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  1. Apr 29, 2011
    Best in the series by far. Great additions to the collective cast of the series, great action set pieces, and an all around enjoyable ride. And stay through the credits!
  2. May 1, 2011
    Totally rocked (literally, The Rock). Summer action has officially begun. If you even slightly enjoyed the previous movies, this one proves the series is still going strong. Vin is slightly chunkier and beefier but the rest of the cast looks just like they always did. Tyrese along with Luda pumps up the hilarity and Dwayne is no bit player. The Rock puts in a performance that is arguably one of his best in an action film. The racing is slightly de-emphasized in favor of stunt driving, but it's all here: cars, babes, tunes. More guns and hand-to-hand combat than ever before to top it all off. You don't necessarily need to know the history of the characters, but this movie keeps extending what fans are familiar with. Add the "heist" twist and you've got yourself a winner. Watch for the surprise ending! My only question after all is said and done is: how did the producers get permission to destroy Rio De Janeiro as much as they did? Crazy destruction!!! "Fast" is fun!!! Expand
  3. May 3, 2011
    I don't think anyone expected the fifth film of the series to be the best. Up to this point the only one I liked was the first one, but after seeing this one possibly the greatest car themed film ever. it's full of action, comedy, drama, babes, and way more. True it didn't have too much racing in it for a street racing film , but the use of street racing was one of the main reasons none of the films got good reviews, and because of the fact that the last chase scene is one that you'll never forget. I definetly recommend this film to all, whether your a fan of racing or not. Expand
  4. Apr 30, 2011
    As several others have mentioned, you absolutely have to sit through the credits. Quite a payoff at the end. This movie is the Oceans 11 of the Fast & The Furious franchise, but you have the benefit of knowing the cast of characters from the earlier films. It's just a lot of fun. Guns, fistfights, car chases, heists, destruction, bad guys in power, revenge, robin hood - it's all here. And the wry smile from Dom (Vin Diesel) brings it all together. I was a little surprised the critics were on board for this one, but I can see why they liked it for the most part. Expand
  5. Apr 30, 2011
    I have been a fan of this series ever since the first movie came out in 2001. When I heard this movie was going to come out, I was very excited; especially since seeing the fourth so many times. After the movie, I said to my friend, "That was one of the best movies I've seen in a while." I was completely serious too. From the giant gun fights and the fight between Vin Diesel and the Rock, to the high octane car chases, this movie has it all. I'm very excited to see the sixth movie that they are working on now. I hope it's as good as this was. Expand
  6. Apr 29, 2011
    If you walk in the theater simply expecting a fun movie to to put you in the middle of yet another experience of ridiculous driving, explosions, gunfire, and a few laughs along the way, you will be very pleased. Some fans may be disappointed to find that this latest installment of the series does not focus as much on street racing as the other movies may have, but the highly insane finale will be sure to leave everyone satisfied. Hint: Stay through the credits. Expand
  7. May 2, 2011
    You need to let yourself go before you walk into this fun, action-packed film. It's filled with the usual - babes, fast cars, ridiculous stunts, and a list of story Clichés. Just don't expect a realistic film, because the director doesn't want you to. They don't take themselves seriously and that means this makes for one of the most fun experiences in a theater in recent memory. Go with a big, lively audience and a fun group of friends and you will have yourself a damn good time. Expand
  8. May 1, 2011
    actually pretty bad movie, this series really did need a new turning point because the story was getting old and i'mm not sure this delivers. For a car movie not much actually involves cars and 90% of the movie is vin diesel and friends either complaining or figuring out to do with the rock occasionally put in to mix things up.

