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  1. Apr 5, 2013
    What can I say about this other than it's amazing? It's everything you want in a horror film. It's bloody, gory, and disgusting all in a good way. It never fails to keep a creepy time to it throughout the film. It all looks just so realistic too. There's no CGI. Only practical effects which makes it 10 times better. I'll probably see this movie 3 more times while it's in theaters
  2. Apr 5, 2013
    This remake of the 1981 classic really delivers. It's very entertaining in a scary sense and in a gory sense. The only real problem about this movie is that it's too short. An amazing horror thriller like this should be at least 2 hours long. Not 91 minutes. Just too short. Overall, it's a scary/gory good time you'll have at the movies this year.
  3. Apr 6, 2013
    *posted on IMDB as well* When the remake of the 1981 horror classic "The Evil Dead" was announced in late 2011, fans of the series reacted, unsurprisingly, with revulsion. At the heart of their outrage lay a simple question: Why? How could a remake possibly improve upon the original? The first film's charm had much to do with its shoestring budget and utter lack of prestige. The cast and crew were a ragtag group of amateurs who essentially had no clue what they were doing. The filming process was notoriously unpleasant, requiring the team to live in a primitive log-cabin in the backwoods of Eastern Tennessee. It shouldn't have worked. And yet, when The Evil Dead hit theaters, it won over audiences across the world with its simplistic, clumsy charm and unique sense of humor--not to mention its pioneering camera work and brilliant practical effects. It paved the way for a decade of ultra-violent, low budget horror movies (either the best thing to happen to the genre or the worst, depending on who you're talking to.) Few products of the medium have ever enjoyed such influence.

    Though a more technically advanced film, Fede Alvarez' 2013 remake--backed, disappointingly, by Raimi and Campbell themselves-- is as shoddy a production as the original, but without the charm and humor to redeem it. The fundamental problem with Alvarez' version (and Diablo Cody's reworking of the script) is that it approaches the material with ludicrous self seriousness, thus making itself vulnerable to more intense scrutiny, against which it has little hope of defense. The film begins promisingly enough, opening with a disturbing scene of father-daughter filicide, but immediately tumbles downhill when the meat of the plot (what little there is) is revealed. The premise is this: A group of five twenty-somethings treks out into the woods for a high school reunion/intervention, hoping to permanently cure Mia (Jane Levy) of her heroin addiction. They hole up in Mia and her brother David's (Shiloh Fernandez) decrepit family cottage and steel themselves for the worst of the withdrawal symptoms to set in. However, their priorities soon shift when Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) discovers a copy of the Necronomicon in the basement (wrapped in barbed wire, bound in human skin, and with explicit admonishments written in bold red letters upon its pages) and recites the exact words the book warns him not to recite under any circumstance. With this incantation, a portal into the world of the dead and the damned is opened. What follows thereafter should, by all rights, be an entertaining, gory romp through the swamps. Instead, we are treated to seventy minutes of unrelenting stupidity and bad acting. The worst offender by far is the feebleminded David, our lackluster stand in for Bruce Campbell's Ash, who, for three quarters of the movie, simply can't get it through his thick skull that his sister has been possessed by a demon. He seems to think that telekinesis, dramatic drops in vocal pitch, and Linda Blair-esque neck twitches are typical symptoms of heroin withdrawal. His dimwitted attempts to contain the situation are extraordinarily frustrating to watch, as is the extreme gullibility of the other characters. How many times will these fools fall for the old "I'm not a demon!" trick? Make a drinking game out of it. You'll be wasted long before the final act.

    Again, all of these transgressions would be more forgivable if the movie didn't take itself so dang seriously. But there's nary an amusing one-liner or a hint of self-awareness to get us through this study in tedium and banality. Even the violence is disappointing--or at least it failed to impress this seasoned genre enthusiast. Sure, there's a cool scene with a nail gun, and a few cringe inducing moments involving syringes, electric meat slicers, and boiling hot water, but it all feels a little been-there-done-that. Recent films that top Evil Dead in the gore department include Slither, Feast, Cabin Fever, Hostel, and High Tension, among others. Check those out instead.

    Here's hoping the "Carrie" remake fares a little better.
  4. Apr 5, 2013
    First off, if you're a fan of the original series, stay to the VERY end of the credits. I enjoyed the movie contrary to public opinion, there is humor in it, just not nearly as much as the originals. And it's not as charming. Tons of graphic violence, mutilation, and gore, but you don't feel for the characters as much as I'd have liked. It's almost a tribute to the original with the new treatment of the Necromicon and the "quick" camera through the forest. In 10 years, if I had my pick of this film or the original, it's an easy decision. Gotta go with Raimi and Bruce Campbell. Expand
  5. Apr 12, 2013
    This movie takes one of the most creative and energetic horror movies and saps all creativity and energy from it. If you can make it through the first half hour, which is intolerably boring and filled with bland acting and bad writing, you'll be treated to some nice, but repetitive gore effects. There is no one for you to root for as in the original and none of the deadites are that threatening so there is nothing but the special effects to interest you in the movie, and the special effects are no where near as fun or inventive as in the original. This movie is a competent waste of time, and I can't advocate anybody wasting their time watching it. Watch the original over again, it's much more fun. Expand
  6. Apr 25, 2013
    It does what all good remakes should do. Fede Alvarez focuses on create a film that he wanted to make, creating a style and experience that is unique to itself. But also adds references to please the fans of the original. However marks must be dropped for not being able to scare me once.
  7. Apr 6, 2013
    This was simply an amazing movie. Plenty of blood and gore, great soundtrack, and it nailed the classic horror feel. The plot was very simple and sometimes corny which is why there's some hate, but you have to remember it's a remake of the 1981 movie. I'd highly recommend this movie to ANYONE. Don't listen to the hate. I'm probably going to go back and see this a few more times.
  8. Apr 7, 2013
    I came into this movie expecting another wonderful performance from the acclaimed movie star Bruce Campbell. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised. Bruce always does a fine job but this one is his best performance, even beating out favorites like the first evil dead and army of darkness. 9/10 stars.
  9. Apr 9, 2013
    I was actually really excited to see this movie thinking maybe this time it will actually be scary but it was just a huge let down. The acting was terrible. I understand its a horror film but please if your arm is being cut off act like it hurts and not like your being tickled! Sheesh! I found the movie to actually be pretty close on the remake, besides the soul-less actors. I believe the only reason this movie got such a good review is because our new generation and their sick addiction to blood and gore. A horror movie does not mean let me add all the blood and guts I can find. I wouldn't really recommend the movie but if your a fan I say take the risk and see for yourself! Expand
  10. May 13, 2013
    I was spooked, I was grossed out, and I laughed. It was a great ride! What a treat to get an actual horror movie amongst the films that pass as horror these days. For a guy who grew up on this stuff, I had SO much fun watching this.
  11. Jul 3, 2013
    The cast was average, Lou Taylor Pucci (aka Eric) played his part very well and was the only good actor on the cast imo. The plot follows the original quite closely, of course it is a remake, and I have no problem with that. I love the gore scenes though, They were very well done. Both scary and enjoyable at the same time, That's what I liked most about them. However, The film's pacing was very off, It was either too slow paced (as it was in the beginning) or it was too fast (during the last 40 mins or so). It was sort of annoying to deal with.

    That being said, I just didn't care for it as much as I hoped I would. I really don't know why but I just couldn't get into it like I did the original trilogy. It certainly wasn't a bad movie but it wasn't a good one either.
  12. Apr 18, 2013
    As a life long horror fan, the original Evil Dead series carry some of the highest marks, it was gory, funny, and spawned one of the most notable cult heroes in the history of cinema, Ash. As I am with all news of remakes/re-images/ what have you, I take it with a more then a grain of salt. In certain instances, I've been pleasantly surprised, Rob Zombies Halloween films, and the 2003 remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I believe, are two fine examples of a remake done well. In opposition to this you have remakes like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm street, and introducing the newest member of this prestigious list, the 2013 remake of the Evil Dead.

