Girls Rock!


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  1. A must-see both for girls and the grownups who love them.
  2. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    How are girls supposed to behave in a culture that tells them they're Disney princesses for the first 12 years and sex toys after that? Girls Rock! has one answer: Strap on a Fender and rage against the machine.
  3. We may not get to their innermost feelings, which would have taken this documentary to a deeper, maybe darker level, but the movie's purpose is celebratory. As such, it's a satisfying experience.
  4. 75
    The camp runs for a week in a warehouse in Oregon. What the girls might lack in musical talent and experience they make up for with infectious energy. Watch your tattooed butt, Amy Winehouse!
  5. 75
    The filmmakers capture kids and adolescents who haven't hardened their feelings into attitudes or molded their gestures into poses.
  6. A jubilant documentary about a place where power chords and empowerment go hand in hand.
  7. 67
    Girls Rock! is cutesy and quick-cut, emphasizing the absurd while trying to keep the audience's interest with animated interludes and footage from corny old industrial films.
  8. There is something, well, awesome about watching these vivid young women realize that music isn't always made on computers as they give their bands cool names like the Ready and get onstage after five days and ferociously sing earnest lyrics they wrote themselves.
  9. In one slender documentary codirectors Shane King and Arne Johnson accomplish what Hollywood routinely bungles: incisively depicting the inner lives of complicated young females.
  10. The film is a hopeful, rollicking, rocking, humorous, heartbreaking journey.
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  1. AdamV
    Apr 25, 2008
    Girls Rock! It's not incredible documentary film making, but the subjects are funny and interesting. The final concert scene is great.