    the action is ok put the story is terrible it is predictable
    cliched and same old, this movie really wasn't what this title needed to help it. Expand
  9. Apr 30, 2011
    i am not going to as far as saying this movie deserves a perfect 10 but it gets a good 9 as a fan of the series since the first movie. what i really liked about this movie is the inspiring teamwork shown in Dom's crew they stay by each other no matter what and its them against the world i mean they have got a city full of corrupt working for the most powerful man in Rio and they all have an elite federal agent after them this is the kind of thing that builds up big suspense. Expand
  10. Sep 25, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is my favorite Fast & Furious movie. A lot of over the top action, funny lines, and an awesome performance by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The villain in the movie doesn't really make you hate him enough that you want him to die now. But it still satisfies you when he gets shot and dies even though the execution was very quick and is quickly forgotten after he dies. After the heist, you feel the weight when the cast tries to open the vault. When they open the vault, you actually feel happy for them. I did. And I'm glad they showed how the group spent their lives after their the heist. It's a really good movie and really enjoyable. Expand
  11. Jul 18, 2011
    I only saw the first 15 minutes of the movie, and I do not really taste anything bad, I felt so uncomfortable to see Diesel is the worst actors I've seen, I lost myself in the scenes, went in one side and out of the other (literally). very disgusting
  12. Apr 30, 2011
    'Fast" fans will be left aghast in this latest installment of the racing series as the stunts soar to even greater, insurmountable lengths; impervious to limitation and restraint. Just when you think the crew can't make their objective anymore difficult, they do, and execute with such foreseen efficiency, that the approaching quandary seems all the more likely. By the same token, 'Fast Five' is the facility to a much more enjoyable story-line and plot, going beyond life on the circuit. Even so, a few issues remain: "tongue-and-cheek" dialogue, predictability, troubles with continuity, and an overusage of moth-eaten expressions. Aside from subtle deficiencies, the film manages to sway the viewer away from such foibles, and instead, sublimate faced-paced visuals of daring brutes, tantalizing women, and enough tempo to make you wonder what just hit you. 'Fast' is geared up to thrill, and does just that, as entertainment wins the race against normalcy; making for far-fetched, fast, and furious fun. Expand
  13. Apr 29, 2011
    Suspension of disbelief and overacting by The Rock aside, this more than any of the other movies was the most fun. Lots of unexpected comic relief, stunning action sequences, and I'm gonna say it, heart. I went in with low expectations and came out thoroughly entertained. Go see it and have a crazy good time rooting for our favorite bad guys! Oh, and make sure you sit through the credits for a "Holy cow, no way!" moment. Expand
  14. Apr 29, 2011
    Finally the Fast and the Furious has some creditability. Now I'm not saying I loved this movie, but I did enjoy the crap out of it, it's only flaws are some not so good acting and a weak plot, but overall, I really enjoyed myself watching this and wouldn't mind giving it a second viewing.
  15. Apr 30, 2011
    Like most of its predecessors, FAST FIVE is indeed big, bold and brainless...but it works, as the concept swings away from car racing to a broader, more action viewer friendly OCEANS 11 meets CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER meets the World Wrestling Federation hybrid. It's too long, it's pretty cheesy and it defies all laws of physics - but put all that aside (which you should be doing anyway...because it's a FATS AND FURIOUS sequel) and there's a great deal of pre-summer, eye-rolling, fun to be had. Far from a ten, I'm giving FIVE a seven. Expand
  16. Apr 29, 2011
    All air and no head, but a popcorn-muncher, a pleasing-enough hi-octane version of the o-so-repeated-to-death heist movie. It's amiable, got some decent-enough stunts, but the story isn't exactly going to test your mental agility, nor tantalise your thirst for more. It's okay. Big screen price-tag required? Nah, this is a straight-to-video bonanza!
  17. May 1, 2011
    Great film. pure escapism. Best of the series. never slow. action packed adventure. Great locations and not bad acting for the best part. cant wait for the next one..........
  18. May 6, 2011
    In retrospect I'm not really sure why I expected anything at all from this movie. I guess it was the B+ from the A.V. Club. Stupid. Paul Walker is the least charismatic actor I've ever seen on the big screen. Vin Diesel seems to be caricaturing himself. The Rock, of course IS caricaturing himself, which yields the only mild entertainment of the movie apart form the fantastic train seen at the beginning. The rest of the movie is horribly scripted, pathetically acted, rote B-movie action with an A-movie budget. This movie makes me wish I could take back the "2" I just gave Hanna, which was also awful but provided far more entertaining minutes than Fast Five. A.V. Club: you owe me 2+ hours of my life back. Expand
  19. May 15, 2011
    BEST ONE OF THE SERIES. it was a great action movie. it was **** car bashing madness. vin diesel and the rock gives the movie life. good job fellas. great improvement. i finally liked a fast and the furious movie.
  20. Jun 3, 2011
    The worst movie of series.. They destroyed so much cars for nothing, no good chases, no story no nothing.. Seems like they are just milking out the franchise.. Sorry but a 1 from me
  21. Oct 23, 2011
    Fast Five was a big improvement from the past few films in the Fast and Furious franchise. The actors although are goofs, were well used and the climax of the story was solid, entertaining, well edited and thrilling. The movies best parts were actually in the character development scenes which I'm glad to say had likable charm. The audience will need to turn their brain off which is generally something that annoys me but Fast Five did seem to get away with. Vin Diesel gives a poetic speech about the importance of family - then goes on a driving rampage that would kill 50 police officers. Fast Five was some fun and breaths some life into a declining series. Recommended for an action time.â Expand
  22. Nov 8, 2011
    This is the worst movie I have ever watched. What happened to the racing? As absurd as the previous movies were this one crosses every line of absurdity. Let me "ruin" the end for you ... a pair of dodge chargers manage to pull a multi-ton safe from a wall and drag it down the road at high speeds. I had as low of expectations as possible for this movie, however the movie somehow went lower.
  23. Jul 23, 2011
    ave been a fan of this series ever since the first movie came out in 2001. When I heard this movie was going to come out, I was very excited; especially since seeing the fourth so many times. After the movie, I said to my friend, "That was one of the best movies I've seen in a while." I was completely serious too. From the giant gun fights and the fight between Vin Diesel and the Rock, â
  24. May 18, 2011
    oh come on this movie was great, i took my girlfriend and she loved it, action packed and long becuase there is alot going on in this one, well worth it. let me think what else, oh the two regeton guys made me laugh alot they should do more movies together.
  25. Jun 8, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. In chronicling the travails of the Brazilian underclass, "Fast Five" is no "Pixote", the Hector Babenco neo-realist classic about lost childhood, but at least it pays lip service to the poor, which is marginally better than an amoral filmmaker such as Michael Bay, whose infamous chase sequence involving Hummers laying waste to a Cuban hillside shantytown in "Bad Boys 2", makes almost no filmic reference to the impoverished people who reside there. The human collateral damage caused by the SUVs goes unacknowledged by both the driver(Will Smith) and the passenger(Martin Lawrence), because a third-world citizen isn't the equivalent of a first-world one. So even though the U.S. feds(led by Dwayne Johnson), in "Fast Five", chase Dominic Toretto and his friends through an honest-to-goodness favela, firing at will without any self-consciousness about nicking an innocent bystander, the exotic on-location set is not utilized merely as background for a standard Hollywood-style shootout. On the lam from the law, Vince, last seen in "The Fast and the Furious", has been hiding out in the Rio slums for the past ten years, and during the interim, he marries a Brazilian local and fathers a child with her. Likewise, since Canada is too easy, Dom, a recently escaped convict, joins his old childhood friend, along with ex-cop Brian O'Conner and Dom's sister Mia, who are also wanted for their part in the bus hijacking that frees the bald linchpin en route to a federal penitentiary. Despite the fact that all the Portuguese-speaking parts are assigned to crooked cops and criminals, the filmmaker does attempt to put a human face on the favela inhabitants. When Rosa allows the fairer Toretto to put little Nico to sleep, both the mother and child are signified as people through Mia's Americanism. By proxy, they're no longer just ordinary Brazilians. And then there's Elena, a neighborhood girl-turned-cop who, initially anyway, is seemingly the only honest law officer in all of Rio de Janerio. More interaction with the visiting fugitives would further distance the Rio locals from the same filmic life of faceless anonymity that confronts other third-world denizens whose respective countries serve as a backdrop for some crisis which often doesn't include them. While "Fast Five" has just enough cultural sensitivity to stave off comparisons with a Michael Bay production, it still, however, bears the unmistakable stench of American imperialism. (For instance, the scene where the ersatz "Ocean's Eleven"-like outfit brazenly race in police cars.) The filmmaker wants the moviegoer to care about Rosa, but not necessarily her countrymen. We never get to meet them. When Mia goes to an open market, her visit is cut short before she gets the chance