Vanguard Cinema | Release Date: October 21, 2011
Summary: Jay Masonek is feeling down and out. Although he is a talented artist, Jay has seldom left his small town in Northern California. One day, Jay's cousins Jeff and Eric (who are also artists) visit from LA. They offer Jay the opportunity to come live with them for a period of time in Hollywood. Hoping to cheer him up, the brothers show Jay the city and take him to film castings, even though it's during the economic recession and jobs are scarce. Jay soon begins to feel the oppression of what he describes as "the grid", heightening his spiritual crises. In his desperation, Jay reaches out to God, who in the form of a dove directs and leads him toward hope and renewal. Eventually, Jay returns to his small town, where he finds a “green job” in the California redwood forest. Meanwhile, Eric and Jeff pursue relationships in New York and England. At Eric’s wedding, the three come together again. Although he still feels alone, Jay, through a powerful moment, makes the biggest decision of his life. (Vanguard Cinema)
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Runtime: 82 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://albinofawn.com/glitchinthegrid
Production: Albino Fawn Productions
Genres: Drama
Countries: USA, UK
Language: English
Director Credit
Eric Leiser Director
Writer Credit
Eric Leiser Writer
Principal Cast Credit
Eric Leiser Eric
Jay Masonek Jay
Jeffrey Leiser Jeffrey
Cast Credit
Erin Desmond Love Interest
Homer Darnall Grandpa
Jacob Hastings Jesus
Jenny Leiser Bride
Jim Kurzweil Organist
Joseph Desmond Young Jeffrey
Kate Deaton Party Attendee 1
Linda Darnall Jay's Mom
Max Daily Wedding Attendee 3
Michelle Desmond Sister
Patricia Darnall Grandma
Travis Bellman Hiker
Producer Credit
Eric Leiser Producer
Maurice Geeslin Associate Producer