Falcon Song

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Summary: A guitar playing drifter helps a rancher's granddaughter find her true calling.

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Runtime: 105 min
Rating: Rated PG for mild language and some action
Official Site: http://falconsong.tumblr.com/
Production: Corgan Pictures
Genres: Fantasy, Western, Family
Country: USA
Language: English
Director Credit
Jason Corgan Brown Director
Writer Credit
Jason Corgan Brown Screenplay
Michelle Poteet Lisanti Screenplay
Cast Credit
Catherine Langlas Miranda
David Hayward Slim
Gabriel Sunday Syd
Hart Turner Randy
Jeter Rhodes Frank
Jim Storm Jabez
Martin Kove Caspian
Michael Yebba Monster
Peter Lucas Milton
Rainey Qualley Sarah Lou
Ron Garritson Boss
Sewell Whitney George
Sherri Steilen Aileen
Steven Brian Conard Paul
Veronica Alicino Phyllis
Producer Credit
Courtney Olsen Associate Producer: Documentary Unit
Greg Townsend Co-Producer
Jason Corgan Brown Producer
Jennifer Haire Line Producer
Jeter Rhodes Associate Producer
Kristen Taylor Co-Producer
Michael Green Co-Producer
Toby Guidry Associate Producer
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