    Cinematically it was filmed well. Dark, moody, and complimented the horror vibe. But ultimately that was all that it had going for it. The characters, for lack of a better term, were boring, and did little to stir any sort of feelings towards them, the high marks going to Jane Levy, however, for at least leaving a good enough impression that I remembered her characters name, even after leaving the theater, Mia, for those who care. The films plot stayed true to form, but was implemented poorly. The films story, beyond the plot, played out more like a piece of amateur retcon fan fiction, then the sort of thing a group of producers would throw a reported $14 million dollars to make. The set up of the film made sense, but the initiation of the films supernatural element was forced, almost as though the writing staff didn't know what else to do, and things didn't improve from there. The amount of violence and gore after this point is relentless, so much so that it become boring, and blurs together, no counter points to build suspense from, and probably saddest of all, no humor. Which is possibly the single biggest disappointment to me, personally. For a series that fits so snugly into the "Horror comedy" genre, by it own admittance. The re-image is unremarkable, bland, and tragically forgettable.

    The Quick and Dirty Review

    Dark Moody Imagery
    Solid Performance from Jane Levy
    Appropriate run time (90 minutes +/-)
    Solid Visual effects

    Bland characters
    Sloppy Pacing
    Fan Fiction level story
    Lack of humor

    The Verdict:
    Unless you a have a free movie pass, wait for this to land on a streaming service, or in a discount bin. Would have been a mediocre standalone, but made for a poor remake.
  13. Apr 9, 2013
    For those who know the originals (I loved ED2), the story's pretty much the same. If you don't, it's still familiar: a group in a cabin unleashes an evil presence. Unlike the originals, this one is mostly dull. Many of the goriest killings are camouflaged with bad editing. The makeup efx on "Walking Dead" are better. Is anyone frightened by creepy eyes and twitching anymore? The pacing lacks momentum and the overbearing music just seems silly. There are a few fun moments and the cinematography is simply beautiful. By modern genre standards, this doesn't even hold up to the old standards. NOTE: Stick thru the credits for a groovy homage. Expand
  14. Apr 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. SO LET DOWN ITS NOT GROOVY
    Well I'll start by saying I love the 81 version & Evil 2 and army I am super bias to old horror remakes I even liked the Friday 13th remake). I did expect alot going into the remake and me this was the most god awful excuse for an evil dead film like ever!! They never even say necronomican in the movie! Mia BTW Jane levey was the only OK thing about the movie) is possessed then cured? How? This possessions spread like zombie infection? You can just pull you arm off? This movie has only 2 things in common with the amazing original, the cabin & there book Worst remake let down in my life!!!!!
  15. Apr 9, 2013
    I can't, as a stand alone movie it wasn't bad but I'm upset that this was called Evil Dead, it had just enough references to be passed off as a remake but it lacked everything good about the original. The original didn't spend half the movie explaining the character's back story, it had humor and the scares were totally unexpected and over the top. That dramatic, over the top quality from the original movies is completely gone, even the possessed seem tired, they weren't nearly as intense as they should have been. I went into it expecting that sort of Drag Me to Hell/Cabin in the Woods feel where it's over the edge and exaggerating the horror cliches to the upmost as those were clearly inspired by the original. This was too dry and serious. How the hell are they gonna do Army of Darkness? Just... Please don't not bad on it's own but it feels like a slap in the face to fans of the original movies. Expand
  16. Apr 9, 2013
    Introduction that has nothing to do with the rest of the film? Check. Main antagonist is a girl that looks ridiculously like the chick from The Ring? Check. Every five seconds the retards in the movie are duped by the "I promise I'm back to normal! Come help mee ---AARUGHH eatsyourface" ploy? Check. Shock violence made up of the last ten years+ of "horror" movies all balled up into one and for seemingly no reason other than "it was in the book?" Check.

    This movie has all the makings of the worst of the worst "horror" movies, yet, this is supposed to be a remake of one of the best? Wait. No, wait. Wait. What?! This is the Evil Dead? This is what we got?

    There is literally no homage in this movie what-so-ever except there's a cabin and there's a rape tree. Kudos to the director apparently using no CGI, etc, whatever; but instead he just decided to juxtapose a bunch of stupid-ass scenes of self-mutilation that has been done over and over in movies since forever; oh, but it's not CGI, I guess we forgive him for that.

    The whole time this movie was playing I literally kept thinking that Ash was going to come out of the Necronomicon (which is never mentioned by name in this movie or explain in mythology even once) and say, "Wait. You're doing this wrong." and demolish everything. I was seriously thinking that had me played for a fool and that this was all some sort of spoof that was going to be redeemed. But no. That was just the movie.

    I hate this. I hate life when this is a movie that exists.
  17. Apr 21, 2013
    I write screenplays as a hobby. That really means NOTHING when reviewing this movie. All I want to say is that I wish I could get the last 1 1/2 of my life and my $6 back. What a terrible, pointless, unenjoyable piece of poop. REALLY??????????
  18. Jul 6, 2013
    Total junk! I loved the original, and expected a lot more from this one. The only thing it delivers is bloody corpses and people puking. But none of the character development, humor, or acting of the original. The supposedly tight-knit group of childhood friends show no real connection to each other aside from a few lines of droll dialogue--they may as well have been complete strangers. The action is virtually non-existent. And then there is the whole thing with "hey, there's a monster out there picking us out one by one, but let me go somewhere alone..." and the "I know what I gotta do, but I'll just do the exact opposite". Bleh! Expand
  19. Apr 17, 2013
    It's one hell of a gore-fest, plain and simple. We all know what is going to happen before the film know it, I know it. The result is nothing short of spectacular because it is so gloriously done. It takes all the best parts of the Evil Dead films and makes one master entry of all. There is no camp, no just takes itself seriously and that above all else is what makes it work. Expand
  20. Apr 13, 2013
    The remake of the 1981 classic horror film The Evil Dead has certainly been changed, some for the better, others for the worst. (Of course this movie is not even as close to as good as original.)
    The plot is clearly not the same, there's a lot more horrifying scenes (that are actually INSANELY graphic) that can really surprise you. After the film's premise it seems to constantly get into
    some crazy scenes non-stop that really gets you engaged. The problem is that in 2013, this film is nothing more than a cliche horror film, that's the nice thing about the changed and eery scenes to the plotline, that makes this remake seem like it took its own direction, not completley one stupid cash grab. Expand
  21. Apr 9, 2013
    This movie has provided a roller coaster of emotions for me in the sense that when I first heard about it was vehemently opposed to the idea. I don't understand how they can spend 20 years saying that no one would be interested in an Evil Dead 4 but somehow suddenly an Evil Dead remake would be a great idea. Then, I saw the trailer and found myself interested again. The look was interesting and there seemed to be a lot of cool effects. But let's move on to how I felt after actually seeing the movie...

    Overall, the movie was fine. There was actually a lot of stuff there for the old school fans like the music, the look of the cabin and some lines that were obviously pulled from the original movies to help it appeal to all of the fans who were pissed that there's no Ash character. (Yes, including me.) However, the dialogue was a big part of what made this one of those movies that was good enough for one viewing but that I will probably never see again. I have no problem with bad language but when ALL of your characters use nothing but the F-word and the S-word then it just makes them sound stupid. And all of the business with the main character (Mia) being a drug addict seemed tacked-on and pointless. I mean, it's fine but when they kept going back to it, it just got old. It was like, fight death horror, oh wait remember how you left our family when mom was sick? And on top of that, I found Mia to be just a really unlikable character. Partly the way she was written, partly the acting. But that's subjective.

