Grove Press | Release Date: April 11, 2003
Summary: A historical and a cultural icon is captured in the making in this full-blown portrait -- its footage has been mined for countless other Ali documentaries -- of the out-of-the-ring but never off-stage Ali, pre- and during world fame. (Film Forum)
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Runtime: 94 min
Genres: Sport, Documentary
Country: France
Languages: English, French
Home Release Date: Jan 14, 2003
Director Credit
William Klein Director
Writer Credit
William Klein Writer
Cast Credit
Angelo Dundee Himself
Chris Dundee Himself
Finlay Campbell Himself
Floyd Patterson Himself
George Foreman Himself
Jack Nilon Himself
James X Himself
Jersey Joe Walcott Himself
Jimmy Braddock Himself
Malcolm X Himself
Muhammad Ali Himself
Norman Mailer Himself - In Crowd
Sam X Himself
Sonny Liston Himself
Stepin Fetchit Himself
Producer Credit
Bert Brown Associate Producer