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  1. Jul 6, 2011
    This movie won two must have been a bad year at the movies. The movie never can decide if it wants to be a comedy or a thriller. Dorky cops, quirky characters that seem to have escaped from a slapstick flick, yet a brutal killer is at work, too. It doesn't go together. It's never funny, never believable, never exciting. In short, a waste of time.
  2. Dec 30, 2011
    Fargo is not thrilling nor is it funny nor is it great. The Coen brothers film lack's suspense because most of the story is layed out for the viewer. The character's are all jerks except for Marge who is slightly annoying and stupid. Many people will say im not respecting the art that is put into Fargo but I just don't see it. The film's simplicity does not go to it's advantage because it does not give the viewer anything special about it. In the end Fargo is a crime comedy that is average with it's crime story and is a film that is not very funny. Expand
  3. Jul 26, 2014
    Ok this movie is a kick in my ass. Kick in my ass. Kick ass. That's a good movie. Why? Because it's not extra-long, not boring and not for pure retards. At least Daniel Day Lewis is not in the movie. Because, please, he's idiot.

Universal acclaim - based on 24 Critics

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  1. 90
    The brothers, who have always seemed fond of their characters, have never taken quite so overt a stand for life's simple joys.
  2. 80
    This mordant, macabre look at the American obsession with fast food, television and murder is icily funny.
  3. The Coens haven't been this sharp, focused and fluid since their first film. This is "Blood Simple's" promise fulfilled.