Mixed or average reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 16
  2. Negative: 3 out of 16
  1. It's not every comedy that can make you laugh with ridicule and cringe in empathetic horror at the same time.
  2. 90
    As heartfelt as it is hilarious.
  3. This hilarious fake documentary -- deserves a place beside the comedies of Christopher Guest in the hall of fame of semi-deadpan spoofs.
  4. Fortunately, it never dips into bathos. These two actors SHOULD be noticed. They've crafted the most ingenious résumé of the year.
  5. It turns into something that is much smarter, and in a gentle, low-key way, tougher and funnier than you expect.
  6. Reviewed by: Carla Meyer
    Often hilarious mockumentary.
  7. 70
    High-grade lampoon, at once more consistently on-the-money and less patronizing than anything off the Christopher Guest conveyor belt.
  8. The cottage industry of the mockumentary has produced another pleasing trifle, the cute and smart Lisa Picard Is Famous.
  9. 60
    As amusing and sharply performed as it is, Lisa Picard quickly grows thin and dull. Perhaps it would have been better as a real documentary, with Kirk and DeWolf simply playing their pathetic selves.
  10. It's a nice little film, likable but not exceptional, and it will probably appeal most strongly to actors, would be-actors, wannabes and ex-actors.
  11. Reviewed by: Jay Carr
    Intermittently engaging but inescapably overextended.
  12. 50
    The result is often quite funny, without ever managing to say anything especially new or perceptive about fame and the culture of celebrity.
  13. 40
    Comes down to two sorely limited and rapidly tiresome characters.
  14. Reviewed by: Mark Olsen
    The makers of Lisa Picard Is Famous -- having mastered the obvious early on, set their sights on the unfunny and repetitive.
  15. Reviewed by: Staff (Not Credited)
    The film feels like what it is: an improvised comedy bit that two friends came up with.

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