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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 35
  2. Negative: 0 out of 35
  1. Reviewed by: Tim Robey
    Aug 3, 2013
    If films were gestures, this one would be a perfectly timed shrug, with the smile to match.
  2. Reviewed by: Ben Kenigsberg
    May 15, 2013
    Above all, Frances Ha is a wry and moving portrait of friendship, highlighting the way that two people who know everything about each other can nevertheless grow apart as their needs change.
  3. Reviewed by: John Anderson
    May 16, 2013
    Frances Ha also marks the rare instance in which an actress has the perfect role at the perfect time. Ms. Gerwig's work here is fragile, delicate, subject to bruising; something that could wither under too much attention. Perhaps Ms. Gerwig is the greatest actress alive. And maybe Frances Ha is just the ghost orchid of independent cinema.
  4. Reviewed by: Chris Nashawaty
    May 15, 2013
    Gerwig, who previously starred in Baumbach's "Greenberg," is charmingly awkward. And Sumner (Sting's daughter) is an ace with deadpan one-liners.
  5. Reviewed by: Catherine Shoard
    Feb 19, 2013
    Gerwig's performance is full of depth and nuance; self-conscious without being mawkish, clever behind the kook.
  6. Reviewed by: Rene Rodriguez
    May 23, 2013
    Playful, effervescent comedy.
  7. Reviewed by: Joe Neumaier
    May 16, 2013
    Aiming for lightness but landing with a thud, Frances Ha is a well-meaning blunder. Director Noah Baumbach’s ode to Brooklyn twentysomething life is a flibbertigibbet fable that, like a self-absorbed flirt you meet at a party, grates on the nerves despite being easy on the eyes.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 28
  2. Negative: 4 out of 28
  1. Dec 20, 2013
    It was my personal favourite of the year. I just can't show how much I
    loved this movie but will try my best in this review to explain. It
    just like the movie 'The Pursuit of Happiness' where it describes a
    person's struggle over professional as well the relationship with a
    best friend. I don't know why this movie was in black and white but
    very seductive, like women from Charles Chaplin movies. The expressions
    are 'the killer' if you are a man who fall easily for struggling women.
    'Ruby Sparks' is my one of the year's favourite which was written by
    the lead female of the movie and the same goes to 'Celeste and Jesse
    Forever'. I know it is out of topic but I was saying the lead actress
    from this movie who played Frances wrote this. All these were women
    oriented subjects which rendered the movies from a distinct angle.

    Frances is a cute and sarcastic woman in her late 20s lives with a best
    friend Sophie in New York city. She is not talented but as a
    professional dancer she earns enough to lead a happy life. Once she and
    her boyfriend breakup, Sophie too throws an another bomb as she decides
    to move out to live with her boyfriend. One after another her battle to
    survive in the city for rich remains hopeless. But pursue for her dream
    never ends as she wanted to be a fine choreographer. For all these she
    must hold back her downs of her life and aim only up to self discover
    the meaning of the life. Did she successful or not is what the movie
    steadily chronicles her efforts.

    The character Frances will be remembered for a long time, especially by
    me. I just did not only had a fondness on that character but it
    completely transformed me as one. In fact I felt the movie deeply into
    me that I regretted for unable to give my support to Frances. I came to
    know I am in love with Frances in the scene where she runs on the
    streets of Chinatown. I think it is the best scene of the movie, very
    adorable. You must watch the movie till the last frame before the end
    credits roll up to know the meaning of this strange title. It was a
    silly reason to have names like this for a movie but completely cool
    and refreshing. It is not a thought provoking or an art movie but
    believe me it is definitely a must see movie of the year.
  2. Dec 19, 2013
    The awkwardness of the characters, especially Frances, and the things they do is painful to watch. But it is in these poignant moments that Noah Baumbach's ability to give his characters life. He reveals the humanness of the characters replete with flaws and gaffes and missteps. A beautiful film. Expand
  3. Nov 7, 2013
    Lovely movie, from the second half tough.
    The Frances character gets more mature and deeper to the end of the movie. From time to time Greta
    Gerwig´s acting is a bit akward I do not get why she still has those ,,little child" moves or why is she acting like a child.
    But overall, the movie was a good one.
  4. Jan 10, 2014
    Frances Ha is a hoot. It is funny and weird and short(which is a bonus). Lots of strange moments that are enjoyable to watch. It could have delved somewhat deeper, but for what it was it was good. Expand
  5. Jan 15, 2014
    Not much to the movie but Greta Gerwig is irresistably adorable as a klutz, an apprentice dancer trying to find her way in life. She carries the whole movie on her shoulders and does a good job of keeping you entertained can't help but fall in love with her. Expand
  6. Lyn
    Feb 2, 2014
    "Frances Ha" is like an episode of "Girls" in which the girls suddenly, thankfully, are not annoying nymphomaniacs. Greta Gerwig is endearing, with her difficulty facing life's realities (and her bad hair). But she can't make up for the fact that F's aimless missteps are not that entertaining. Also, the intense passion between the two girlfriends -- continual mini traumas, constant I love yous -- just seemed odd & ridiculous. Really, really liked Noah B's other films, but found this one blah. Expand
  7. Dec 29, 2013
    Worst "critically acclaimed" film of the year.
    I walked out, which I haven't done in a very long time. The last one was "Greenberg"...
    so maybe there's a pattern... Expand

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