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Summary: Get ready for the ultimate showdown! Freddy Krueger, the psychopath from the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series resurrects Jason Voorhees, the equally iconic madman from the "Friday the 13th" film series. With a terrified town in the middle, the two titans of terror enter into a horrifying showdown of epic proportions, alternating between the world of dreams and the harsh reality of the living world. Who will win and who will lose in this battle to end all battles? (New Line Cinema)

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Runtime: 97 min
Rating: Rated R for pervasive strong horror violence/gore, gruesome images, sexuality, drug use and language.
Production: New Line Cinema
Genres: Action, Thriller, Horror
Countries: USA, Italy, Canada
Language: English
Home Release Date: Jan 13, 2004
Director Credit
Ronny Yu Director
Writer Credit
Damian Shannon Written By
Mark Swift Written By
Victor Miller Characters
Wes Craven Characters
Principal Cast Credit
Kelly Rowland Kia Waterson
Ken Kirzinger Jason Voorhees
Robert Englund Freddy Krueger
Cast Credit
Brendan Fletcher Mark Davis
Chris Marquette Charlie Linderman
David Kopp Blake
Jason Ritter Will Rollins
Jesse Hutch Trey
Katharine Isabelle Gibb
Kyle Labine Bill Freeburg
Lochlyn Munro Deputy Scott Stubbs
Monica Keena Lori Campbell
Paula Shaw Mrs. Pamela Voorhees (Jason's Mother)
Tom Butler Dr. Campbell
Zack Ward Bobby Davis (Mark's Brother)
Producer Credit
Douglas Curtis Executive Producer
Renee Witt Executive Producer
Robert Shaye Executive Producer
Sean S. Cunningham Producer
Stokely Chaffin Executive Producer Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by: