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  • Summary: Aremote rural monastery inhabited by the monks of the mysterious Order of Pathicus is the site of a heinous murder, committed by a young novice, Anthony, upon another young novice, Florian, when his affections and sexual desires are not reciprocated. Flash forward twenty-five years – Father Anthony, now the head priest of the monastery, has maintained the secret of the murder, and the hiding place of Florian’s corpse. But all is not well: animal eviscerations, strange sounds in the night, and the presence of a strange “phantom goat” in the dark corridors forebode an evil presence. Add to this, the handsome young drifter, Sebastian who is found unconscious near the monastery. (Willing Suspension Films)
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  1. Reviewed by: Andrew Schenker
    This is one gay vampire film that's surprisingly anemic.
  2. Someone really needs to take away Patrick McGuinn’s camera equipment. A few years ago he made a spectacularly bad gay-sex movie called “Sun Kissed,” and now he has made another, Eulogy for a Vampire.
  3. Reviewed by: Billy Heller
    Unlike the modern glamour-vamps of "True Blood" and "Twilight," this group of smitten and bitten men are no fun at all. That is, unless you like heavy breathing, underwear sniffing, cringe-inducing blood sucking, murder by stabbing or hanging, plus grainy, underexposed cinematography and stilted acting.