    SPOILERS Okay, there was a point where I was actually really into this movie and it was where David (essentially the Ash character) was kicking Deadite ass. He does all the work of figuring out what needs to be done and taking out the Deadites one by one. Then... he buries Mia (which is one of the ways of saving her soul as opposed to only bodily dismemberment as in the originals) and then bringing her back to life so she can be the sole survivor. He even constructs a defibrillator out of tools in the shed which is very Ash. But yes, she comes back to life and even after being drenched in scolding hot water, she is TOTALLY FINE! Fine enough that she can destroy whatever the evil is after David did all the work.

    Look, I realize I'm an old-school fan here but I just don't see the point in excising the very thing that made the original awesome in the first place. The male hero of the series (Ash) is so uncommon in horror films. Name another horror film where the hero is a guy. Name another horror film where fans go to see the good guy (instead of Jason, Michael, Freddy)! And now, the remake has just made it into another Girl Survivor movie and not even a likable girl survivor at that. And the "extra scene" after the credits isn't even worth sticking around for. I should point out that it's FINE that the survivor is a girl. My point is that now the movie is just like every other horror film ever and who wants to see the same thing over and over? END SPOILERS.

    So, while I can't say this was a horrible film at all, I just think it took everything that made the original fun and different out and replaced it with every other horror film cliche that you've seen for 20 years.
  22. Apr 12, 2013
    First off. Its a B rated movie that could not have cost more then 25,000.00 to make. 2nd off. I think you would have to be severely intoxicated to give this movie more then a 1 out of 10. Bad acting, bad plot if you can even call it one. Did I mention bad acting. Where did they find these so called actors? Oh yeah, B rated movie with 25,00.00 budget. I want my money back. This movie wouldn't even be scary if you watched it in the cabin. Want to see a scary movie go see the newest releases of Friday The 13th or the latest Halloween movie. Saw movies were much better. Evil Dead should just stay dead, It sucked big time.But go see it and waste your money and be pissed that you didnt believe me. For you people that liked it, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU ON? This movie has nothing a horror movie needs to be good. I'm pissed I just wasted my time writing a review but felt it was my civil duty. The republicans getting into office would make a good Horror flick. We could watch Romney and Ryan try to off one another. Expand
  23. Apr 12, 2013
    I just read a user review marking this film as "the Exorcist for this generation" and I threw up a little in my mouth. This does not come close to any of the scares of that masterpiece. This remake had a little tension and a lot of gore. I will give them credit for trying to make us care for the kids involved (the whole drug addiction mommy issues) but I found myself wishing for Bruce Campbell throughout the entire film because he was what made the original so entertaining to watch. None of the cast had a quarter of that man's charisma. The nods were cheeky and a bit clever, but again, only made me wish I was watching the original or its sequel. I cannot find fault in others enjoying this film it really is not a bad film, as far as horror films go. But I felt like it had more than a few opportunities to separate itself from the pack and provide genuine terror. Gore, to me, is uncomfortable, and should only enhance your fear not try to provide it. I have been scared by films before with genuine tension (Vacancy and Frailty immediately jump to my mind) but this completely lacked it. Whether or not you will enjoy this film entirely depends on what you deem to be fearful. Expand
  24. Apr 9, 2013
    no were close to evil dead 1981 or evil dead 2 and army of darkness. i thought it was going to be better then that. the acting was pretty good. just very disapointed and so was my mom. me and my mom are big evil dead fans
  25. Apr 20, 2013
    Few directors can control your emotions like Evil Dead does; Fede Alvarez crafts perfectly one of the best modern horror movies of the decade; sure, the original Evil Dead is better, but this remake makes you squirm in your seat and is an utterly assault on the senses. Astonishing.
  26. Apr 29, 2013
    I really had high hopes for this film after seeing the trailer I was thinking now this looks like a awesome horror movie. Seen the original and loved it so was hoping it was as good if not better than the original but boy was I wrong. Extremely slow movie for me and when it does start getting going its awful didnt once scare me in any way parts are where I actually laughed it was not the Evil Dead film I was expecting. Gore Effects are horrible like watching a whole tub of tomato catchup go everywhere just stupid. I was also hoping for more jumpy parts and suspense but it was obvious when things would happen and that was for me what a horror movie needs, the characters in the film were rubbish with average acting I cudnt get attached to the characters at all. Overall 2/10 my advice to you just like seen in other reviews is watch the original movie way better. Expand
  27. Apr 6, 2013
    This is by far the best horror movie i have ever seen. Its really, trully amazing, phenomenal, disgusting, terryfing and everything more in a whole pack. I Read some negative articles about the words the most terrifying film you will ever experience in the poster... Well, i guess people didn't understand what this sentence wants to transmit. This is a MASTERPIECE, you need to watch. This is the exorcist of the new generation, this is all we have ever wanted! Expand
  28. Apr 11, 2013
    A creepy horror movie, but needlessly gory and bloody. Nothing left to the imagination. Everything shown in excruciating detail. It's repetitive, violent, and stocked with characters you never get a chance to care about, other than the family dog.
  29. Jun 30, 2013
    Have you ever seen crap? Well, now you can! I really don't get why this movie got 7.6 from users. This movie trying desperately to be something it's not. This retarded peace of crap is completely pointless and stupid. If you are kid then maybe then you can enjoy it. But if you are reasonable and intelligent human being then you must turn off all your critical senses if you would like to enjoy this movie. Rather stay at home and read some boring book. You get more out of it. Expand
  30. Jun 29, 2013
    Evil Dead is a first rate horror movie with a pleasant and developed plot with fascinating but scary as hell practical effects. It is the best horror movie out since Cabin in the Woods.
  31. Jul 5, 2013
    Ok, first of all if you an old school evil dead fan, or an Ash fan like myself, your going to be disappointed. The movie has average effects, and a lot rip off the exorcist in terms of look, also the movie seems rushed at the end. The target audience is obviously for teenagers. Don't be fooled by the positive reviews, if your a true horror fan and a movie buff you'll see past this lack of substance and horrible acting. This isn't horror its a disgrace to the evil dead franchise. Must every remake these days be trash? I'll let you decide. Expand
  32. Apr 7, 2013
    Though this may come off as faint praise to some, "Evil Dead" is one of the best horror remakes of the last decade. While not as good as the original, the film does enough right on it's own to make it a solid horror film. With an earthy color palette and thrillingly morbid score, it immerses the viewer into an atmosphere full of dread, tension, and claustrophobia. Most of the cinematography is beautiful, and some of the images displayed hit the primal fear nerve quite efficiently. The gore scenes are effectively tense and brutal in a way that isn't mean-spirited, and the practical effects are some of the best I've seen in a modern horror film. On the downside: some of the acting is rather weak, a couple of the characters are underdeveloped, and the editing is somewhat choppy at points. Though "Evil Dead" is not without it's flaws, I enjoyed it all the way through to it's thrilling and gleefully gory finale. Expand
  33. Apr 9, 2013
    I was nervous when I heard the film was being remade but still curious, then I saw the trailer and realized it was going to be similar to contemporary horror films in terms of aesthetic. Still I went to see it anyways, the film is beautifully shot and in some instances is just a collection of still photographs, which I found great. The film score is also well done and the heroin addiction angle is great yet it still left me feeling unsatisfied because it went predominantly down the horror route and most of the camp and tropes of the original film were dispensed with. This is not to say that I am a purist but if the appearance of objects such as the chainsaw and shotgun were only going to really act as callbacks to the old film then it seemed somewhat pointless. Nevertheless a great technical film and good adaption of the original. Bring out more Spanish filmmakers. Expand
  34. Apr 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. To my way of thinking, the worst thing a horror film can be is boring. This movie, although produced by Raimi, Tapert, and Campbell, is sadly very boring. Some questions: why take a girl to detox in the middle of nowhere? What if crap goes wrong? It did go wrong. Why did the guy read the book for no real reason? It would have been nice to get some character development for him, like, he's an anthropology or archaeology student or something and can't stop himself, but no. He just reads the book like a total idiot and then complains about it for the rest of the film.

