First Independent Pictures | Release Date: April 3, 2009
Summary: Brian Weathersby is a 28 year-old salesman at a high-end Swedish mattress company. The afterthought child to elderly parents, and the youngest son in a trio of successful brothers, a shady oil man , a surgeon, Brian is searching for his place in the world. Unfulfilled by his work he spends a good portion of his day pursuing his goal of someday adopting a baby from China. He gets swept up in a romance with the lovely but misguided Harriet Lolly when she comes in to his store one day and falls asleep on one of the beds. To win her over, he must compete with her bear of a father, Al Lolly, an art-collecting loudmouth with a bad back and deep pockets. Gigantic is a funny, surreal love story about the anxiety that comes when two people with crazy families collide unexpectedly and fall for each other. (First Independent Pictures)
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Runtime: 98 min
Rating: Rated R for language, some sexual content and violence.
Production: Epoch Films
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country: USA
Languages: English, French
Home Release Date: Aug 11, 2009
Director Credit
Matt Aselton Director
Writer Credit
Adam Nagata Writer
Matt Aselton Writer
Principal Cast Credit
John Goodman Al Lolly
Paul Dano Brian Weathersby
Zooey Deschanel Harriet 'Happy' Lolly
Cast Credit
Brian Avers Larry Arbogast
Clarke Peters Roger Stovall
Edward Asner Mr. Weathersby
Frank Harts Kenyatta Folds
Ilana Levine Ducky Saltinstall
Jane Alexander Mrs. Weathersby
Kenji Kanagae
Louis Ozawa Changchien Matsubara
Sean Dugan Gary Wynkoop
Susan Misner Melanie Lolly
Tatsuo Ichikawa Nagata
Zach Galifianakis Homeless Guy
Producer Credit
Charles Pugliese Co-Producer
Christine Vachon Producer
Jeff Preiss Executive Producer
Jerry Soloman Executive Producer
John Wells Executive Producer
Mindy Goldberg Producer
Paul Dano Executive Producer
Scott Ferguson Executive Producer