Generally favorable reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. Reviewed by: Rod Dreher
    Breakneck, raucous and thoroughly exhilarating.
  2. The one truly thrilling movie I've seen so far this year.
  3. 100
    Offers breathtaking comic-action fantasy….Exhilarating and sharp, it never stops for a second. [9 April 1999, Calendar, p.F-6]
  4. 90
    John August's script is exciting, witty, original material, and this film's got the talent to match.
  5. One of the most exhilarating movies ever made about absolutely nothing.
  6. 90
    The latest furiously paced, perversely entertaining "Pulp Fiction" for puppies.
  7. Manages to present rave youth's on-the-go attitude as well as "Swingers" exposed its hipster culture.
  8. A triptych whirling on a Lazy Susan of revolving character perspectives.
  9. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    A dark and edgy teen comedy that's also one of the most excitingly unpredictable American comedies since "Pulp Fiction."
  10. He (Liman) creates a film that lives up to the momentum of its title and doesn't really need much more.
  11. Reviewed by: Richard Corliss
    Here is a picture that has wit, a hairpin-turn narrative, high pizazz and ensemble star quality. Ready, set, Go.
  12. 75
    An entertaining, clever black comedy that takes place entirely in Tarantino-land.
  13. Reviewed by: Marc Caro
    Ultimately is a fast-moving trip to nowhere. The buzz is enjoyable while it lasts, but don't be surprised by the sour aftertaste.
  14. A nasty little picture with a lot of wit and impudence.
  15. 75
    This dark comedy comes off more giddy than gritty.
  16. Reviewed by: Jay Carr
    "Pulp Fiction" wannabes don't get much slicker or edgier than Go.
  17. Like circus acrobats who bounce up smiling, the characters end up on their feet, and you realize in retrospect that they survived because somebody, finally, stopped to think. A final thought on Go: Go.
  18. Liman's buoyant direction is almost enough to make one forgive the film its heavily appropriated plot (including its groaner of a punchline).
  19. 70
    Entertaining and slight, topical and cannily familiar.
  20. 70
    A showy exercise in nervous grit, Go never strays too far from a sense of itself as stunt.
  21. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    An overly calculated concoction that nonetheless delivers a pretty good rush.
  22. 67
    Relentless and mercurial, this new outing by "Swingers" director Liman takes off somewhere around Mach 3 and never lets up, leaving you with either a pounding headache or a wicked grin, or perhaps both.
  23. 67
    Bounces along magnetically even when the storytelling goes a bit flat.
  24. 63
    Fast-paced and often witty, but ultimately vapid.
  25. Although some of the acting is strong, the atmosphere is so relentlessly sleazy that many moviegoers will want to go long before the final credits.
  26. Reviewed by: Robert Horton
    When the writing is good, Go is good, and when the writing is flat, things fall apart.
  27. Reviewed by: David Ansen
    John August's trickily structured script owes an all too obvious debt to "Pulp Fiction," but Liman's film is more like kiddie Tarantino.
  28. 40
    Escapism of the worst sort, a manipulative exercise in style that preys on the passivity of its characters and its audience. In the end, Go offers little more than the sour, impermanent rush of a pixie stick.
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  1. Nov 21, 2013
    "Go" is one of the most entertaining movies about nothing. Director Doug Liman (Swingers) does a great job directing this fast paced adventure.

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  2. Sep 5, 2014
    Go is a complex comedy drama with clever character's, witty dialogue, action and fun galore.
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  3. Jul 14, 2014
    Go is one of the coolest movies from 1999. The movie has black comedy and plenty of thrills. The movie is
    really underrated and has hilarious
    characters and witty dialogue. The movie is a great experience because
    the movie was expertly made, A+.
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