to talk with a vendor, somebody other than Rosa who'd give the favela populace a collective identity. Thanks to Vince, the ambushing of Mia, orchestrated by Reyes(the unofficial "governor" of Rio), goes awry, so the quota on Brazilian kidnappings, at least one a day according to the Jason Kohn documentary "Manda Bala(Send a Bullet)", gets left to some other Portuguese goon and his henchmen. Contrary to Brazil's reputation as a glamorous tourist destination, the South American country with the seventh highest GDP is plagued by high crime rates, nefarious government officials, and a disproportionate amount of poor people. In "Manda Bala", a frog farmer, who was thought to be involved in a money-laundering scheme with then-Governor Jader Barbalho, tells the camera proudly that he chose the frogs, after his wife issued him an ultimatum which put the small businessman's aquaculture business in opposition with their marriage. The money was just too good. Love, both the brotherly and romantic kind, also takes a backseat in "Fast Five", as well, since Mia is allowed to go out alone, unescorted, without notice. Dominic and Brian are too busy mulling over their potential hundred-million dollar payday. This cast of characters were a whole lot more likable when they were rebels without a cause, mere small-time crooks who'd boost semi trucks at great risk for the incommensurate payoff of DVD players in the Rob Cohen original. By sequestering the thieves from the natives, the ugliness of their greed will go unnoticed by most moviegoers, who are conditioned to root for the good guys, or at the very least, the anti-heroes. Sure, they give Vince's widow a cut of the money, but that's a mere pittance in lieu of the innumerable poverty-stricken Brazilians who wallow in abject destitution. It's one thing to steal from Americans on domestic soil, but it's a whole other thing to steal from the people of a developing country. "Fast Five" is a film of its time. This updating of Steven Soderbergh's "Ocean's Eleven" very much captures the zeitgeist of the post-economic collapse. These criminals don't give a f*ck about who they steal from, as long as they get paid. Expand
  26. May 7, 2011
    I liked the first movie in this series, but was not very impressed with this one. Aside from the fact that most of what takes place in this movie is beyond any scope of reality, the acting was poor. On a positive note: the action was almost non-stop, so if that is all you like then you will love this movie.
  27. May 4, 2011
    Tough to say too much about this film. On the positive, the stunts and special effects are top notch. The story, screenplay, and acting are dumb. But what should I expect, right? I just think perhaps this genre of movie isn't for me. I can't help thinking of Mike Judge's Idiocracy when imagining the people who REALLY enjoy a film like this. ...and man has "The Rock" been juicing! He looks like a character from Gears of War. Expand
  28. Oct 24, 2011
    You know those lazy action script moments that piss you off so much they pull you out of the movie: guy with gun walks close enough to get it batted away, kingping says "kill them" as he leaves the room-good guys pick lock at last second, late twist negates everything that happened 10 minutes ago, etc etc? Well this movie has all of them and then some. They should make Tokyo Drift 2. At least that one was stupid fun. Expand
  29. Apr 30, 2011
    "Tho Not as Fast or Furious as its predecessors and completely implausible Fast Five is still a full - blown adrenalin pumping thrill ride. That holds you in the drivers seat till the Intense and Epic Final Act that will leave you breathless and shocked" .. B+
  30. May 4, 2011
    Things have changed in this 5th installment of the "Fast & Furious" series: the stars are more pumped, Dwayne Johnson is the antagonist and it's more about action than the cars. This time Van Diesel, Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster are on the run in Rio, where they decide to stage one big final robbery. The movie basically becomes a heist flick that's bookended by two elaborate, action-packed chases. Sure, there's lots of fast driving, but it's not about racing. Still, there's plenty of macho posturing and quick-cut fights to add that testosterone edge. NOTE: Stay thru the credits until you get a double cameo surprise. Expand
  31. May 16, 2011
    This movie fits in well with the others in the series. It is a well made action flick with great special effects that you will forget entirely in a couple of months. The best part of the movie is the opening train sequence. The cars pulling the safe at the end (not a spoiler since it is in the previews) will have you rolling your eyes in disbelief, but it is still exciting. The Rock actually gives one of his best screen performances to date. Not great but a fun movie. Expand
  32. Oct 19, 2011
    This is the worst Fast and Furious movie yet. There is almost no underground racing. Now the characters are on the run in a 3rd world country and decide to rob a bank. Some wrestler FBI guy is out to get them. This movie is filled with bad dialogue and poor acting. End of story. This resembles nothing of the first Fast and Furious movies.
  33. Aug 23, 2011
    Not at all what I expected. The Rock, although I like him, was such an unnesiccary addition to the great series. What was with this movie? Everyone is a criminal now? Rio De Janeiro? I didn't know they were known for cars. Have you ever seen the streets? It would be impossible to race there! Not well thought out by the producers. And the Vault seen dragging though the street at the end? WHAT? Two Peterbuilt trucks couldn't pull a vault through buildings and around corners let alone two muscle cars! The others in this series are admittedly "over the top" but this one takes the cake, then bakes another and takes that one too. 4/10 Expand
  34. May 5, 2011
    What do Fast 5 and Ocean's 11 have in common besides numbers in their title? Watch this movie to find out. I really enjoyed this movie. I'm not exactly a big fan of the series, but all of the cheese and ridiculousness of this film kept me very entertained despite not knowing the character relationships from the previous films.
  35. Jan 5, 2012
    A good time if your a fan of the series or just like cheesy action movies with fast cars, the plot is surprisingly good, I wish it could have had a more intense feel, the plot really sets it up for one, but the goofy characters and cheesy lines keep it from reaching it, and speaking of cheesy dialog all of the Rock's lines were awful, some will literally caused you pain to hear, but the action is intense and hiss fight scene with Vin Diesel was pretty awesome, this is basically a movie created specifically for the fans, and includes characters from all the previous movies even Tokyo Drift, so it's a good movie with some extremely cheesy moments, and I don't see this changing your ming if you weren't already a fan, but there are worse movies out there, and if you want a action movie with fast cars for a weekend rental and have seen the others then this is for you. Expand
  36. Aug 18, 2014
    Fast Five (or is that The Fast & the Furious 5? or Fast & Furious 5? Or Rio Heist... never mind) is a decent addition to the franchise which proves to be more fun than parts 2, 3 & 4. Dialing the action up to insane levels and adding in The Rock makes this a ton of stoopid fun.
  37. May 26, 2011
    Great action movie. If you enjoyed any of the others in the series you'll love this. For me its arguably the best yet. Story, action scenes, comedy and "The Rock" make this worth seeing. I really think the last action sequence is amongst the best car scenes I've seen in a very long time. So good to see real stunts and less CGI for a change. Its a bit hard to believe in places but thats not the point here. Simply leave your brain at the door sit back and enjoy the ride. I'm sure there is more to come from this series. Expand
  38. Jun 15, 2011
    Race Cars speeding along the street of Rio De Jainero, All Casts come together all at once, the rooftop chasing and ultimate gun-shooting, what more can you ask for? Here comes the fifth installment of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS (2001) franchise, thiz is actually the bridging story between THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT (2006) and is a direct connection to the ending scenes of FAST & FURIOUS (2009), when Dom (Vin Diesel) sentenced to 25 years in federal prison and Brian gang (Paul Walker) attempting to free him again. Justin Lin directs thiz sequel with identical pace and tone from previous movies. Just like the previous F & F movies, it is all about high-speed car racing, hot and sexy babes and some of cat and mouse criminal activities. Well, to tell you the truth, thiz time is more like a Heist movie than Car Race movie. We find very less of eye-catching Race Cars, the movie put aside many glamour factors, to do otherwise they step on the gas pedal to full throttle into pure Action. Frankly said, I did not know for sure, who were the real Fast Five in thiz movie. Certainly, the focus is still on two central characters, Dom and Brian. The rest is Dom sister, Mia (Jordana Brewster), the big-mouth Roman (Tyrese Gibson), the high-tech Tej (Chris Ludacris Bridges), the big-muscle Vince (Matt Schulze), the beautiful driver Gal (Gisele Harabo) and the charismatic Sung Kang (Han Lue) from TOKYO DRIFT. One thing for sure, there are more than five people. Thiz time they got a well-matched opponent, the ambitious Federal Agent Luke Hobbs played by Dwayne The Rock Johnson! Thiz seems to be a great selection. The Rock delivers a strong and believable tough guy performance, I am beginning to think thiz WWE sensation could be a great serious Actor as well. On the other hand, Vin Diesel performs one round of WWE wrestling scene with the The Rock, it is pretty entertaining to see two giant muscle brutally clash with each other in bare hand fight. It comes to my mind, if Vin Diesel will also be one hell of good wrestler in WWE ring? With all the hype and enthusiasm around, thiz is clearly not the last F & F movie to be made, they will be back to do their things again. Thiz implicit confirmation was exposed in one of Hobb famous lines, We will find em, we take em as a team and we bring em back. And above all else, we do not ever, ever let them get into cars (again).

