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  • Summary: Flakes centers on the mercurial relationship of aspiring rock musician Neal Downs, who manages the cereal bar, and Miss Pussy Katz, creator of radically-themed art clothing that she tries, in vain, to sell to French Quarter tourists. The main character, however, is the cereal shop itself, where Neal holds court to an offbeat crew of locals, who debate the arcana of cereal history and ideal milk/flake ratios. But then an aspiring young capitalist rips off the store's concept and, when Miss P. gets involved, suddenly everything is at stake--Flakes, love, and the very survival of righteous breakfast food veneration. (Independent Digital Entertainment) Expand
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  1. 50
    Freakies fans will swoon.
  2. While Stanford is more annoying than endearing as the self-righteous slacker, the charming Deschanel provides the film with its few moments of genuine fun with her offbeat turn as the wily, put-upon girlfriend.
  3. A business course on cutthroat capitalism disguised as a slacker comedy: That’s the kindest way to describe Michael Lehmann’s Flakes.
  4. Reviewed by: Julia Wallace
    Despite a few good one-liners, the dialogue is overwritten, and director Michael Lehmann (Heathers, The Truth About Cats & Dogs) is in thrall with the hipness he tries to chronicle.
  5. 38
    There are a few sweet moments as the story reaches its unsurprising conclusion. But, all in all, Flakes isn't going to bowl you over.
  6. Unless you happen to be one yourself, chances are pretty good that you'll take an immediate dislike to the self-satisfied hipsters who populate this disappointing comedy.
  7. 33
    The characters Lehmann and company use as generational mouthpieces bear no relation to any people who have ever existed, and they barely work as parody.
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