he was that good. The ending was rather predictiable as Giselle chooses Robert over Edward,but having said that it is definetly one to watch again and again if you are like me a fan of Disney fairytales like Beauty & the Beast,The Little Mermaid,Snow White & Cinderella then this film is for you. If you are a guy then don't bother as you will find the characters annoying and you probably say its stupid. But if you are a girl that wants something to keep her mind relaxed and fancies Patrick Dempsey or if you like stuff that will bring you to another world then this is for you. Susan Sarandon I found was a bit dull in this film as she was only in the live action world for like 15 mins. The dragon scene was ok nothing like Spiderman or whatever but still its my all time favourite film and like I said in the first line its brilliant and enchanting. And who can forget that cute chipmunk Pip and Morgan who was adorable. My only downside I had to this film was that there was alot of errors that can easily be spotted with the corner of your eye and it can be unsuitable for chiildren who are like 4 years old as Giselle feels Robert's chest and there is an odd scary scene. I'd say that this film is catered for 12 up as its not aimed at younger children(except for that chipmunk) but having said this its a fantastic movie. 9/10 Full Review »
  3. Jul 30, 2014
    "Enchanted" has something of its fairy-tale magic. It features a childish love story, but it looks fresh and vivid. Amy Adams deserves acclaim for her enjoyable performance, even if her portrayal of Giselle brings nothing new or original. The plot is disturbingly generic, but this is a Disney film, after all. The orchestral score is nice, but it lacks the modern feel of New York that could suit the film's atmosphere, while the visual effects, especially regarding the dragon, look a bit out of date. Overall, it's a good film to pass some time, mainly for children. Full Review »