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  39. Nov 15, 2011
    By far, an improvement to the series with its epic scenes that range from the light heavyweight fight to an unbelievable heist. Fast Five leaves its predecessors in the dust with its new material.
  40. Aug 1, 2011
    Never watched the four movies before but it's loud and entertaining. Bad talks, intense and brainless action. Heist. Explosion. Crash. Fast Five is unstoppable ride for summer.
  41. May 6, 2011
    Less cars, more destroying Rio with a safe. So the acting is very bad and at one point they say "This just turned from mission impossible to mission damn insane!" But you must forgive for this as this is by far the best action movie there will all year and it is the best in the series by far. It even has that great heist movie feeling and and towards the end, The Rock (or Dwayne) by far has the best movie kill this year and there is a $1 million drag race. One word, AMAZING! Expand
  42. May 21, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I thought this movie was a 6.5, but I'll give it a 7. It was enjoyable, but I won't ever watch it again unless I'm super bored. The races in the this movie were lame and there weren't enough. And although all the Dodge Chargers were cool, it was still cop car sedans. And how about at the end when Dom gets his Dodge and Brian gets his Skyline, they go to race and it doesn't even show it!? Come on! I'm hoping for another one in the series, simply so i can see that race! Expand
  43. May 4, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Es la mejor de la saga por mucho,llena de adrenalina y emociones no da chance a relajarse,un elenco maravilloso lleno de agrabables sorpresas,dejando un poco a un lado las carreras y centrandose mas en una historia,exelente ambientacion Brazil es magnifico. Expand
  44. Jun 5, 2011
    Best entry in the series by far. After the successful reboot of the Fast & Furious franchise, Fast Five delivers all action, high-octane, adrenaline fuled ride and once again improves the series by soome distance. Continuing on from the fourth outing Brian (Paul Walker) and Mia (Jordana Brewster) manage to free Dom (Vin Diesel) whilst he is being transferred to prison. The manage to flee the country and end up in Rio however its not wrong before the authorities are on their case, in the face of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who is challenged with finding Dom and his team and extraditing them back to America all the while Dom has actually planned a Heist with a large payday - namely Brazilian crimeloard Hernan Reyes' £100million (Joaquim de Almeida) in order for him, Brian and Mia to start a new life. Many familiar faces return from previous installments and be sure to stay for the credits as theres a shock instore beyond the actual movie which sets things up perfectly for the next sequel. Fast 5 won't win any special awards but it will entertain the hell out of you. Some people might critisize the fact that they seemed to have moved the emphasis away from the street racing but its a bold move and one that they have got spot on imo! Now its all about the heist, eg Oceans but mixed up with great adrenaline filled action set pieces, explosive scenes throughout many with The Rock who is awesome as Hobbs bringing his wrestling skills into effect in his bad ass, no nonsense approach resulting in an immensly entertaining movie from start to finish. Fast Five is bigger, badder and better. A hugely enjoyable ride in what is the best Fast film to date! Expand
  45. May 3, 2011
    Fast Five is definitely the best of the series and the most worthy to be called a sequel to the original. This movie has it all for the adrenaline junky: Fast cars, hot women, guns, and insane action sequences. If you didn't like this movie then your brain just isn't capable of suspending disbelief, go watch a documentary instead!
  46. May 14, 2011
    First of all, to understand my wrath, you should know that this critic comes from a Rio de Janeiro citzen.
    I´m (was...) a fan of the first movie and was very happy to see a FF in my hometown Rio de Janeiro, but they trashed their unique chance. Rio is not an old west city without law and it is one of the most beautiful and pleasant cities of the world. Unlike USA, Rio does
    not hide its poverty, the same that exists in USA an all other places of the modern world, but the movie focuses only in the slams and completely forgot places like Ipanema, Copacabana and hundreds of other. At least what you expect from a production team would be a minimal research about a foreign Country (like the good movie makers do) where you are shooting and not that grotesque and ignorant image that they did with our people and our city. I will not write about all incorrect history, culture, language and so on, because I´m pretty sure that most of the people will watch these movie for the cars, but I´d like to say that they offended Brazilian people hardly, mainly when Vin Diesel open his arms to say "This is not America, this is Brazil". And for the racing fans (like me) it is not a good movie, too. They did only two or three racing sequences that barely had the quality of the Fast and the Furious first movie. It is shame that there are people who give criticism on countries who they do not know. This movie has no value even for the fast... Expand
  47. Jun 5, 2011
    Fast Five. Action packed thrill ride gun firing explosion blowing WOW of a film. You would think that after all the other four films that five would be pushing the sequel's too far. now i can see that, However "Fast Five" is by far the best one out of all of them. i guess because they have put much more money into this film, the budget was an estimated $125,000,000, the film was well advertised and people were more aware of this film coming to the cinema and there was a big "hype" about it coming out. I think the hype towards this film was the audience responding to all the characters from the previous films are now featured together as one "big family" and working together as a team to do this last job. This films got it all, comedy action thrill suspense, muscle and guns and girls in next to nothing washing beautiful cars, i mean seriously can anything top that? watch and see, yet another must see film and will rock your night at the cinema. Expand
  48. Jun 1, 2012
    Somehow this series continues onwards without an real story to them and finally we get the latest one that actually has the best story, action and acting of the entire series.
  49. May 14, 2011
    An enjoyable action movie. Even if the plot leaves you with a feel of already-seen, it's well directed and acting and script do not make you bleed from eyes and ears.
    Avoid it if you're expecting to see car tuning and/or illegal races like in the first movies. Enjoy it otherwise.
  50. May 31, 2011
    The epic Hollywood action film with a great cast, jaw-dropping stunts, and a streamlined plot that gets to the point quickly and doesn't look back! Easily one of the best, if not THE best, of the entire F&F franchise!
  51. Apr 30, 2011
    I usually don't review movies but I had to for this one because it was so gooooood! There were a couple scenes which were cheese and overacted but the rest of the flick was very fun to watch. I really enjoyed it and felt for the characters. It did a great job of weaving aspects from all 4 Fast movies together. The audience at my theatre actually clapped a couple times - esp. towards the end. This is an exciting movie.

