From the Edge of the City

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  • Summary: 17-year-old Sasha (Papadopolous) is the center of a gang of hustling kids who live on the drug infested fringes of Athens society. Kazakhstan refugees, they are shunned in their new homeland, even though they are ethnic Greeks.


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  1. 60
    If it's not an entirely wholesome portrait of the immigrant experience, it's certainly an entertaining one.
  2. It captures a gritty urban reality without moralizing or sentimentalizing its hapless young protagonist.
  3. Gratuitous, yes, but Giannaris has the visual finesse to make it work.
  4. Underdeveloped and badly diluted by overlong -- and overly stylized -- forays into the drug use, street hustling and cultural alienation that mostly affects the boys' friends.
  5. All the jazzy effects and jumpy editing merely move us quicker to an otherwise predetermined tragedy.
  6. New York Post
    Reviewed by: Hannah Brown
    Feels like a Greek version of "My Own Private Idaho."

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