    The only real fun I had was in looking for shoutouts to the original films; Mia jamming that chainsaw over her stump was a good one and I applauded that. I thought the score was intrusive and not very good, i thought the story was actually much sillier than the original in that the motivation to go to the cabin was bizarre to say the least--getting your sex and drugs on is a totally valid reason to hang in the woods and half the people I know who have cabins use them for this express purpose anyhow--and those iconic moments from the first film, like Shelley's dismemberment or Linda giggling like a freak or Cheryl slamming her head against that trapdoor.

    Overall I thought it was pretty dumb and don't kid yourself, there WAS some CGI in there, particularly when the dude's girlfriend (see how I can't even remember their names?) has her other arm sawed off or whatever in the living room and she's pouring blood all over the floor--CGI big time right there.
  35. Apr 11, 2013
    If your a generation Y-horror movie type person, you'll love the new Evil Dead. People who didn't like the originals are loving this one. Of course, if you come out of the theatre saying "that was AWESOME!" (like most are), then it only proves your likely part of this generations moviegoers that are clueless to Gen X horror flicks, and the movie was desgined with this in mind. The modern generation-y "fly by night" audience. Its easier to scare todays audiences because they dont know what a great horror flick is... or what made them great. They're too busy on their phones and tablets and swag to pay attention to a movie for more than 5 minutes anyway, so the producers have to throw in gorish shockers to get their attention back... throw in a story too complex for their "fast food" style mindsets to understand, and they get up and leave. They weren't leaving the theatres this time... unless they were sick... when i went, a couple people threw up and some gals with their boyfriends jumped and cried during scenes. Heh, even some of these bieber-wannabe goons were grossed out and jumping. I laughed deep inside at how easily society is impressed these days.

    I personally give "Evil Dead 2013" a 7.5/10.... wasnt terrible, wasnt bad, just to me... was lukewarm for a evil dead flick... Better than almost any recent horroflicks in mind over the past 10 years, but catered too much with weaker, boring characters and plot that most modern horror movies do. There isn't a "Ash" character that steps up to the plate. The story is "hum-dee-dum" at best. Even the deadites are more toned down for the pussified pieces of that are todays society... they are nowhere near as demonic or detailed as that of the 80's versions. It's not scary. It's slightly creepy. It's "a little creepy", at best. But what once was the fear of a nation in the 1970's/80's (satanic cults, black magic, books of the undead) is no longer a fear in 2013... that stuff isnt as spooky as it was back when it was still mysterious and creepy. Why? Because noone fears that stuff anymore... There was alot of uncertainty and social panic over it then, but not today. The Necronomicon isn't nearly a spook factor as it once was. The deadites now even sound ridicolous... they were scary back in the day... they sounded possessed, demonic. Now they sound just lame, very flat, mono, and childish.... imagine a PG13 voice of Regan from "The Exorcist". Fortunately, they do yell some pretty horrific obscentities, such as "ILL YOUR MOTHERS IN HELL", but even that sounds humorous and so cheesy (and not in a good way) that only someone of generation y would find scary or interesting.

    Where the new movie excels at, however, is the atmospheric enviornment and the gore. There is TONS of gore. GORE GORE GORE... and boy, they go all out. IF your the least bit queasy to gore, dont bother seeing this.... in any other movie, when you see them about to do something gory and you say "They arent gonna show it"... well, this movie does, and it drags it out till you cringe. And the humour. Its harder to spot in light of a attempted more serious approach, but there is still horror-comedy in it for us fans who know what to look for.. especially in the gore.

    If Gore gives you a hard-on and makes the horror movie... then by all means, you will love this movie. And it does a good job with the atmosphere and some throwback nods to the originals. But for the hardcore fans, it's just "ok" and caters WAY TOO MUCH to todays horror movie steretypes to be anything special.

    However, anyone else, would probably give it a 9/10 or higher. After all, it is probably the most intense modern day horror movie. For me, though, gore alone doesnt make the movie. Luckily the atmosphere and sick humor were still there just enough for me to enjoy it and give it that 7.5/10. Strip those out, and I'd have given it a 6.5/10

    Sadly, I can't mark a 7.5/10 on Metacritic reviews, so rounding it off, it gets an 8/10 here. And this is coming from a hardcore fan of the Evil Dead series who has watched them countless times over the past couple of decades.
  36. Apr 8, 2013
    Evil Dead fan here. This movie was actually decent for a horror movie. Think Evil Dead with a budget, but missing the comical genius of Bruce Campbell. In the original, the actors outside of Bruce Campbell were terrible, but in this film everyone does a decent job. Also, glad that they used hardly any CGI, and went mostly with traditional makeup. I don't think we needed a reboot of the film, but as a movie it's pretty entertaining. Expand
  37. Jul 20, 2013
    Absolute garbage. Terrible story and writing, totally boring. Horrible acting. The only good things to mention are the special fx and it the film is short.
  38. Apr 7, 2013
    If you are a true Evil Dead fan, you will not only love, but appreciate this movie's existence.

    Don't let any of the poor reviews fool you, don't let the critic scores fool you, this is an amazing score and only proves that paid critics know nothing about good movies.
  39. Jul 29, 2013
    Same story, but much more bloody and humorless. That's not to say it's a bad film, but despite it's name it's not an Evil Dead film either. Some scenes mimic Japanese horror flicks like The Ring and the excessive gore and violence is copied from the SAW legacy. But if you're gonna make a bleak and serious horror movie you have to go all the way -which the French have done very well the last couple of years- but there it falls short. The young actors are just uncharismatic zombie fodder (you won't care if they live) who can't replace the memory of Bruce Campell (who got a nice cheque as the producer on this film sellout). The closest thing I've seen to Evil Dead is from Mr. Raimi himself: Drag Me to Hell. Better watch that if haven't seen it yet instead of this film. Expand
  40. Apr 26, 2013
    "Evil Dead" definitely does not set any landmarks, but it can be considered one of the good remakes, along with "Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)" and "The Hills Have Eyes". Having a very unheard of cast, "Evil Dead" is a remake of the cult classic. If you were a huge fan of the original, definitely check it out. If you had no interest in the original and don't have any for this, this film is definitely not for you. Expand
  41. Jul 15, 2013
    It has all the gory and violence of the original without it's ASH (Bruce Campbell's cult role) and smart humor and wit. You can enjoy this movie, if you are into horror movies in general. In this case it is a decent movie. Nothing special though. If you see it as a remake of the original, it is a huge disappointment. It is too "self-serious", and not a deliberately cheesy and funny as the original. It was missing the spirit of Sam Raimi's direction also. Go watch the original Expand
  42. Apr 11, 2013
    Evil Dead is bloody, violent and just really really well done...its horror is very in your face and physical, its anti feel the blows in the first scene and from there it makes you squirm at the cuts, stabs, pokes and nails to come..

    the movie knows this and enjoys tweaking your expectations and unlike many horror genre pics, it does not let the viewer down..

    This movie
    is much more than a remake...its a totally different film...of course, it references the original in many ways, but goes its own way too, and it uses the original movies to its own advantage..right up to the natural to compare them..but they are both worthy of enjoyment...

    If you have ever in your life enjoyed a bloody horror pic, you owe yourself to see this..
  43. Apr 6, 2013
    This is real Sam Raimi and Fede Alverez entertainment. Evil Deal is a remake of the 1981 horror classic and its way more better now with mind blowing special effects and good chilly scares! The story is good and the scares are nail bitingly good. The film has a point of its slashing gore 24/7 thing, it stands up for its horror and super gory concept! It's a GOOD movie. What else can you expect from the team of Alverez and Raimi? Nothing but a good, chilly, horrific, gorefest! is right about this film being seen once and getting or giving 10/10 entertainment stars! And I agree its a 10/10 entertainment movie! Expand
  44. Apr 5, 2013
    I was hyped to see this movie for quite some time, but was disappointed at the overall outcome. This is a solid remake, but still rated way too high by most viewers. It has it's fair share of scares but nothing groundbreaking or innovative. I would suggest this for horror fans, since it delivers in presentation but lacks in story and wit. Although I must say, Mia (main character) sells this movie compared to the rest of the cast which were quite lackluster in performance. Beginning is definitely the scariest, with many fillers throughout that I personally didn't think had the same feel. Without spoilers, there is one part that is SCARY AS HELL and gets really personal, which is mainly why I gave my overall rating 7/10. Good movie, just not great. Expand
  45. Apr 6, 2013
    The is my first movie review ever. I'm making it because the the current Metascore of 58 seems like BS and doesn't reflect the quality of the movie whatsoever. No spoilers here, but I haven't watched the original so my opinion may not matter to a lot of you.