    The only negatives were the under developed side-story of the Rock and Esla chasing the team and the choice to not show one particular racing scene.

    All in all though, Fast 5 was an excellent movie and great way to spend a Friday night.

    PS: If you watched the last movie, make sure to stay to watch the last scene after the credits.
  52. May 1, 2011
    The latest in the Fast and Furious franchise has recently hit the screens and what with the others being a good way to spend a few hours I was hoping for a similar type of movie from this one with plenty of great cars and car chases to boot.

    Set after Fast & Furious (No. 4) but before The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (No. 3), this time the action is played out in Rio, Brazil after
    Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) has escaped from police custody in the US with help from his old pal Brian (Paul Walker) and sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) and gone into hiding. With them needing money to disappear forever, Dom hatches a plan to steal all the money from Rio's most reputable underworld kingpin Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida).

    At the same time they are being hunted down by the elite federal agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and his team who are trying to capture and take him back to prison. Although it is quite possible to watch this movie without seeing the previous 4 there will be some parts that may slip you by as the writers have assumed that, if your coming to see this movie then there is a very strong possibility you have seen at least a couple of the prequels/sequel.

    One thing that I was quite surprised about was the lack of actual cars in the storyline. Sure they were involved slightly more than a normal action movie but I was expecting a lot more. There were probably only 2/3 scenes involving racing or car stunts and when the whole movie is supposed to be based around cars I was expecting just that little bit more. If fact in one scene just when you are expecting a good old fashioned drag race, they cut away to reveal the car back in the garage and already won!

    The action does make up for this though and is fast flowing throughout as they jump from one explosion/fight scene to the next. The casting of Johnson as the bad-ass agent was a stroke of genius with him bringing his former WWE smack talk to the character. He really makes you want to hate him and I especially enjoyed the Johnson Vs. Diesel fight scene as the 2 heavyweights traded blows.

    At over 2 hours this is by far the longest in the franchise and although in general the time will pass quickly, they could have easily chopped off a few minutes here and there to stop the risk of it dragging for some people. The acting and script is nothing special and you will have to sit through a fair bit of 'we're doing this for family' talk but that is not what people will come to watch this movie for.

    With Neal H. Moritz announcing in March the development of a sixth and seventh movie for the series it is doubtful that this surprisingly long lasting franchise will go away quietly. Despite having lots of good action and successfully filling a void in my day, lets just hope that they return to the core basics for the next one rather than forgetting the main reason for these movies was supposed to be the cars.

    For further reviews feel free to check out:
  53. May 7, 2011
    Thoroughly enjoyable! great cast, by far the best in the series. The addition of Dwayne "the rock" Johnson definitely added to the entertainment value. Go watch it now, and don't let your inherited prejudice brought on by the less successful iterations keep you out of the theatres!
  54. May 6, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Best in the series by far. Great additions to the collective cast of the series, great action set pieces, and an all around enjoyable ride. And stay through the credits! please check this out Expand
  55. May 6, 2011
    Best one yet indeed. The way the scenes fit into the overall story are very well done. There were no boring moments for me - just a nice balance between action and dialogue - for an action movie. The character are also very good and the introduction Dwayne Johnson in the "series" gives it a boost. You should watch it as it is really entertainment. Not some random action movie.
  56. May 7, 2011
    Was exactly what was expected and I didn't mind that. It is ridiculously over the top at this point and features more of a super hero, insane driving sort of plot line. I find at this point the movies aren't as much about the cars and the customization as they are about the explosions, fight scenes and insane amounts of destruction. It also ended up making me laugh at a large amount of spots. Whether this is because the movie itself is so over the top that it is funny or that the movie itself was made to be rather funny, either way it was funny. Overall a good movie, exactly what I expected it to be. Expand
  57. May 7, 2011
    MetaCritic won't let me properly format the review, sorry about that:

    Someone should tell Justin Lin (the director) to leave the heist movies to the professionals. Just because you have an ensemble cast from the previous entries doesn't mean you have to slap them all together into a specialized team. Most of these characters are given roles that donâ
  58. May 8, 2011
    5th time's the charm, it seems! All-star cast...seems like the first four movies were just a bunch of prequels to give backstory (or forestory) on all the characters. They managed to deliver quite a bit of plot at the beginning without putting the viewers to sleep like in the 4th movie. Much less emphasis on the racing culture....felt like a very balanced film as a result. And come on...when you put The Rock against Vin Diesel, you're bound to have one of the muscle bulgingest, nostril flaringest action sequences this year! The interactions between all of the characters are superb. This movie did exactly what it was supposed to do and, despite the outlandishness of some of the action sequences, it's really hard to find anything wrong with this movie. Expand
  59. May 9, 2011
    If you're like me and cannot those impossible and unrealistic things, this is not your movie. Although the acting was bearly mediocre, the constant action kept me following through the whole flick. The movie was overall decent mostly because of the special effects and beautiful women. Worth seeing once, but not worth buying.
  60. May 14, 2011
    Best film in the series. No question. The first one was always my favorite up until this film. Its a tight fast movie with everything you would expect from a Fast and Furious film. I cant wait until Fast Six
  61. May 22, 2011
    A+ for the bank safe scene. A+ for the cast A for stunts. B for cute, funny quips. D for over the top stuff. The glory of movies and the reason I am such a huge film buff is because of stories like Fast 5. Over the top? Yes! Ridiculous? Yes! Humor where I didn't laugh out loud but laughed on the inside? You betcha. But you know what? Doesn't matter in movies like this. I mean, who can beat awesome cars, awesome cast, super schweet stunts, and OMG that bank safe scene! I can honestly say I have never seen that before and I absolutely loved it, I was all over it! (Save for Dodge Chargers - huh? LOL, it was still cool).

    I am also a huge fan of the Fast series. I am not going to give anything away, but I will say that the very last scene I was quite skeptical, but hey, like I said - gotta love the movies anyway. And Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel - ahhhh I just wanna hug them and squeeze them and call them George.

