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  1. Just when the film seems to be getting bogged down in "before I made it big" anecdotes -- around the time she and Andy Dick, who was once dismissed from a food-service gig, spend a day operating a mobile lunch stand -- Gurwitch wisely broadens her focus, interviewing ordinary victims of corporate "right-sizing," plant closings.
  2. 63
    A pleasant, leisurely 71 minutes, frequently beguiling thanks to Gurwitch's soft-sell version of the urbane, Second City-esque female noodge.
  3. While unlikely to set the documentary market afire, is entertaining enough.
  4. Reviewed by: Joe Leydon
    Modestly amusing in fits and starts, Fired! proves most potent when on-screen interviewees are playing for keeps, not for laughs.
  5. 50
    While "maybe it's for the best" proved happily prophetic for her actor pals, those words of comfort sound more like a clueless bromide when you consider the 30,000 people laid off in Lansing after the film wrapped.
  6. Having written a book about being fired, Annabelle Gurwitch has now made a documentary as well, and it's something of a mess.
  7. Fired! is missing the one thing it could have used most: a career objective.
  8. 33
    At one point, David Cross tells Gurwitch to enjoy being unemployed, because "When you're fired, you're interesting." But as Fired! proves, that ain't necessarily so.
  9. Feels like a desperate attempt to stretch a flimsy half-hour made-for-cable concept into a feature film.
  10. 30
    The video is heavy on actors and other showbiz types, and the self-centered Gurwitch doesn't distinguish between a factory worker laid off after decades on the job and an actor getting rejected during tryouts.
  11. 25
    Would that somebody had fired Gurwitch before she could have finished Fired!
  12. 20
    It's a shame Allen fired her from that play. After all, then she might not have had the time to make this documentary.

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