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  • Summary: Neil Young's "musical novel" is a modern fairy tale about a family, the murder of a cop and the evolution of a young girl named Sun Green. Not a concert film, Young shot actors on locations in his native Northern California to create Greendale, a rural town in crisis. Told imaginatively through ten interlinking songs performed by Young and Crazy Horse, who never appear in the film, Neil's distinctive voice is heard singing the story as well as the dialogue of his lip-synching actors. (Landmark Theatres) Expand
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  1. There is really no other way to categorize this splendid, crotchety artifact.
  2. "Homespun" is the first word that leaps in while contemplating Young's charming and moving treatise on provincial America and its deceptively simple denizens.
  3. Like "Dogville," Neil Young's Greendale uses the deceptively simple "Our Town" foundation on which to build a platform for some highly personal sociopolitical criticisms, but unlike the contentious von Trier picture, the Young variation gets the job done in roughly half the time with a notable absence of histrionics, plus you can tap your toes to it.
  4. Neil Young’s concept album turned concert tour turned movie, which is like nothing I’ve ever seen--at least not in an unaltered state.
  5. Reviewed by: Joe Brown
    Amateur in the true sense of the word -- plainly, proudly homemade.
  6. In the history of rock-star indulgence on film, I would rank it somewhere between Bob Dylan's epic carnival of pretension ''Renaldo & Clara'' and the overblown messianic doldrums of 1982's ''Pink Floyd The Wall.''

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