    When I think of the movies I enjoy and love, I think of the 2001 movie called the Majestic. My favorite line - I pulled this from
    [Inside the abandoned movie theater]
    "Harry Trimble: That's why we call it The Majestic. Any man, woman, child could buy their ticket, walk right in. Here they'd be, here we'd be. "Yes sir, yes ma'am. Enjoy the show." And in they'd come entering a palace, like in a dream, like in heaven. Maybe you had worries and problems out there, but once you came through those doors, they didn't matter anymore. And you know why? Chaplin, that's why. And Keaton and Lloyd. Garbo, Gable, and Lombard, and Jimmy Stewart and Jimmy Cagney. Fred and Ginger. They were gods. And they lived up there. That was Olympus. Would you remember if I told you how lucky we felt just to be here? To have the privilege of watching them. I mean, this television thing. Why would you want to stay at home and watch a little box? Because it's convenient? Because you don't have to get dressed up, because you could just sit there? I mean, how can you call that entertainment, alone in your living room? Where's the other people? Where's the audience? Where's the magic? I'll tell you, in a place like this, the magic is all around you. The trick is to see it."

    Gleenobly's rating: 8/10
  62. May 15, 2011
    The most "movie" movie in the franchise to date, the film avoids a lot of the pitfalls associated with the genre while tripping over others in very obvious ways. However, the group chemistry works very well in this film, and Justin Lin (between establishing shots of the giant Jesus statue) directs the hell out of the action set pieces.
  63. May 16, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I learned 3 things in this movie.

    1) One car can not rip a bank fault out of concrete, but two can.
    2) Having a strong relationship or not having a strong relationship with your father will still lead to a life of crime.
    3) SWAT team members will not assist you when you're having a fight with Vin Diesel. Even if he's about to kill you. How did I get dragged to this movie, and how could they possibly allow this guy a running time of 2 hours & 10 minutes? Wait for the directors cut, where they actually cut 40 minutes from this movie.
  64. May 17, 2011
    Fast Five is so much fun ot watch. This movie is much more emotional and engaging since it is not about racing, it's about the characters trying to leave their dangerous lives with one last bang. The action scenes keeps the movie pumped up and help weave the story together. It never feels overdone or unnecessary but always makes sure to leave you with an OOOHHHH!!
  65. May 17, 2011
    Basically fast cars, goofy characters that you know if you watched the series, great character interplay for a chase film, and awesome special effects, explosions, and a few good looking girls. It doesn't have much of a plot but be honest that is not why you are watching this movie, so who cares! Overall for a good fun thrill ride with narrow escapes and the most prepared crew for any circumstance it is worth the ticket price to see it in theaters. Expand
  66. May 19, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Okay let me start off by saying this FAST FIVE is no street racing film, it hardly has any racing at all in it. But this isn't a bad thing,you see the film kinda plays out like one of the OCEAN movies,they put a team together to get money from a not so good person.Now the film has some amazing car chases and some intense fight scenes, my favorite being a very impressive train sequence.The cast is pretty good with most of the original cast in there with some new faces tossed in there, also returning from the Tokyo drift spin off and the 4th film is HUN, He plays a pretty big role in the film and hints to his role in Tokyo drift are in the movie.Now for some of the bad stuff,the movie isn't much outside of the Amazing car chases and stunts. The story doesn't end on a very good note and some parts don't make any sense at all. But if you are looking for a good time at the movies with some mates and wanna have a laugh and be amazed by awesome cars and hot babes FAST 5 is the movie for you. Expand
  67. May 21, 2011
    I'll be up front, I'm not a fan of the Fast series - I hadn't seen any of the others prior to this latest installment. But from my uninitiated perspective, I'd say that this hardly matters. OK, so there might be a few references for the die-hard fans of the series that passed me by, but that did not spoil my enjoyment of the film. It's loud, brash and incredibly fun. The highlight is undoubtedly the end chase through Rio - it's probably the greatest example of movie carnage you'll see this year. The Diesel vs. Rock fight is also pretty cool - it's like watching two slabs of prime steak tenderise each other. The film is also INCREDIBLY stupid...but in a good way. Go see it - just leave your brain at the door. Expand
  68. May 22, 2011
    This movie rocked and seeing all of those great characters again was just awesome. I loved this movie alot. It's right up there with the first Fast movie. A very close second!!
  69. May 23, 2011
    Well done movie. ! That's all i can say.
    Action packed, full of fun filled and exciting stunts, amazing face off..!
    And great setting!
    My problem is just about the acting, ahm. some of the actors in this were kind of lame in acting. But over all it's really really superbly nice. it wont waste your bucks.
  70. May 31, 2011
    loved the movie, love all the 5 movies. only regret is that i dint get to see Vin Diesel and The Rock pounding their fists on each other's faces ! :P
    overall reached upto the other four editions of it but could have been more better! and yea.. stay thru the credits! :P
  71. Jun 4, 2011
    I really enjoyed this movie. If your looking for an action-packed movie with ridiculous driving, explosions, gun fights, and some comic relief this the movie for you. is a highly entertaining. There are some scenes that don't follow the proper parallel structure but if you can ignore that and "the Rock's" overacting this movie is a good one to see.
  72. Jun 8, 2011
    Fast Five is definitely the best made of the fast films so far. I have always been a fan but I can completely understand now why the critics are giving it good reviews. Sadly I am one that will be begging for Fast Six now!
  73. Jul 25, 2011
    Fast Five is a brilliant film. It had the best story in the franchise, some of my favourite actors from the last films are in this one and the action & stunts in this film are great. The driving sequence in this film is just fantastic and the actors did probably their best performance ever in this film. I would give this film a full price.
  74. BeK
    Jul 11, 2011
    At one point in the series I really got bored of the same actions, over and over again. Not anymore. I went to see this at the cinema, and simply waited for what's to come for all 130 minutes in the movies. Very unexpected, but pleasantly surprised. Acting as always, not that great, even if Vin Diesel really captures the screen with his well known character. The appearance of Dwaine Johnson, really isn't as unwanted as expected, until the end. He represent a very competitive, sort to say, opponent. Another plus, would be reuniting of the former teams, from the previous movies. And now the ground breaker, the final chase. I don't really want to spoil anything, the main idea is see the movie and you'll find out for yourself how impressive and unique is in comparison to the previous ones, even though the first Fast and Furious(2001), was pretty good at that time. I consider the reason, now that movies are evolving on such accelerating passe, is the significant value they have financially. Some of them are much more improved, due the money fact. Fast Five is definitely one of them and a hell of a good movie I might add. Expand
  75. Aug 24, 2011
    As an Action film "Fast Dive" was good ! but as the forth sequel of the Fast franchise it was the worst ! Did they forgot that its a racing movie? we use to love this movie franchise because of this reason ! seems like they are throwing the best parts in each sequel ! There were no traditional race in this film ! i cant believe the cut the race part when Dom & O'cor went out for a car ! acting was good , Brazil was awesome ! soundtracks wasn't good at all (Compare to the fast 4 films) . the las Vault scene was good but not realistic ! Story : 1.22 [No race]
    Directing : 1.12 [No race and unrealistic last action scene ]
    Acting : 1.42 [Good]
    Sound :12 [Lowest comparing to the last four ]
    Edit & Effect : 1.42 [Good]

