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  • Summary: Just how far will people go for Fame & Fortune? Just when you thought the whole reality craze could go no further, Games People Play: New York brings you seduction, bulimia, nudity, Tourette's Syndrome and some real f#$@ed-up behavior, all in what is truly America's most uninhibited game! (Artistic License Films) Expand
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  1. Reviewed by: Doug Brunell
    This is a serious look at the corrupting influences of fame, money and entertainment, and what it says about us may be even more damning than what it says about its participants.
  2. A bit of a tease itself. The movie keeps threatening to become amateur porn, like a risqué ''Candid Camera'' gone ''Dirty Debutantes,'' but it never quite gets there.
  3. 50
    Whitney's body of work doesn't suggest a filmmaker so much as an opportunist with a video camera. He makes a very specific sort of reality movie. It's called porn.
  4. 99 minutes of excruciating "reality."
  5. 20
    A big-screen reality show that flashes plenty of t-- and d--- but little integrity.
  6. Whitney takes having it both ways to new heights -- depths is perhaps more like it. He satirizes reality TV while showing total nudity and at times carrying sex to the verge of soft-core porn. As titillating and energetic as the film is, it is also rather sad because it reveals what aspiring actors will endure for what they apparently regard as an opportunity.
  7. 10
    Whitney frames this as the pilot for a reality TV show, but if that doesn't pan out he can pitch it to al Qaeda as a recruiting tool.

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