Regent Releasing | Release Date: August 31, 2007
Summary: A typical Midwestern 18-year-old freshman at a large state university, who is eager to delve into the college party life, instead discovers that school is not the beer-driven sexual fantasy of his imagination. Determined to do anything to obtain the girl of his dreams (a gorgeous but reluctant sorority girl), he decides to adopt a gay identity in order to insinuate himself in her life. This casual charade, however, quickly lands him in a morass of campus activism, gender warfare, fraternity hazes, sorority torture, "coming out" narratives, political martyrdom, and ultimately, a university-wide meltdown. (Regent Releasing)
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Runtime: 92 min
Rating: Rated R for strong sexual content, language and some drug use.
Production: Persistent Entertainment
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country: USA
Language: English
Director Credit
Ryan Shiraki Director
Writer Credit
Ryan Shiraki Written By
Cast Credit
Antonio Echeverria Party Guy
Bryce Johnson Tazwell
Dicky Barrett Homophobic Cop
Heather Matarazzo Jessica
John Goodman Rodney
Jonathan Watts Bell Bad Dancer
Jud Tylor Serena
Kaitlin Doubleday Amanda
Mark Abney Malcome Wood
Marla Sokoloff Marjorie
Mike Erwin Matt
Palma Botterell Alana
Rachel Dratch Very Drunk Chick
Sam Huntington Clay Adams
Skylar Duhe Bessie Friend
Producer Credit
Adam Rosenfelt Producer
Dan Halsted Producer
John J. Anderson Co-Producer
Judd Payne Producer
Kevin Riley Co-Producer
Malcolm Petal Producer
Marc Schaberg Co-Producer
Matthew Rhodes Producer
Randy Winograd Co-Producer
Sam Nazarian Executive Producer
Stavros Merjos Producer