    OVERALL : 610
  76. Aug 23, 2011
    Faire un Fast and Furious qui soit meilleur que le premier et qui enchante la presse était une idée quasiment impensable. Et pourtant, ce cinquième opus réussi ce pari haut la main de part des séquences d'action éblouissantes, une mise en scène des plus énergiques, avec en prime des acteurs qui conviennent parfaitement à leur rôle (même Dwayne Johnson/The Rock qui ne brillait pas depuis Le Roi Scorpion). Il vrai que le scénario n'est pas toujours aussi original (et ce malgré bons nombres de nouveautés et de bons gags), les effets numériques bas de gamme (même si cela a été amélioré par rapport à l'opus précédent) et que les voitures se font de plus en plus rares; mais tous ces défauts ne peuvent que rester mineurs à nos yeux devant un tel divertissement. Fast and Furious 4 prouvait que la saga en avait encore sous le capot, cette suite fait marcher la nitro à plein régime! Expand
  77. Aug 30, 2011
    I had a lot of exceptions but as they say the bigger they are the bigger the disappointingness the was movie story and the movie is way to fast they think it was a great idea but well if u blink u might miss something literally i mean and there was a race one race which was disappointing and the ending is fake unbelievable now the actors were great as they are the rock i mean Dwayne Johnson was really believable character and the rest are the same as they are THE great thing about the movie was the sequences which was just outstanding and made all the bad go away the EXPLOSIONS ,THE CAR CHASES, THE CRASHES,AND THE SOUND WAS EPIC worth the watch fot the CAPS LOCK PORTIONS rest all are very bad i mean bad milk bad but it was a great watch in HIGH DEFINITION Expand
  78. Sep 5, 2011
    I'm not on the fan bus too much for this one. Being a huge fan of 1 and 4, I just didn't see much in the latest installment. It's a good action movie, but for a Fast & Furious film, it lacked. The best thing was having cast members from the other films in it. That worked. Glad they had Jordana Brewster in it more. Over all, it's a meh from me, but I am very excited for the 6th film.
  79. Feb 2, 2014
    I watched the first "fast and furious" movie, and I didn't like it. years pasted and they started making the "fast and furious" sequels! I figured, maybe... I am missing out! So I watched Fast five, wow! was I ever disappointed. Being a car guy myself, this movie is total cr*p. The were doing a 1/4 mile race and one of the characters down shifted? really?! The story is just terrible as well! I have no idea, how people can support this franchise! Expand
  80. Oct 5, 2011
    Best in the series. Loved hauling the safe part. Was the most action ever. Also like seeing Dom with the FBI agent at end, was hoping for that. Looks like Lettie is still alive or maybe a start for another movie that was shown after end of movie. What do you think??? Dom and Bryan are great together, hope they do another series.
  81. Oct 10, 2011
    i think the film was every good because Fast Five is definitely the best of the series and the most worthy to be called a sequel to the original. Fast cars, guns, and insane action sequences.Best in the series. Loved hauling the safe part. Was the most action ever. Also like seeing Dom with the FBI agent at end, was hoping for that. Looks like Lettie is still alive or maybe a start for another movie that was shown after end of movie.Also fast Five is definitely the best made of the fast films so far and i will be fan of fast five for ever. Collapse
  82. Oct 10, 2011
    This was so much fun, I definitely agree to watching it again and again as there's so much action and really entertaining. its taken the best bits of the series and put it into one. sometimes you have to suspend belief in some of the set pieces but you cant help but go along with the ride. this is what summer is all about, pure entertainment, its the nearest thing to the original, I actually felt I was back in the that cinema way back in 2001 seeing it for the first time. Weather you got a train heist, the rock vs diesel punch up, or a downtown carnage finale its just awesome. Expand
  83. Oct 16, 2011
    One world describes this movie: Awesome. I believe it is better than the original Fast and the Furious. The story had a good amount of cause/effect driven action that greatly related to the story. Characters were believeable. I can't wait for the next movie in the chain now...
  84. Nov 19, 2011
    This is the best Fast in the series. The story brings the franchise to a better direction. The actors gave good performances and Dwayne Johnson helped make this Fast and Furious better.
  85. Nov 10, 2011
    This is the best action movie I have seen in the while. There was constant action and I cant wait for the next one to come out. Anybody who like action movie like Transformers should definitely see this.
  86. Nov 21, 2011
    The best from the F&F series yet. All the relevant members from the previous movies are here, and the addition of Dwayne "Rock" Johnson, puts this cast head and shoulders above all the rest. The action in this movie is nonstop, and is a first class adrenaline ride from beginning to end. And the movie doesn't end with the credits, be sure and keep watching for a huge twist in the plot line to the franchise. Expand
  87. Jan 6, 2013
    Who knew that after four films, the fifth would wipe the floor with the rest?
    With a throughly enjoyable plot, superb performances and spectacular set pieces, this is one popcorn movie with half a brain.
    Picking up where the fourth in the franchise left off, (but still acting as prequel to the third instillment, Tokyo Drift) we see the familiar faces of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and
    Jordana Brewster as Dom Toretto, Brian O'Connor and Dom's sister Mia.
    Much to the delight of many, this film deliberately shifts its momentum away from the barrier-ridden underground car scene, and instead focuses on heists, but still the odd car chase here and there.
    With plenty of familiar faces making a welcome return, and the addition of the muscle bound Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, this was a surprisingly brilliant addition to the franchise.
    The Rock excels in his performance as the ruthless DSS agent Luke Hobbs, sent to hunt down and capture our fugitives.
    What makes this film stand alone from the rest is its smart yet sophisticated story, emotionally driven characters, but most of all is the clear chemistry between these larger than life people.
    When i heard of The Rock and Vin Diesel appearing on screen together, i thought what im sure every other fan did... "FIGHT". Trust m, you won't be disappointed.
    What is clear in this transitional movie is the motivation behind these characters, they are all serving a purpose, the other films felt dry in regards to what they were actually supposed to be doing at a certain point in a given time. Diesel's Toretto character is broody and miserable, we know why, O'Connor is all guns blazing in your face, he's now here to prove a point. It all just fits.
    Tyrese and Ludacris are an excellent comedic duo in this movie, providing a light hearted nature to this otherwise screeching and explosive film.
    With superb performances from all members of the cast, it is The Rock who steals the show, it is visually frightening just how dominant and physically powering this man is, his cold-hearted delivery for his role in this film deserves heightened recognition.
    Most importantly,it is excellent to see most of the original cast from previous films make a return, and on that note , make sure to stay for the post-credit scene.
  88. Nov 24, 2011
    I did enjoy the movie,but it could have been much more than it really was. There seem to be no plot whatsoever and some of the big name characters exaggerated the roles, or may be i simply expected more out of the series.
  89. Dec 6, 2011
    its ridiculous, its insane, it has every cliche in the book, but god knows when the movie's over, you have one heck of a grin on your face. it is bonkers as heck. but anyone watching this movie will not care. people of course are going to hate it, but let them watch the awesome tinker tailor soilder spy instead, as this is not intended for them. this is intended for a night in with a few snacks and some friends just having one heck of a good time not worrying about the larger things in life. if the film did not have the ace action sequences, it would get a 3 for being bad all over. but it is made good by the craziness of the action sequences which add to the film. the plot is the pritt stick holding the sticks of dynamite together. no one really cares about the plot here. if they do, they should go and buy the aforementioned TTSS, because that is simply the better film for people who care about that. who cares? its fun, and though you will hate to love it, on a rainy day with some friends, there is little else better than this for shere mentalness. hate to love it, but love it you will Expand
  90. Jun 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Fast Five was awesome. It was essentially Fast and the Furious meets Oceans 11 except with more badasses. There wasn't as much car action as there was in the past movies (1 and 3 especially) but that really didn't hurt the movie much. Like the prior installment in the FF franchise, this one featured a really good story, impressive action, solid acting, and some unfortunately unrealistic aspects (like determining the identity of someone by using piss poor traffic cameras to read their eyes or face through a mask) that were the only real negatives of the film. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was a beast and a great addition to the series and the fight scene between him and Vin Diesel was epic. I wish they would've shown some of the car chases that they left out (Dom and Brian acquiring the Porsche for example) but I suppose they felt the movie was already too long. I also thought the brief cameo in the after-credits scene by two females from movies past was a cool touch but I truly do with they would've ended the story with this film instead of extending out the franchise. Regardless, it was definitely a good movie and most would really enjoy it. Expand
  91. Aug 24, 2014
    Fast & Furious goes Ocean's 11.

