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  • Summary: Set in the neon-washed underworld of present-day Hong Kong, Fallen Angels intertwines two exhilarating tales of love and isolation in a blitz of ultra-hip style and classical cinematic sensibilities. (Kino International)


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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 12
  2. Negative: 0 out of 12
  1. 100
    Even Wong's detractors, who consider him more stylist than auteur, will have a tough time dismissing the extraordinary emotional depth he achieves here.
  2. Los Angeles Times
    Reviewed by: Kevin Thomas
    An exhilarating rush of a movie, with all manner of go-for-broke visual bravura that expresses perfectly the free spirits of his bold young people. [22 May 1998, Pg.F9]
  3. 90
    Writer-director Wong Kar-wai makes these five self-consciously idiosyncratic types--often seen through distorting lenses in cinematographer Christopher Doyle's somber, garish Hong Kong--fully and instantly believable.
  4. Fallen Angels is proof that Wong will try anything, and the result is an eclectic mix of images and disjointed editing, sounds and rhythms that are at times as powerful as any piece of filmmaking likely to be seen all year. It can also, every once in awhile, be tedious and trying.
  5. It's hard to follow, the characters are ill-defined, and the wide-angle shots used by Wong's perennial cinematographer, Christopher Doyle, are deliberately unflattering.
  6. Fallen Angels certainly abounds in visual pizazz, clever in jokes and trendy pop references, but such things can carry a movie only so far.
  7. Reviewed by: Neil Jeffries
    A colourful and stylish romp, for sure, but a feeling of restlessness sets in long before the series of false endings that finally bring it to a close. Time passes, things happen, but nobody emerges very much wiser.

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  1. Jan 3, 2015
    I haven't seen too many Asian movies, so their style is still a little bit strange to me. All in all, this was an artsy movie (don't know ifI haven't seen too many Asian movies, so their style is still a little bit strange to me. All in all, this was an artsy movie (don't know if it is the director's style or not). There was narrative from the three main characters. Filled with irony, dark humor, and witty remarks, it was interesting to follow them go through their often chaotic lives and dilemmas. Takeshi Kaneshiro was crazy and totally out of it. Leon Lain was interesting with his life based on so many lies and eventually the wish to get out of the job as a hired killer. His relationship with his "partner" was also rather bizarre and complicated. The plot was rather shady and shaky. There were two stories, actually, that come together in the end. Both were dark, angsty, and filled with silent tragedy that seemed to cover the entire movie. Some gorgeous songs were played in this movie. Expand


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