From Other Worlds

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  • Summary: A comedic, sci-fi detective story of a depressed Brooklyn housewife (Buono), who sleepwalks through her life stuck in the same routine. Everything changes when she encounters an alien force in her kitchen.
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  1. 70
    It's good then that From Other Worlds doesn't strive for masses of people either looking at the alien spaceships before their demises or working to understand the communications being sent to them. Sometimes it's enough to just have two people there to meet them. Two people are enough for the entire world and that's what makes this a novel experience.
  2. Reviewed by: Robert Koehler
    Picture's leaps into the fantastic and rampantly farcical tend to be overextended, but finally don't detract from what is a well-judged, light entertainment.
  3. 58
    The word "slight" doesn't even begin to describe how minor the quirky indie comedy From Other Worlds turns out to be, though its sheer lack of pretension may be its greatest asset.
  4. Without the gloss of novelty, the film's underdeveloped characters and thin -- though busy -- story are forced into the foreground, and its 88-minute running time feels far longer.
  5. There are a few funny jokes scattered throughout, but the halfhearted direction and clunky script are underscored by performances that feel like they belong in community theater.
  6. A limp sci-fi comedy with fewer laughs than a meeting of Abductees Anonymous.
  7. 30
    There's no beguilement to this toothless caprice by writer- director Barry Strugatz, who may intend a spoof of '50s melodramas and alien abductions but delivers instead an inert doodle.
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