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  • Summary: A mismatched young couple on vacation, spend time exploring their volatile union.
Score distribution:
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  3. Negative: 2 out of 16
  1. 91
    It isn't pretty to witness, but the pain of it smarts.
  2. A sun-kissed German film about a young couple in love and in doubt, might not be perfect, but so much is right and true in this lovely, delicate work that it comes breathtakingly close.
  3. Smart, empathetic and wholly believable.
  4. 75
    Everyone Else is not about hurricanes and earthquakes and knives in the back. It's about private, emotional phenomena: the tiny tremors and imperceptible shifts that bring a couple closer together or drive them apart, almost without their noticing.
  5. It's an impressive achievement: The film reveals things about each person's inner world, and how it looks to the other, without making us feel as if we're lost in a house of mirrors.
  6. The result is a film that unsettles as often as it seduces, though it does very well with both.
  7. 30
    By the end of this 124-minute drama I'd have settled for ANYONE else, but like most visits with irritating people, the movie lingers, sharpening one's judgment.

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