    To get to the bottom of this movie and to be able to truly appreciate it, you should be familiar with the other movies in the series (although Tokyo Drift isn't that important). They bring in characters from all those movies, Han being the only one you can recognize from Tokyo.

    They don't bother introducing the characters, really, other than the main
    trio (Dom, Brian and Mia). A lot of weight is put on Vin Diesel (Dom) to be big, hulking and mean looking; apparently just making him stand there, quiet and brooding, is enough to get the audience convinced that he is totally badass. Well, we all know he is badass, so let's move on.

    The rest of the crew isn't introduced other than briefly, and some of them are hard to recognize (even when I watched the 4 previous movies on the same day as seeing this one). They really could have used a bit more time to flesh them out.

    Apparently that isn't important or vital for the movie. In the middle of the unbelievable stunts that would normally result in all of our heroes dying a dozen times during this film, we have a nasty Rio drug-lord who must be punished for making their lives that much harder. In other words, they are going to rob him clean to start their new lives.

    I liked this movie, no denying it, but when some of the stunts become just a bit too unrealistic, it kind of ruins the experience. Sure, you can just lie back and enjoy it, but even the final chase, which in its creativity was very amusing to watch, seemed far too drawn out. There is only so many times that seeing the same thing will make your heart pump a bit harder with excitement. After that you start frowning and decide that it is not possible to do that.

    In a way the characters made this movie much more enjoyable than the action with the cars and guns. There were some good, witty lines, and seeing all these people thrown together was interesting. Even Dwayne Johnson pulled this one off admirably!

    The little scene in between the ending titles suggests that they are entertaining the idea of another sequel. If they keep this up, it can't be bad.

    Well worth seeing, and if you're a fan of the franchise, you'll definitely enjoy this.
  92. Jan 16, 2012
    Muscle men vs Muscle cars on steroids! Diesel and Rock are all you need to make action look Expendable. Rio is a brilliant backdrop to make the film an international success...Forget Brazilian Job 2...Fast 5 stole it.
  93. Apr 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Finally! I know that this saga one day can have a good movie, and Fast Five is really amazing, ok, the first movie is better, but after a horrible second part, a good third, and regular fourth, is obviusly that this new film be a disaster, but is sorpresive. The story is good, have great elements. The performances of the cast are really amazing. The only thing that I don't understand is the character of Michelle Rodriguez, she not died in the last movie? Ok, the movie is really amazing. A great sorprise. Expand
  94. Jun 6, 2013
    Fast Five is the first film in the series to drift from the traditional underground street racing films, and the result is an action-packed blockbuster culminating as an excellent heist film.
  95. Apr 2, 2012
    First off, this is a 9.5 out of 10. Best fast&furious movie yet. Acting is good. Not Oscar winning performances, but everyone delivers. Score is good. Especially the sound of destruction throughout. Story is alot better. It's a lot better then usually. Action sequences are really good. There all so well made and created. Overall, this is a really good movie. If your skeptical then don't worry. This is a funny, action joyride for everyone. Expand
  96. Apr 17, 2012
    One of the best movies ever. Period. The best fighting scenes, gun shootouts, action packed scenes, romance and a bit of comedy, with a bunch of A-List actors we know and love. I would say this is one of the best if not the best in the series.
  97. Jul 25, 2012
    After all the hype for this movie, i just felt it was okay. There was nothing special about the movie and the acting was sub-par. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson especially did a bad job, with constant overacting. The story was also dumb because it was really predictable and it portrayed Rio of being just some entirely corrupt place which is not very true. Also, this movie made cops looks like idiots because they cant take down just a few street racers. Just not what I expected from this movie at all. Expand
  98. Mar 8, 2014
    I really admired this fifth installment. With a new style and more intense action, the film takes quite a big step up from the previous films. It's not just the same old mindless car driving, instead we're approached with an energetic and exciting fun ride.
  99. Jul 13, 2012
    AWESOME film! Justin Lin once again brought us a well directed and exciting, race thrilling story plot. One of the best action movies of 2011, wonderful stunts with amazing characters. Showing the best heist with the best characters for it. Knowing anything is possible when determined and a bit crazy enough.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 29
  2. Negative: 1 out of 29
  1. Reviewed by: Marc Savlov
    May 5, 2011
    Fascinating, no? Of course, that's just one (obvious) reading of Fast Five. You could also say it's a kickass demolition derby – pure dumb summer fun – and often easy on the (hetero) eyes thanks to the inclusion of Brewster and Mendes.
  2. Reviewed by: Sam Adams
    May 3, 2011
    The Fast and the Furious movies haven't exactly gotten better as they've gone along.
  3. Reviewed by: Karina Longworth
    Apr 29, 2011
    Five's few driving set pieces, all economically cut for spectacle over continuity, are pumped to near-Crank levels of absurdity, with Lin transforming his ragtag bunch of fugitives' superhuman knack for escaping certain death into a running joke.