• Studio: A24
  • Release Date: Mar 14, 2014

Mixed or average reviews - based on 26 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 26
  2. Negative: 3 out of 26
  1. Reviewed by: Rodrigo Perez
    Sep 15, 2013
    Enemy is a transfixing grand slam that certifies Villeneuve as the real deal and one of the most exciting new voices in cinema today.
  2. Reviewed by: Michael Nordine
    Mar 11, 2014
    Denis Villeneuve's shared dream of a film takes the simple premise of a man glimpsing his doppelganger while watching a movie and mines every bit of tension and oddity from it — there's hardly a scene that doesn't exude menace.
  3. Reviewed by: David Ehrlich
    Sep 15, 2013
    Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy might have the scariest ending of any film ever made.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 116 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 38
  2. Negative: 12 out of 38
  1. Mar 23, 2014
    Pure nonsense and garbage. It made no sense to me and people in the theater turned to me at the end to ask me what the hell it meant. I then turned to someone else who had no clue as well. I did not understand the spiders at all and the filming was dreary. A real waste of film and Jake G must be getting a big head if he thinks we are buying into this type of cheap bs. I didn't walk out because it wasn't long enough to walk out on. Spiders my ass. Full Review »
  2. Mar 16, 2014
    I wasn´t expecting to like this movie that much, amazing plot and great acting . Full Review »
  3. May 4, 2014
    One of the strangest and creepiest movies ive seen. While some people don't like unclear endings that are left up to the viewer to decide/decipher I absolutely love them. Never have I walked away from a movie in such deep thought and reflection on what ive seen. Gyllenhaal also gives what may be his best ever performance in this years best movie so far. Full Review »