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  • Summary: Florian is half-German, half-French and owns "Le Flo" - a French delicatessen in Berlin that specializes in salami. When he meets Camille, the daughter of a French director, it's love at first sight. Florian is going to ask Camille to marry him - tonight! Florian's best friend, Jenny, is German and owns a bakery just down the street. She's in love with Florian and wants to tell him but is having trouble finding the words. Go With Le Flo explores what true love is, with plenty of twists and turns (some on a Vespa), and lots of salami! Expand
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  1. Reviewed by: Robert Abele
    Apr 10, 2014
    [An] amateurish, terribly acted piffle, which devolves from dull conversations behind store counters into witless farce on a movie set.
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  1. Jun 7, 2014
    Watch it! I found this to be an absolutely delightful and funny film. The characters are true to life, and I found myself thinking they were much like people I know. It is a charming story about a love between two shopkeepers, Florian and Jenny, who are unaware of this love that everyone else sees. I was unprepared for this story to be so funny, but I found myself laughing out loud, from the very beginning at the rejection scenes of the main character, Florian, as he gets various things hurled at him from a collection of girlfriends. If you like the old screwball comedies from the thirties from Hollywood, and if you love romantic French films – I think you will love Go with Le Flo. The story flowed seamlessly, as we are shown the various characters bit by bit. Goofy and romantic Florian runs a French delicatessen, sweet and kind Jenny, a bakery, and they both have assistants who give them advice – Florian's is flighty and funny, and Jenny's is young but very insightful, with advice you can't argue with like "When it comes to love, men are idiots." Florian's proposal to his current girlfriend does not go off so well, and Jenny is set into a motion by her shop keeper to try to tell Florian how she really feels about him. I don't want to spoil it for you, but there is a chase scene of sorts that is really funny, and I found myself laughing quite abit and then almost moved to tears. Watch it, you won't regret it, unless you need car chases and explosions….and this even has some funny scenes with a car. I found it to be very well written, the dialog seemed to be very natural and realistic, and the camera work and editing seem simply perfect. There is nothing at all low budget about this production, every actor and actress seemed to be perfect for their roles. It isn't often I watch a film where the story seems so real and believable, it is almost as if you were a friend watching all this happen. Perhaps it is because the characters are so much like people I know in my life, played by very competent actors and directed by people who care about telling a story. I can tell the folks who made this love good old movies, yet there is something still fresh and original about this one, it isn't some story simply dusted off and changed around a bit. I enjoyed this very much and will watch anything else I can find made by them – this was easily the best new film I've seen all year. Go watch it! Expand
  2. Apr 23, 2014
    As the writer/director of "Go with Le Flo" I must point out that we have had RAVE reviews from "The Independent Critic", New York Film Historian, Max Alvarez, "Nuo Magazine UK", "Herald de Paris", "Film Yap", "German World" magazine, "Immigrant Magazine", "Tacoma Weekly", "Crime, Guns, and Videotape", and more. Much more important, to me, is the audience reaction. I've watched Go with Le Flo with 8 audiences in Berlin, Los Angeles, Carmel CA, Indianapolis, and they universally LOVE the film. The laughs are strong throughout. The audience comments during Q&A are as positive as can be. This bitter writer hired by the L.A. Times neither represents the type of person I write and make uplifting films for, nor does he represent the experience of every audience member - and other critics - I've come in contact with. Yours Sincerely, Michael Glover Expand
  3. May 5, 2014
    I saw this at the cinema downtown. The audience was laughing through the whole thing. It is a great rom com, is really clever and sweet, and is extra cool because it's a FOREIGN rom com. I think this added a certain flavor that is missing in a lot of rom coms of late. The writing is really clever in Go with the Flo and the actors are really believable and excellent. I thought the movie flowed (!) really fast. great pacing. Berlin is the perfect backdrop for romance too because it's such a great new modern city. (If you haven't been there lately maybe you don't know what I mean but now it's really a magical place.) I won't give any spoilers but the ending is wonderful. Great job to the Go with Le Flo people! Expand
  4. May 10, 2014
    Go With Le Flo! is delightfully entertaining - a wonderful blend of romance and comedy. Much of the fun and intrigue takes place in a French delicatessen in Berlin, but there is little that is delicate about the misguided approach to love of the main character Florian. He is half German and half French and perhaps that helps explain his calamitous handling of romance. In the end of course all goes well, or does it? There are so many twists and turns that you don’t know what is coming next. I thoroughly recommend that you find out for yourself what happens.
    There was a fitting testimonial at the end of the film when the entire audience applauded. How often do you hear that?
  5. May 8, 2014
    This was a most charming and enjoyable movie. It is reminiscent of Amelie but with more humor and fun. From the love stricken plot to the succinct clever dialog to the quaint accordion music, this movie captivates one to Go with Le Flo.. Expand
  6. May 17, 2014
    Really enjoyed --super fun--it contains a playful quality in spirit that made me smile and laugh from the time I saw the preview. I thought all of the acting, setting, costumes, & production qualities were well done...I loved seeing in the credits that the cast & crew came together from 20 countries...There is love in this project...even more than in the plot. Expand
  7. May 9, 2014
    Knowing the limited resources and micro budget this production had, I
    was pleasantly surprised to be completely engaged in the film, both

    times I watched it. The story and performances felt very genuine. It's
    rare to see so much talent in front of the camera in a movie of this
    scale while wonderfully written and orchestrated by up and coming
    director Michael Glover.

    Where many independent films start to drag on and get boring, this film
    picks up the pace with fun slapstick charisma. And new characters are
    delightfully introduced, grabbing at the audience in witty

    The film closes with what may seem to be a cheese ball flair of
    emotion. But in keeping with the style of the film, it doesn't come off
    that way at all. It plays as tasteful humor, mixed with relatable heart
    warming fun, in a well crafted slapstick fashion.

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