• Studio: Gkids
  • Release Date: Feb 28, 2014
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Summary: There is a world of where the Bears live above ground in their cities and the rodents live below in in their underground ones in mutual fear and hate. However, Celestine, an apprentice mouse dentist, finds at least momentary common cause with Ernest, a poor street Bear musician, that gets them rejected from both their respective worlds. In spite of this misfortune, the exiles find a growing friendship between themselves as their respective talents flower because of it. Despite this, their quietly profound challenge to the founding prejudices of their worlds cannot be ignored as the authorities track them down. When that happens, Ernest and Celestine must stand up for their love in the face of such bigotry and achieve the impossible.
Runtime: 80 min
Rating: Rated PG for some scary moments
Official Site: http://www.ernestandcelestine.com/
Production: La Parti Productions
Genres: Drama, Comedy, Animation, Family
Countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg
Language: French
Home Release Date: Jun 10, 2014
Director Credit
Benjamin Renner Director
Stéphane Aubier Director
Vincent Patar Director
Writer Credit
Daniel Pennac Screenplay
Gabrielle Vincent Book
Stephanie Sheh Writer
Cast Credit
Anne-Marie Loop La Grise
Brigitte Virtudes Lucienne
David Boat Chief Of Bear Police
Dominique Maurin Chef De Clinique
Féodor Atkine Juge Grizzly
Forest Whitaker Ernest
Garance Pauwels C
Jacques Ciron Monsieur Ran
Jeffrey Wright Grizzly Judge
L Léon
Lambert Wilson Ernest
Lauren Bacall The Grey One
Mackenzie Foy Celestine
Megan Mullally Lucienne
Nick Offerman George
Patrice Dozier Chef De La Police Des Rats
Patrice Melennec Georges
Paul Giamatti Rat Judge
Pauline Brunner Célestine
Susanne Blakeslee Cast
Vincent Grass Chef De La Police Des Ours
William H. Macy Head Dentist
Yann Lemadic Avocat D'Ernest
Producer Credit
David Jesteadt Producer
Didier Brunner Producer
Eric Beckman Producer
Henri Magalon Producer
Michael Sinterniklaas Producer
St Producer
Stéphan Roelants Producer
Vincent Tavier Producer
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