    Essentially, this movie covers everything that a horror movie should accomplish loads of gore and suspense at every corner, as
    was promised via the red band trailer. The set up of the plot makes sense with how the story unfolded, but even then, it shouldn't consist of a deliberately retarded protagonist. It was honestly surreal and frustrating how stupid this guy was, almost to the point where I would consider him an antihero. Also, some of the acting was sub-par, but I guess it's not that much of a big deal in a horror movie. The plot wasn't predictable and had a minute number of twists, but at the same time it didn't blow me away and wasn't exactly thought provoking. Again, maybe this isn't a quality of horror movies in general anyway.

    So that's pretty much it. Idiot protagonist, meh acting, and a semi-meh plot lead me to give this a 7/10. 8 seems too high, and 6 seems too offensive. I would love to watch this movie again though
  46. Apr 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well what can I say, other than AMAZING. The way the trailer led you on and then in the film it just hits you! The best horror film I have seen in a while. Expand
  47. Apr 15, 2013
    The original Evil Dead film is now commonly know by the members of it's wide spread cult, as one of the most influential horror films of all time, and that is one of the main stepping stones to modern horror, an extremely violent film with a bite for comedy and satire. many forget that when it first came out, the only intentions that the film had were to frighten you senselessly, with a unflinchingly grotesque imagery of blood and gore. much of the humor and surreals often associated with the film did not show until the legendary evil dead 2. the new film, from first time feature film director Fede Alverez, doesn't try to compare to the comedy of evil dead 2, but to go head to head at increasing the violence of the original, and at that, the new film succeeds.

    setting up a story that you will instantly recognize, with a few slight differences, 5 post college students go to an abandoned cabin in the woods to wean on of the members of of their drug addiction. prepared for the worst, the group braces themselves for the withdrawal from the drugs to kick in, and make a vow to not leave until the drug addict has recovered.

    The slight changes to the typical story work to the films favor changing the characters from the 5 caricatures of horror films (look into "the cabin in the woods" for an example of them), and, while not exactly crafting fully believable people, it at least avoid to many of the stereotypes that plague the genre. Placing one of the characters as a drug addict also explains the reason why they are so situated on remain there, even when the situation goes bad.

    While these enhancements may flesh out the story a bit, that wouldn't matter at all if the film itself wasn't scary and intense, which, thankfully, it is. once the violence and demonic possession start, the violence of it never lets up. constricted th a tight 91 minute running time, the film never slows down, always setting up the next violence set piece to come just a minute later. The violence itself obviously wishes to live up to the originals brilliant use of all kinds of gore, and at that the film also excels. by far this is the most extreme horror film to hit wide releases in quite some time, with all kinds of violence to quench the appetites of horror fans, and to nauseate the people who weren't expecting it. frequently, the films violence is so over the top, that it stops becoming frightening, and just becomes almost cartooning in the amount of blood that is splatted through the film.

    Overall, the film is an intense, uncompromising horror film, set only to terrify and nauseate, which is exactly what the original would have wanted.
  48. Apr 25, 2013
    ok i like this movie it has, blood, scary jumps, great use of lights and realistic, but like the majority of the viewers all we want is to see something from the past movies yes they had the chainsaw, the rusty old car that i think it was Ash car but i remember that the car also time travel with him but well i s a good movie i really hate the actors in the new horror movies they are all the same cute girls and cute boys when are we going to see a realistic actors? good movie i recommend it Expand
  49. Jul 15, 2013
    Judging this as a remake, it's a masterpiece. Judging this as a film on its own, it's still great. The cinematography and directing is terrific; both create a great sense of dread and there are several tropes that are subverted, mostly during the final act. Speaking of which, the last 25 minutes or so were scary as hell and usually excessive and overt gore annoys me and comes off as cheap, but here it balanced the cartoonishness and the graphic nature so it didn't come off as distracting and ending up being fun. Also, thank God for practical effects. The makeup and effects looked terrific and were all so convincing, infinitely better than CG crap. The main problem was what seems to be the issue with so many horror films: really weak characters. Only the main girl was worth routing for, and arguably the blonde guy that looked like Kurt Cobain. There was a blonde girl that was completely expendable. And PLEASE STAY AFTER THE CREDITS!!! There's a huge surprise for fans of the series! 8.7/10, great, two thumbs up (barely), above average, etc. Expand
  50. Jul 17, 2013
    I remember the effect that the first Evil Dead movies had on me. In its time, it set the bar high for other horror films. This is what i expected from Evil Dead (2013). I got the ticket for the movie, and could barely wait to get in to the theater, the first few minutes looked promising... unfortunately the new movie failed to deliver, or even live up to its predecessors, as i watched the rest of the movie. I'm saying this as a nostalgic fan of the Evil Dead trilogy. Then i thought maybe the scary factors isn't working because I'm feeling comforted by the viewers sitting next to me in the theater, so, i got it in blue ray disc and watched all by my self, and still it didn't have that scare or suspense effect on me. I think the scare tactics were typical, flat, cliche, and can't say i have seen any thing that the film makers have done to bring the viewers to the edge of their seats. Evil Dead (2013) could have done better, hopefully they will in the next Evil Dead movie. Expand
  51. Jul 20, 2013
    Personally, A great horror that gives you the skin crawling feeling you would expect from this gore fest. Go see it if you saw the original or if you didn't.
  52. Jul 25, 2013
    This new take on Sam Raimi's original cult classic "The Evil Dead", lives up to the legacy. Not shying away from inventive horror gore, unflinching and relentless violence, this re-imagined approach brings something fresh to fans of the original. Of particular note is the acting of Jane Levy who plays the tortured damsel-in-distress-turned-heroine. A must for die hard fans of the original franchise, and horror genre fans. Expand
  53. Sep 28, 2013
    Ok so i have been looking for a very long time.All i have to say is it's a "MUST SEE!" It is a very awesome gore fest, good story line, and it has no sex. I think that really good horror movies don't always need it.this movie had my blood running hott. It is epic!, why are you still reading!??!! Go watch it!.
  54. Apr 7, 2013
    This "remake" is a visceral, bloody, painful and incredibly dark re-imagining of the classic horror film. This is not the campy classic original, but a twisted, blood filled gore fest with a terrific sense of being it's own thing while still paying homage to the originals. While the story does have a few holes, its still very well plotted. For the first film by this new director, I look forward to more from him. Go in expecting Death Death and more Death in many different and gruesome ways. A bit of an overkill sometimes, but that's just part of the fun. 8.5/10 Expand
  55. Jun 4, 2013
    "Without a doubt the most sadistic, gruesome and just plain terrifying film i have had the pleasure of seeing. The Evil Dead is gory, disgusting & pays homage to the original while all the same giving the fans the blood and carnage we have been waiting for" A
  56. Apr 22, 2013
    Impressive 'reboot'. Pays a little homage to the original to when it's due, but includes its own spin. Gore? Check. Laughs? Check. Sinister? Check. Spooky sounds? Check. Awesome soundtrack? Check.
    Only the mythology seemed a little contradictory at times, but overall an awesome reboot for the series. Really looking forward to seeing it again!
  57. Apr 29, 2013
    A valiant effort as far as horror remakes go. It never feels like you're just watching a rehashed version of the original as there's a lot of elements in terms of character and plot that take things in a new direction. The characters were a little wooden and there were a few miss-placed sentimental moments but as a whole it captures the spirit of the original and I'm glad I paid to see it on the big screen. Definitely worth a watch Expand
  58. Aug 5, 2013
    If you are a fan of the old movies then give this one a miss, you will only be disappointed. I struggled to watch past the halfway mark it is that generically bad. Save yourself the woe and just watch the old trilogy again, you will have a better time.
  59. Apr 7, 2013
    I'm giving this a 10 because it's probably one of the best horror movies I've seen in a long time. Obviously it's not on the same playing field as the original Evil Dead... but it holds its own. It lacks the campiness which I did miss...

