From Selma to Soweto

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  • Summary: This fourth of six stories traces the complex and fascinating story of the anti-apartheid movement in one of South Africa's most important superpower allies, the United States. (Clarity Films)
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  1. A triumph of maximalist filmmaking. And you won't look at your watch once.
  2. Comprising seven individual films with a cumulative running time of more than 8 1/2 hours, Have You Heard From Johannesburg (the title comes from a Gil Scott-Heron song) naturally will find a more receptive home on television and home video, but New York's Film Forum, presenting it in three parts, is to be commended for giving the series its world theatrical premiere.
  3. The running time may make you blanch, but Connie Field’s seven-part documentary about the history and eventual dissolution of South African apartheid is well worth the commitment.
  4. 70
    Even at the level of average-to-mediocre television, though, “Have You Heard” tells an amazing story. If you don’t know it, or you want reminding, the clumsy storytelling can be endured.