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  • Summary: Marty is the ideal fifth grader. He gets good grades, listens to his teachers, and doesn't start trouble in class. But a darkness is beginning to fall over Marty's life. The kids at school won't stop picking on him, his parents just don't seem to understand him, and now Marty must grapple with a terrible secret that threatens to destroy life as he knows it -- his big brother is a serial killer! Brotherly love is put to the ultimate test in this emotional coming-of-age story that descends into unspeakable horror. Expand
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  1. 60
    Although some of the supporting performances can be a bit choppy, director Schirmer sets an effectively unsettling naturalistic visual tone, bathing all those dark impulses in sunny Indiana daylight.
  2. Reviewed by: Ernest Hardy
    Aug 14, 2014
    Writer-director Scott Schirmer eschews the ironic approach, thankfully, and instead works to pull genuine tension from his material. He does that quite well, and any unintentional laughs (or eye rolls) are icing.
  3. Reviewed by: Dennis Harvey
    Aug 15, 2014
    Although not entirely successful, this intriguing, above-average genre effort still reps an ambitious and resourceful debut for helmer/co-writer Scott Schirmer.
  4. Reviewed by: Robert Abele
    Aug 14, 2014
    Movies with no redeeming qualities are rare, but the execrable Found comes pretty close.
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  1. Aug 19, 2014
    Director Scott Schirmer has crafted a really interesting allegory in FOUND. Perfect young boy suddenly picked on in school discovers his older brother is a serial killer. What to do? Adults and parents are ineffectual. The world is wrong about everything. Only your brother seems to stand for something. Schirmer's direction is subtle and controlled throughout shocking for a first film and his very nuanced underscoring of the psychosexual underpinnings between brothers, mother and son, father and sons, is downright shocking but so genuine. FOUND may be the best film I've seen about this moment in an American family. Unfortunately, the film meanders and feels too long at only 80 minutes. With a better budget and a bit more skill, FOUND could have packed the punch of Malick combined with a touch of slasher exploitation. A lofty compliment indeed. Another big bravo to Hollywood's Arena Cinema for showing us FOUND. Expand