    Some things that bugged me (spoilers):
    - characters not interesting, the backstory to the brother sister was snorring. Should have been a couple like
    the original. They tried to hard.
    - The Book of the Dead lacked a face... I understand to make it look more believable... but then the drawings on the inside looked too polished, and the red writing looked cheese-ball.
    - No atmospheric effects, or lacking much of it. Like the swing chair knocking on door, or woods-demon looking through windows. The horror build didn't exist like the original.
    - Burying his sister, digging her up, her face lacking the scars from the hot water scene, like her face was perfect.

    Things I loved:
    - End scene with the chainsaw, how she slices the demon down the middle... the raining blood and the red wetness was reminiscent of The Descent.
    - Slipping on the cheek meat.
    - the actor who played the main character, she was great. Too bad the other actors weren't good like her.
    - Secret ending after credits.
    - Keeping with some camera styles.

    The only other movie that I thought was a great horror movie that wasn't from the 70-80s was "The Girl" and "Insidious".
  60. Jul 13, 2013
    Groovy, terrifying and incredibly entertaining. Evil Dead 2013 (unlike most remakes) is made with complete care to the original and pays plenty of fan service as well. Viewers can expect an intense, extremely gory and brutally terrifying instalment that never has a dull moment thanks to great cinematography, a nice pace and realistic prosthetics that make all the over-the-top and gruesome violence feel very real. Featuring great performances from Jane Levy and Lou Taylor Pucci and a horrifyingly chilling soundtrack, Evil Dead 2013 is a must see for any horror fan. Stay behind the end credits for an incredibly groovy surprise. Collapse
  61. Apr 6, 2013
    This movie was amazing. I'm a huge fan of the original Evil Dead series and I was really worried this remake would suck big time... but it doesn't. Stop looking up reviews for this movie and go see it right now.
  62. Jun 10, 2013
    A fantastic remake. I never expect much from anything on a second go around, but I honestly believe they really outdid themselves with this one. One of the few I may actually enjoy more than the original.
  63. Jul 20, 2013
    It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. The dialogue was generally unwitty, and there weren't many clever moments. I appreciated some of the accents they threw in there as nods to the horror genre, and as a genre film, it definitely stands up to the task. It cut out a lot of the more tired moments in horror cinema as well (Hint: no one gets killed while having a forced, passionate moment). All in all I think they set out what they wanted to do. It left me mostly unimpressed and unaffected. What I am giving my score for is mostly the cinematography itself: it was fantastic. The colors in the movie and the general lighting were top notch. They REALLY went above and beyond with the cabin as a setting and they just really worked the camera. Several times I realized I was impressed by the atmosphere. So, while I'm not a huge fan of splatter "cover your eyes" gore at the expense of the health of a cast of poor, bewildered 20-somethings, I AM a fan of great camera work, clever sets, and beautiful lighting, something this film has in spades. Expand
  64. Feb 2, 2014
    Another dull remake. Don't believe all the hype about this being a bold new reimagining or any of that lark. Its just another unimaginative remake that adds nothing but removes all the humour the original had. If you don't like some laughs in your horror flicks and/or didn't see or like the original Evil Dead films then give this a shot. If you're fan of the originals then stay away; you'll just be frustrated by the complete lack of originality here. Great special effects though. Expand
  65. Apr 5, 2013
    The most fun I've had at a horror film in years.
  66. Apr 5, 2013
    It's an extraordinary remake of an extraordinary horror movie, it updates the original in almost every aspect and it delivers what is promises, and it uses gore extremely well like no one ever has, the gore here is used in such a way that it doesn't feel overused or repetitive, it has a meaning to it, the characters are updated as well and each one has a sense of personality of his own, i really enjoyed this flick and recommend it to any horror fan out there. Expand
  67. Jul 2, 2013
    I just can't believe the movie was awesome. It was totally mind-blowing. I loved the 1981 version, but this just got modified. Well, at first, i thought it was going to be another remake with dumb characters who doesn't take anything seriously. Thank god it doesn't. If you don't like heavy gore and have a faint of heart, then you better check out other movies. This is totally a keeper.
  68. Apr 5, 2013
    I have seen the original and loved it. I watched this remake and loved it just as much. I got exactly what I expected from the film: absolute grotesquery and violent carnage. I understand why those who loved the original would not like this one (obviously the original is a classic without compare), but I believe that the remake has done exceptionally well, compared to other horror remakes. I recommend Evil Dead to those who wish to enjoy a hour and a half of absolute brutality and blood lust! --9/10 Expand
  69. Aug 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. LAME and DISAPPOINTING. Even the book of the dead looked bland as I was open to a remake of Evil Dead, being that Evil Dead 2 was a remake of the original film and I just thought of all the potential in this film but I was so wrong. We have all these effects at our disposable and yet the Deadites just looked like rage zombies, when they could 've had varieties of demonesque creatures and theirs quite a few plot holes in place, if I found suspended dead cats in the basement I would've high tailed out of there. Oh and the final monster" was just the main characters face on a tit less body, I guess this is meant to be a physical representation of her inner demons but it failed at that. I'm glad I didn't go and see this crap.

