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  • Summary: Ghostlight is a hilarious albeit affectionate film about Martha Graham - one of the twentieth century's greatest dancers and choreographers. She was a brash nonconformist who bristled with passion, sexuality and wit. In an astonishing performance, Richard Move, a man nearly twice her size, portrays Martha with uncanny precision and decidedly arrogant grandeur. (Lot 47 Films) Expand
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  1. 63
    A bizarre and campily amusing "tribute" to the late dance legend starring drag queen Richard Move.
  2. 50
    Represents something new under the sun: sincere camp.
  3. Reviewed by: Elizabeth Zimmer
    Real history and raunch poke through, but the thirtysomething Move is too vital to be Martha in her dotage. Amusing for insiders, Ghostlight may confuse everyone else.
  4. 50
    It's hard to imagine anyone who isn't familiar with Graham and her place in 20th-century dance history getting drawn into Move and Herrmann's hall of Martha mirrors, but for the right viewer it's a fascinating exercise in self-reflexive mythmaking.
  5. When a 6-foot-tall man is playing your emotionally delicate heroine, a little subtlety goes a long way.
  6. Reviewed by: Dennis Harvey
    Neither fish nor fowl, slick yet strangely rudderless Ghostlight sounds interesting in description but lacks fascination in actual viewing.
  7. A less than satisfying cinematic experience.
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