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  3. Negative: 1 out of 15

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  1. 100
    It's every bit the great songfest it's hailed as, with bucketloads of innuendo thown in behind some of the most energetic musical numbers ever to grace the inside of a movie theatre.
  2. 91
    Grease is a pure pop construct, fueled by movie-star poses, hit songs, and persistent audience fantasies of being an acceptable kind of "bad." Barry Gibb-penned disco theme aside, Grease doesn't really belong to any one era. It's like it's always existed.
  3. 90
    Grease has got it, from the outstanding animated titles of John Wilson all the way through the rousing finale as John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John ride off into teenage happiness.
  4. GREASE is not really the 1950's teen-age movie musical it thinks it is, but a contemporary fantasy about a 1950's teen-age musical—a larger, funnier, wittier and more imaginative-than-Hollywood movie with a life that is all its own. It uses the Eisenhower era — the characters, costumes, gestures and particularly, the music—to create a time and place that have less to do with any real 50's than with a kind of show business that is both timeless and old-fashioned, both sentimental and wise. The movie is also terrific fun.
  5. 75
    No revival, however joyously promoted, can conceal the fact that this is just an average musical, pleasant and upbeat and plastic.
  6. 75
    Grease works as a musical, a comedy, a light romance, and a gentle satire of teenage life during the '50s. In part because of its persistent high spirits, it's a delight to watch, even 20 years after it first appeared on the screen.
  7. Reviewed by: Rachel Clarke
    Sandy, Danny, and their sexier counterparts Rizzo and Kenickie are spectacular fun to watch, especially in their non-TV-edited glory. Though it's virtually impossible to forget, and stay quiet during, the film's many songs, it's also surprising to remember all of the racy dialogue and double entendres in the original. Or maybe it's just that we never got them when we were ten.
  8. You just can't hate anything this energetic and happy.
  9. Boston Globe
    Reviewed by: Jay Carr
    The screen Grease seemed at the time a big, overblown version of the sassy, gritty stage musical. Now the differences seem less important. What the two versions share are sizzle and a refusal to ignore the sexual energy of an exuberant cast. Grease seems kickier now than it did 20 years ago. [27 Mar 1998, p.D6]
  10. Chicago Tribune
    Reviewed by: Michael Wilmington
    there are times when Grease really kicks in. I'm fond of Channing singing "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee, rotten with virginity" and then telling an imaginary Troy Donahue, "I know what you wanna do." And most of the big musical numbers work, especially the showstopper: the sunlit Danny-Sandy duet to "Summer Dreams." Greasy kid stuff it all may be, but just like rock 'n' roll, it'll probably never die. [27 Mar 1998, p.A]
  11. Christian Science Monitor
    Reviewed by: Staff (Not Credited)
    Energetic, fun, lively. [19 Jun 1998, p.B2]
  12. Grease isn't a four-star musical. It's fluffy and unimportant, and it gets tedious toward the end with the car-racing sequence that Kleiser staged in the paved-in-concrete Los Angeles River. The friskiness of the performers, the choreography by Patricia Birch and most of all Travolta's phenomenal charm give it its value.
  13. Sure, it's the same trite teenage fantasy it was 20 years ago when it was first released, but somehow now the energy seems infectiously giddier, the songs zingier, the camp higher.
  14. The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
    Reviewed by: Robert Martin
    Travolta's star presence is confirmed in Grease, a weak musical comedy vehicle . The strength of Travolta's performance isn't from dialogue but shots of Travolta reacting, suddenly becoming macho when he realizes the gang is watching him talk to his girlfriend or smothering a giggle after accidentally elbowing Olivia Newton-John in the breast. These moments alone make Grease worthwhile. [17 Jun 1978, p.P31]
  15. 20
    A limp, cheaply made version of the Broadway. Director Randal Kleiser shows no real sense of how a musical is constructed: the songs are bunched together, the production numbers don't move, and the whole project shifts awkwardly between naturalism and stylization.
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  1. Aug 31, 2011
    Wow. GREASE is atrociously overrated and mis-praised. And, yes, I say that after the airing of TV's worldwide annoyance "Glee". GREASE justWow. GREASE is atrociously overrated and mis-praised. And, yes, I say that after the airing of TV's worldwide annoyance "Glee". GREASE just can't be stood by me. Full Review »
  2. JohnS
    Sep 11, 2009
    This is an amazing film and is impossible to recreate and everyone should ignore the Chicago Reader.
  3. Oct 31, 2014
    Randall Kleiser enlightens everyone on June 16th in 1978 with a classic film that is still enjoyed by all ages 36 years later in the yearRandall Kleiser enlightens everyone on June 16th in 1978 with a classic film that is still enjoyed by all ages 36 years later in the year 2014. The movie Grease provides a new twist on teenagers in the fifties. Grease is based on the 1971 musical Of the Same Name by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey.
    The quiet, shy and blonde haired Sandy is played by Olivia Newton-John, who is a teenage girl in 1958. She intends on enjoying a quiet family vacation on the beach, when she surprisingly meets who could be the love of her life, bad boy and T-bird Danny Zuko, played by John Travolta. Because this movie is a musical, the dance numbers are one of the strongest assets of the movie.
    With an award winning cast, Travolta and Newton are a great pair. Along with Jeff Conaway as Kenickie, Stockard Channing as Rizzo and Didi Conn as Frenchy, The movie Is surrounded mostly by the T-Birds and Pink Ladies.
    Grease’s soundtrack was the best selling album in 1978. All of the songs consisted of ballads sang by some of the cast members during the movie. A lot of the songs were by bands like Sha Na Na, and artist such as Cidney Bullens , and Stockard Channing. For example, when Sandy becomes friends with one of the Pink Ladies, Sandy tells the story of her lost love to a group of girls at lunch as they have lunch outside with an iconic song called “Summer Nights.”
    This movie is definitely for the theatre lovers out there, but can catch the attention of anyone with the bright energy of the movie. Later, one of the T-birds has to prove the whole gangs social status with a car race against a rival gang members car. Things really start to get as thrilling as a musical can get when Danny has to surprisingly race his car against the rival’s car.
    The 110 minute romance and musical keeps the viewer entertained with the articulate group dance numbers and catchy songs. You can actually feel the chemistry between Newton and Travolta throughout the entire movie. Sandy finds herself enrolled at the same school as Danny, Rydell High, where they pick up where they left off that summer. Considering the age of the movie, Metacritic gives Grease a generally favorable score of 70 out of 100. This film is a must see for all ages!
    Full Review »