    The movie was shot well and their were some cool ideas in place, but it was just an incoherent mess, the characters were to wooden to really have any emotional connection towards them. In the original film you do feel like you care for the characters and want them to pull through. If you find enjoyment in this, all the power to you but I don't recommend this at all.
  70. Apr 5, 2013
    I haven't seen the original, but if it's anything like this (or better like I hear) it is number one on my to do list. This was engaging, darkly comedic and entertaining. Sure it had stupid characters and cliche scares, but what else do you expect at this point? It's a love letter to horror films and fans of the old films will not be disappointed.
  71. Apr 11, 2013
    If you've been half as disappointed in the horror movie genre during this whole paranormal activity craze as I have, its a great idea to go see this movie. From it's clever beginning to its brilliant end, you'll feel perfectly uncomfortable and delighted in all it's gory goodness. Best horror movie in years.
  72. Apr 8, 2013
    A fantastic new vision on an already great franchise make this a must see for an die hard horror fan. A great ride from start to finish that features tons of thrills and tons and tons of blood.
  73. Apr 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The movie captures the gorefest in a masterful way, the plot is simple and the characters could've been smarter.
    Still the movie, in my opinion, falls short thanks to the integration of the "Junky ass" character, a character that you learn to hate and wish it the worst, and still, after making everybody around her die, she survives at the end.
  74. Apr 7, 2013
    Groovy. For Evil Dead fans, it's the perfect remake of the original. There are definitely scares that deliver, but if you're looking for a gore-fest though, welcome home. Also high recommendation to stay till the very end of the credits. To sum up this movie; Groovy.
  75. Nov 4, 2013
    I can understand why people like it, for sure it's just that from the trailers and the reviews i thought it was going to be an actual horror movie and not just a straight up gore fest. The practical effects are amazing but I still would've preferred more scares, and better characters.
  76. Apr 7, 2013
    Ok, this was a freaking scary movie. It reminded me of the old classics like Halloween (the original, of course) that put the fear of evil in you. From the beginning to the end, it was awesome. I kept wanted to turn away but just couldn't. Had to see all the gore. The make up and effects are so well placed. Reminded me of Cabin in the Woods. It is a def rent-to-own for Halloween movie!
  77. Apr 5, 2013
    A masterpiece of terror, not so perfect, but good movie.
  78. Apr 9, 2013
    An excellent re-imagining of an iconic movie. Ignore the romantic comedy fans posting negative reviews, this movie is destined to be a classic of horror...GO SEE IT NOW!
  79. Apr 5, 2013
    What did you expect when you first came in to see this movie? I came in thinking it was another remake of a horror movie that would be generic, with only a lot of gore to make it look better. I can honestly say I was wrong! This was a really good horror movie. The best horror movie I've seen in a long while. The story and some of the actions by the actors in the movie were kind of formulated horror movie norm. It was extremely gory way gorier than modern day "Slasher" films. And that added a dimension to the film that was entertaining. I applaud everybody involved in this film for the hard work to make this a somewhat believable and fun horror movie. Although it lacked in some places, and the scare tactic lacked greatly, it was incredibly fun to watch unfold minus the downsides. Expand
  80. Apr 5, 2013
    This movie is phenomenal. Everyones all blah blah blah the original is better but i dont agree. This movie looks realistic whereas the first one was fake as hell. I watched the original recently and thought it was great til the claymation wrecks it. I love Bruce but I really dont think he came into his own until part 2 which was bittersweet because it was nowhere as scary as the first but if you watch it for Mr Campbells comedic performance its a blast (WHO'S LAUGHING NOOWW!) In conclusion I will just say Evil Dead 2013 is a gem for lovers of the horror genre so go see it! Expand
  81. Apr 7, 2013
    A superior horror movie in all respects. Good acting, great gore, good pacing, and the trailers did not ruin the movie. Still showed a little too much in the trailers and the movie had a few unresolved plot points. But that is all the more reason for a sequel. The major critics panned this for the same reason why they pan all horror movies, personal preference. Don't expect Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness (both great films). The Evil Dead remake stands on its own and it rules. Cannot wait to see the unrated(possible) on Blu Ray. Expand
  82. Oct 14, 2013
    "Evil Dead" comes across as more of a gruesome homage, alienating itself from fans looking for the franchise's trademark of unrelenting gore and tongue-in-cheek humor. The latter-day version of "Evil Dead," directed by Fede Alvarez, keeps the main focus on the gruesome element alone. Full of old-school effects, without any assistance from CGI, Alvarez's franchise entry has little to none of Raimi's humor, but certainly delivers on the carnage and bloodshed.

    The heart of story remains intact: five college-age men and women head off to an isolated cabin in the woods. They are staging an intervention designed to get Mia (Jane Levy), who is no longer able to socially use heroin. Her four supporters are her estranged brother, David (Shiloh Fernandez), and his personality-devoid girlfriend, Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore), registered nurse Olivia (Jessica Lucas), and Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci). In the cabin's dark, damp basement, they discover the Necronomicon, or better known as the book of the dead. Eric, in an act of overt horror movie stupidity, starts reading passages from the Necronomicon unknowingly unleashing the demons.

    In his first feature film, Uruguayan director and co-scriptwriter Fede Alvarez demonstrates his wild imagination, and displays his talent for delivering the squirm-inducing images of body mutilations and other numerous atrocities. A nail gun, an electric carving knife, and a chainsaw all have their moment in the spotlight as weapons. What this new entry lacks entirely, which is so prevalent in the other movies in the franchise, is the tongue-in-cheek humor that accompanies the over-the-top gore and violence.

    In the three decades since Raimi made "Evil Dead," many have copied, adapted, or borrowed from his low-budget playbook. It's extremely challenging to pull off something original, amusing, and truly horrifying all at once. That is exactly what made last year's "Cabin in the Woods" (2012) such a clever, entertaining watch, and a terrific addition to the genre. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, who directed and co-starred in the original horror classic, have production credits in this component, yet ultimately disappointing remake. Take away the name of "Evil Dead," and you're left with a movie that features your typical brainless characters who exist simply for elimination through horrific methods.
  83. Apr 18, 2013
    This remake of the original Sam Raimi film does what one expects of a horror film. It is suspenseful, full of atmosphere and foreboding, and bloody, very bloody. It is also totally entertaining without the slow patches that more po faced critically acclaimed films often suffer from. Good horror films these days are also full of great production values and this one is no exception. It has brilliant visuals, not only in the effects and make up but in the superb lighting of it's cinematography. The insistent music score is also amazing and the sound design adds immeasurably to the scare quotient. Sure, there are a couple of unintentional laughs involving severed arms, but in reality this just adds to the fun and relieves some tension. Overall this can stand up and be counted as a great example of its genre. Sam Raimi, one hopes, would approve. Expand
  84. Sep 23, 2013
    To be honest, I had expected so much more from this movie. Unforetunately it really is nothing special. Just another generic gory horror movie.

    Narrative more or less follows the original. Improving some parts making the movie feel a little more grounded at times and a little more real. Unfortunately this is what is wrong with it. The original was also flawed but it at least had it's
    charm and almost goofy, yet horrifying, tone. The Evil Dead remake is just focusing on the horrifying and turning it up to ridiculously high levels. The characters this time round are so underdeveloped that you really do not care at all about them. They might as well have MEAT stamped on their foreheads.Jane Levy is perhaps the only character that did get my attention and I really do love the twist involving her close to the end, nice little nod to the original and also giving it its own interpretation.

    As a horror, it does have its share of scares and creepy moments. Gore fanatics will love this movie. There is ALLOT of blood and gore. The practical effects just make everything so much more sickening. Nice to see some old school FX at work.

    If anything, this movie's biggest fail has got to be the name it has to live up to. It doesn't. It tries too hard to stay loyal to the source material, but takes away so much that made the original what it was. It's a good attempt, but I don't think you can make an Evil Dead movie without Bruce Campbell.

