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  1. Dec 26, 2013
    Sometimes people go into movies expecting too much. In the case of the Irish film Grabbers, I get the sense that this was a reality given the wide array of review scores you can find online. I will preface this review by simply stating that, indeed, this is not a perfect film; nor is it exactly getting in line to win some prestigious award. And from what I can gather, that was not the intention. At it's core, this is a fun film. In the early portions, it moves at the sleek pace of a psychological thriller as the "grabbers" (err...tentacled aliens) descend on the Earth and start to threaten a virtually unknown and ignored island with a small group of people inhabiting it. These early portions are fairly gripping in and of themselves. Chalk that up to some great acting. I was excited to check this out primarily to see Richard Coyle, who I've enjoyed for quite some time since binge watching the adult oriented British sitcom Coupling. Grabbers showcases a wider range of acting ability for this actor. Surprisingly there is some real tension, and the entire cast does a good job of holding their own and creating a sometimes tense, sometimes comical film.

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