    Also: The gore did get a little too needlessly excessive closer to the end. In the original, it was a little goofy. In this one, it feels like gore-fore-the-sake-of-gore.
  85. Jul 24, 2013
    Wow! This is one hell of a movie and a fantastic remake of what was already a pretty awesome film, but updated for today's generation. It should please most fans of the original as well as newbies that are not aware of it, but it's certainly up there as the film with the most blood I have ever seen, as well as having the most cringe-worthy moments :P Nothing but solid entertainment throughout and I would highly recommend it to any Horror fans, and its now one of my all-time favourite films! Expand
  86. Apr 5, 2013
    The best horror remake ever has officially arrived. This movie demands multiple watches and is disgusting in the best possible way. Every thing is nailed perfectly. The violence is intense but kinda cheesy at the same time, the acting is solid (especially by Levy, who I recognize from "Shameless"), the pacing is absolutely perfect, and its really just an all around crowd pleaser. It even got a standing ovation at the midnight screening I attended the night before it was released. Expand
  87. Apr 7, 2013
    Everything that you expect from a real entertaining horror movie, you will find in Evil Dead. Evil Dead has everything in horror movies, it is a slasher movie, demons, gruesome, possessing, it is a pact of different genre of horror movies, the thing is, it never tops the original, and I wish it was scarier than it is, and it is not the most terrifying film you will ever experience, it is just a great horror movie. Expand
  88. Apr 8, 2013
    I really enjoyed the new serious take on Evil Dead. It definitely doesn't have the charm of the original but I think it is just as good. Stay after the credits!
  89. Apr 8, 2013
    All I can say is that Evil Dead was fantastic! There is tons of blood. I mean take your idea of a lot and multiply it by about 10,000 and that's pretty much the amount of blood and gore used in the Evil Dead. The thing that is really great about Evil Dead is that there is tons of suspense with a few jump scares. There is very little humor in this movie. So, if your one of those narrow minded people who believes that the original was fun and had "great acting" Expand
  90. Apr 24, 2013
    Evil Dead is the remake/reboot of the Critically acclaimed 1981 classic The Evil Dead. It is written and directed by Fade Alvarez, who is relatively new to the directing scene. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell from the original The Evil Dead also return as producers.
    The film follows a group of 5 friends who head to a remote cabin to try and one of the friends Mia,shake her drug addiction.
    Whilst this is happening another one of the friends finds the “Naturom Demonto” The Book of the Dead, which unleashes demons that live in the nearby wood. The demon possess Mia and then starts pocessing the friends one by one and they’re all left fighting for survival. Overall it’s a really good story and really engaging.
    The acting is also good, Jane Levy does a great job as the lead female role and really holds her own playing Mia. Shiloh Fernandez also does a great job as lead male role, he plays David, Mia’s older brother, he also does a great job. They also both do a great job in the way of portraying brother and sister, I really felt like these to people could be brother and sister.
    The effects for the film are extremely good, Alvarez also said before they started shooting the film that he would not be using CGI effects apart from touch ups, which ment the film would rely on practical effects. This still holds true, it’s still basically all practical effects apart form a few scenes which require CGI because they wouldn’t be able to do them without. All the practical effects look great and look scarily realistic, which is what you need in a good horror movie.
    Overall Evil Dead is an extremely good movie, a good horror movie and a damn fine remake that’s able to stand on it’s own two feet, it’s definitely one of the better remakes in recent years and to be able to almost best the original film it’s based on (In my Opinion) is no easy feet.
  91. Apr 26, 2013
    I had really low expectations when going to see this, but was really surprised. It brings some of the original ideas and puts a more serious tone which surprisingly works alongside the fact there is no CGI. Also stay after the credits for a nice surprise.
  92. Apr 18, 2013
    I enjoyed this movie, having never seen the origin it didn't hold much significance to me, so my expectations were relatively low. It is one of those horror movies, not so much psychological, but the demented, cringe worthy gore fest ones. If you see this with some friends you'll have a good laugh guaranteed, and if you see it with your girl, there will be plenty of squealing and hiding. Not great, but not terrible, acting was decent, and the setting was great. Much better than cabin in the woods. Expand
  93. May 1, 2013
    Truly shakes up horror films. Not particularly scary, but it'll keep you guessing till the end and is quite entertaining. There are even parts than make you wince, which is exactly what I expect to see in a horror film. There's a sprinkling of homages to the original Evil Dead films, for the fans of the original and I have to say they're not in your face but noticeable. Definitely worth the ridiculous price for a cinema ticket! Expand
  94. Apr 9, 2013
    It was unbelievably so much better than the original. The character development was good, it was way more entertaining, it was way more realistic, and the ending was way better. Despite it being disgustingly gruesome and at times I covered my eyes in the movie theater, I felt that it really brought a new kind of style to the horror genre. I can't wait until Army Of Darkness 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  95. May 13, 2013
    What a film! For someone who only watches horror films occassionally this film was really, really good. Sure the acting isn't perfect and some of the actions these characters take is obviously wrong, but within the context of this film is fitting.

    As everyone has said the minimal use of CGI and gore at the right moments is what make this film very effective at scaring you. In addition
    to the poignant use of gore, the length of the film and a non too predictable storyline had been hooked from start to finish.

    You know you've seen a great horror film when you leave and see girls crying or fainting outside the cinema. This is not a film for those you can't cope with realistic gore and horror.

    If you want to see this please do and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did.
  96. Apr 5, 2013
    I don't get the critics who are saying the humor is lost. The humor is certainly still present in this rendition. Beautiful graphic scenes, great camera work, and creepy. I thought the score was a bit cheesy, and I didn't care much for the new drug addict storyline, but who sees an Evil Dead movie for a great back story? It delivered the scares and violence I wanted to see. For a film that could have easily failed this was a very pleasant surprise. Expand
  97. Jun 2, 2013
    There is a lot of gore here withe a story that allows me to at least recommend seeing it once if you like horror movies. Don't go in expecting to care about any of the characters cause you won't.
  98. Apr 8, 2013
    *posted on my original blog, as well*

    I am a huge fan of the original Evil Dead films(The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness). So I was really skeptical going in to see this film. However, I can tell you, as a huge fan of the original trilogy, that I really enjoyed this film more than I thought I was going to.

    Evil Dead is about when five
    people go into a cabin in the woods, they soon come upon the Necromonican Ex-Mortis, aka The Book of the Dead, where they unwittingly unleash flesh possessing demon, in which one by one are trying to survive.

    Even though the story of the film is very cliché and overused, when watching this film, it feels like if it was new. The horror cliché works for the film. Also, I found that the reason why they wouldn't leave to be better than the original, as in this one, they sort of had a point in staying. I also really liked the homage to the original films.

    One thing that I liked about this film was the production of it all. You can tell that the creators was trying their best to make a remake that will stand out, in which 99% of the effects of the film were practical, meaning that they made it with little to no CGI. That aspect alone helps the film, as it made the situation look more realistic for the audience. Also, you can also tell that the creators of this film did this movie with so much care and thought to please the original films. Not only were the situations in the film were well shot and executed, but they put it with care. Fede Alvarez, alongside with producers Sam Raimi(director of original films) and Bruce Campbell, do a great job in trying to please the fans.

    Speaking of the situations, this film has a lot of brutality against the characters. There is blood. Blood. Blood. Blood. Blood. Blood. It is not like torture films, in which torturing is the whole point, but there is a lot of it. I am letting you know that if you are very squeamish, then you will have a hard time watching this film. And it feels more real because of all the practical effects. I have no idea how this got an R rating.

    Let's talk about the characters. None of them come close to Bruce Campbell's "Groovy" performance of Ash William(star of the original films). In fact, the weakest link to the film was the characterization. Most of the characters are just there to die. You just don't care about most of them.

    The ones that I really cared about was Eric, portrayed by Lou Taylor Pucci. Even though he is the reason why this whole thing started, I can't hide the fact that I was rooting for him the most in this film, as well as Mia, portrayed well by Jane Levy, who actually has the best characterization of all of them. These two characters were the ones who took the most beating in this film, and the ones who really stood out.

    The only things that I didn't like, other than the characterization, was that it lacks the humor that the original Evil Dead films had. This film was humorless. It also wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be, but watching these people in these situations was fun to watch. This movie is creepy and fun to watch, not scary.

    So Evil Dead is a satisfying remake to the franchise, even though it isn't as good as the original films. Fun, Creepy, and INSANELY gory to watch, Evil Dead is Blu-Ray Worthy.(Oh, and if you’re a fan of the original, stay after the credits.)
  99. Aug 15, 2013
    I'm disappointed to say the least. There were some throwbacks and similarities to Evil Dead, but the nonsensical, tacked on, ending after the credits was the best part. This movie had no business being named Evil Dead other than to cash in on the franchise.

    It's a pretty bad movie, which has nothing going for it except its name. The acting is bad, the plot is a contrived mess, and the
    characters aren't believable or likable. Being a huge horror fan, I would say some of the death scenes and gore were cool, but that's where the compliments end. It got painful as it went, but the movie managed to keep me watching until the end, at times I felt like "endure" might be the better verb. The best way to watch it is to go in with no expectations. If you were a big fan of the original, you'll probably despise this. Expand
  100. May 5, 2013
    Movie is scary and i didn't sleep after trailer. really good job and i really love this movie i will watch it over and over.And It have a hectoliters of blood.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 38
  2. Negative: 3 out of 38
  1. Reviewed by: Nigel Floyd
    Apr 29, 2013
    Despite much old-school splatter, it’s seldom frightening and oddly unfunny.
  2. Reviewed by: Peter Bradshaw
    Apr 19, 2013
    It is nowhere near as creepy as the recent indie horror "V/H/S," but it is a full-bloodedly grisly and macabre film that zaps over a few scares.
  3. Reviewed by: Matt Glasby
    Apr 15, 2013
    Closer to Eli Roth than Sam Raimi, this brutal retread combines J-horror atmospherics with torture-porn kills. It’s more evisceration than invention but at least has the courage of its bloody-minded convictions.